Diary of a fangirl during Coronavirus self-quarantine

It is day 17 of self-quarantine and first, I would like to say I can’t believe I’ve stayed at home this long! It has never been done before. In the beginning I actually got worried, because the day before my country began self-quarantine period, I had gone to my friends’ graduation and obviously we came into contact with a lot of people. But turns out, I’m still healthy now. So are my family and friends — I couldn’t ask for more.

Everyday, Coronavirus is always on the news and the amount of confirmed cases in Indonesia keeps increasing. We have 1.500+ positive cases so far and prediction says that this is still far from the worst time yet. I’m praying for the world to get better soon… I feel like if I keep worrying about things, I will become more panicked… So I’m trying my best to be cautious but still optimistic.

So, what have I been doing at home for the past two weeks?

I have been soooo productive to be honest! Productive in terms of doing my hobbies, like watching drama! I completed two drama series and I really enjoyed both of them.

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Seeking life lessons from drama

The first Korean drama I watched was You’re Beautiful [미남이시네요]. The premise was the main character pretends to be her boy-group member twin brother who temporarily leaves to have a surgery abroad. The female lead struggles to keep the secret while romance ensues between her and the other three members of the boy group. I was in middle school and I remember enjoying the drama so much that I began watching some drama after that. At that time, drama which centered on achieving dream and typical school problems (of course sprinkled with romance) felt so relatable to me. I watched drama series as a form of escape, to rest my mind from the tiring school routine.

These days, I realized that watching drama is not only a hobby to refresh my mind from my daily activities. I have been reflecting a lot on my life for the past year. So drama that delivers message about life, bringing justice and righting a wrong really tugs at the strings of my heart. Characters that have a clear sense of purpose in life gain my admiration even though they are only fictional. Continue reading Seeking life lessons from drama

2020, please be good

This is a belated welcoming-the-year post, but formalities aside, happy new year.

So it’s already 2020, huh? How old was I when I started this blog? I bet I was around 13-14 years old. I was such as innocent kid haha. A few weeks ago I read my old posts on purpose and I can’t believe I used to write them 😂 I am 21 years old now. Looking back, I was really inexperienced to the point that I feared and worried about a lot of simple things like school grades, or whether I would have enough time on weekends to read or just hang out with my friends… Those were much simpler times and if I were to compare my problems now and then… they were on a whole different levels and it makes me think, “Oh, so this is adulting.”

I’ve been mulling whether to delete my blog for good, as I was barely posting anything last year. But as a scrolled down my old posts I couldn’t make myself to just let go of everything I put effort in when I was younger. This place really does contain most of my thoughts and Chapteriosity reflected many stages of my life; when I was sooooo into reading young adult novels; or even after that when I rediscovered my love for manga and anime again. And even last year I posted a bit about Korean drama that I enjoyed lmao forgive me I cannot be consistent with my interest.  Continue reading 2020, please be good

Thank you Thailand for teaching me many things

On January until May of 2019, I spent my 6th semester of university abroad in Thailand for an exchange program. It was not a decision I made overnight and there were a lot to prepare, but after completing the program I do not regret ever taking that chance.

Upon arrival, one thing I immediately noticed about Thailand was the heat. I thought Surabaya was already hot, but Bangkok was a whole nother level of hot. Like, I was sweating the second I went outdoor and 10 minutes of walking my back was drenched in sweat already. It was that hot. Continue reading Thank you Thailand for teaching me many things

Why you should watch Midnight Runners!

A cop movie with plenty of fighting scenes is not rare. However, this is not your stereotypical action-packed crime movie.

Midnight Runners [청년경찰] tell the stories of two students from police academy who accidentally ran into a kidnapping case. Unfortunately, upon reporting to the police station, the case was not processed immediately due to another important case going on. Not wanting to endanger the kidnapped woman any longer, these two young men decided to trust their guts (plus the lessons they learned in the academy!) in order to solve the case on their own. Continue reading Why you should watch Midnight Runners!