Hello there! If you’ve come to this page, it means that you’re eager to know more about me. I suck at writing introductions but yes, welcome to Chapteriosity! I hope you find my posts enjoyable 🙂

Okay, I am Kezia, the blogger who has been running Chapteriosity for three years. I am your average 17-year old girl trying to juggle her hobbies and real life. Reading isn’t the only thing that I like doing in my spare time. I also love to keep up with my anime and manga series, so feel free to talk about otaku stuff with me. I will be more than delighted to do so! Preferably if you’re also keen on sports anime, then let us suffer in this hell together. I love my sports-playing boys way too much!

Anyway, I live in Surabaya, Indonesia. I am a senior in high school, taking science program and trying not to drown in the amount of tests and assignment we have to do. Despite my complaining, I plan to take chemical engineering in college. It sounds like a scary thing at first, but now that I have been contemplating for a while, I can’t imagine studying anything else. Chemistry in 12th grade is freaking hard, but that doesn’t diminish my love for this subject.

Other things about me:

  • I grew up devouring Disney story books and fairy tales, but I used to hate reading novels Then I tried Percy Jackson and was forever converted into a real bookworm.
  • I generally prefer reading contemporaries and fantasy books, though I’m not closing the door to other genres. Who knows what I might discover 😉
  • I used to be able to read and write in Japanese. But I slacked for years and now I have lost the majority of my ability.
  • My aesthetics consist of sophistication and simplicity, sometimes monochrome or soft colors, but definitely all things classy.
  • HAVE I MENTIONED ABOUT SPORTS ANIME? I am still 17 yet I have already adopted those passionate boys as my children.