Hello! Welcome to Chapteriosity! ^^

If you’ve come to this page, it means that you’re eager to know more about this blog and the blogger behind the screen. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Hey, my name is Kezia

I’m an 20-year old girl hailing from Surabaya, Indonesia. Currently, I’m in my fourth year of college studying chemical engineering.

I’ve loved manga and anime since I was in 4th grade. Back then, I was following Detective Conan series. Long story short, to this date I’ve read and watched a lot of series, preferably sports, slice of life, action and fantasy.

I haven’t always been a reader though. And I remember I used to strictly avoid reading novels. However, my love for the written words blossomed when a friend lent me Percy Jackson. (Spoiler: I was forever converted into a bookworm!) I generally prefer reading YA contemporaries and YA fantasy books, though I’m not closing the door to other genres. Who knows what I might discover ^^

Fun facts about me~

Favorite books: The Last OlympianThe Mark of AthenaClockwork PrincessCrown of MidnightThe Start of Me and You • This Song Will Save Your Life • Pivot Point » More on Goodreads

Favorite anime & manga: Haikyuu!! ⌈ハイキュー!!⌋ • Shingeki no Kyojin ⌈進撃の巨人⌋ • Kuroko no Basuke ⌈黒子のバスケ⌋ • Tokyo Ghoul ⌈東京喰種⌋ • Fullmetal Alchemist ⌈鋼の錬金術師⌋ • Hirunaka no Ryuusei ⌈ひるなかの流星⌋ » More on MyAnimeList


  • I used to be able to read and write in Japanese, but I slacked for years and now I have lost the majority of my ability
  • My aesthetics consist of sophistication and simplicity, sometimes monochrome or soft colors, but definitely all things classy
  • I got stuck in a lift for 40 minutes once
  • My favorite romantic trope would be hate-to-love (because cue witty banters!) and childhood best friends (those kinds of love interests deserve better, right?)
  • STAR TREK GUYS STAR TREK!! And probably Chris Pine too LOL
  • Love all kinds of pasta and cheese
  • Green tea and taro are the best flavors *winks*
  • I love k-drama and k-pop as well! Some of my favorite bands are iKON, DAY6, 2NE1, and BIG BANG.

What is Chapteriosity?

Having been established since December 27th, 2012 though under a different name, Chapteriosity is a blog mainly about books and anime/manga series, but other interests also make occasional appearances as well, such as movies and television series. This is my little corner of space on the internet where I can share my thoughts on subjects I like.

Contact me

I’m available on many social medias! Fangirling sessions, recommendations or discussions — I’m always open for all of them! Feel free to reach me from any links below.

Email: chapteriosity@gmail.com

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Tumblr: scarletskyfox.tumblr.com

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