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06 / 23 / 16

Spring 2016: in which I dropped so many shows

spring 2016

Bungou Stray Dogs © Bones

Been a while since I last posted a seasonal review!

Anyway, I didn’t have high expectations of this season’s line-up. Even after scrolling through the chart, only a couple series piqued my interest. I did give a chance to some recommended shows to no avail — I ended up dropping all of them. (WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?? AM I IN THE WRONG MOOD??) Continue Reading

05 / 25 / 16

How to conquer my fangirl heart: Sports Anime Edition!


Kuroko no Basket © Fujimaki Tadatoshi

I have seen tons of anime shows but certain series just stay with me for a very long time and most of those which I deem memorable are categorized as sports anime. How do those beautiful series conquer my fangirl heart? What makes me emotionally invested in them so much that it’s painful and satisfying? Also, what makes sports anime so damn appealing and that it’s worth every squeal and tear? You know it’s coming — I can’t stop mentioning my sports-playing babies!  Continue Reading

05 / 12 / 16

Time for some slice of life recs!

slice of life graphic

Tamako Market © Kyoto Animation | Barakamon © Kinema Citrus | Gin no Saji, Anohana © A-1 Pictures

I’ve been binging slice of life anime lately and I was lucky enough to be introduced to amazing shows. I’m terrible at describing but in case you don’t know, slice of life is a genre that follows the ordinary lives of the characters. You can say that it’s quite similar to contemporary in books, except that it doesn’t have to be set in the modern world. In addition, there can be supernatural or fantasy elements in slice of life, but the emphasis is put on the characters’ daily lives and development.

Most slice of life shows in the anime industry are set in high school though. I might be a huge fan of sports anime and all things action-packed, but I like the fact that slice of life anime tends to make me experience a whole lot of emotion. Some of the stories are just simply humane and heartwarming that you can’t help but to fall in love with the cast. Continue Reading

05 / 03 / 16

Wait, where have I seen you before?

anime look-alikes

If you’re a frequent anime watcher like me, then it’s a given that certain characters will remind you of another character from a completely different series. After all, they are 2D and you can’t make an utterly unique character’s appearance every single time. Even in Indonesia, almost every one’s hair here is either black or really dark brown. Unless you dye them in different color.

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04 / 28 / 16

The sheer delight of picking up old favorites


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

There’s no point in denying. I love re-reading or re-watching. Sure, I still want to be introduced to new series but a certain joy erupts within me whenever I’m getting back to my favorites. Especially during the peak of my obsessions, I tend to revisit my favorite scenes and it doesn’t reduce my enjoyment at all. Like for example, I’ve re-read the summer training camp arc in Haikyuu!! numerous times and still chuckled at Kuroo and Bokuto’s silliness each time.

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