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04 / 28 / 16

The sheer delight of picking up old favorites


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

There’s no point in denying. I love re-reading or re-watching. Sure, I still want to be introduced to new series but a certain joy erupts within me whenever I’m getting back to my favorites. Especially during the peak of my obsessions, I tend to revisit my favorite scenes and it doesn’t reduce my enjoyment at all. Like for example, I’ve re-read the summer training camp arc in Haikyuu!! numerous times and still chuckled at Kuroo and Bokuto’s silliness each time.

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01 / 29 / 16

Let’s go rattle the stars!

queen of shadows

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas; Bloomsbury USA Children; 2015

“She was a whirling cloud of death, a queen of shadows, and these men were already carrion.”

If you diligently follow my Twitter and Goodreads updates, you will know that I finished Queen of Shadows last week and boy, what an awesome book it was! Crown of Midnight is still my numero uno, but Queen of Shadows follows closely behind.

There’s just something so fascinating about this series. I have always been a lover of high fantasy, but to be honest, I began to prefer contemporary last year because I was busy and contemporary was the kind of read I could devour in a breeze. I was — admittedly — in a huge fantasy slump. Then I picked up this series, which I had put on hold due to my conflicting schedule and guess what?

It was THE BEST feelings I have experienced in a while.

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01 / 17 / 16

Let’s talk about fictional death

fictional deathWe bookworms like to become emotionally invested — probably way too much for our own good — in the lives of our beloved fictional characters. No, of course it’s not a wrong thing either but things turn really ugly when you discover that your favorite character is killed off. Or die of some kind of disease. Just how sadistic an author can be? I’m pretty sure we all have those fictional deaths we will NEVER recover from. Especially if it’s a favorite character and your heart just break to pieces each time you remind yourself that they will never get their fictional happy endings. Continue Reading

12 / 31 / 15

2015 favorites & new discoveries: it’s time to choose!

Looking back on 2015, I think I did pretty well for someone who is trying to find a balance between real life and hobbies. While I realized that I had disappeared from the blogosphere multiple times (same old story HAH!) I did make some amazing new discoveries this year!

Bookish stuff

best reads 2015I only read 31 books this year. I know it’s such a small number to your 100s but hey, at least I met my Goodreads challenge despite my busy school life. Below are my favorite books in no particular order. Continue Reading

11 / 08 / 15

Contemporary has been failing me recently: Mini Reviews

In the very limited amount of free time I had, I tried to read a bit and in the span of two weeks, I managed to get four books down. A few more to go!

It’s no question why I picked contemporary. I’m usually already worn out from school so I would definitely want to read something which is easy to get into or relate to. And what’s better genre than contemporary?

Unfortunately, most of my recent reads were a miss.

The Revenge Playbook by Rachael Allen

the revenge playbook>> Goodreads

I was expecting a group girls trying to get revenge through sports competition but what did I get? Do not be fooled guys. The synopsis may say “beat at their own game” but the whole book is actually about a scavenger hunt and no, this isn’t a spoiler. Throughout the book, I didn’t feel any sort of connection with the characters but if I had to choose, I like Liv’s character’s best because honestly, hers stuck to my mind and still do until now. I read this book weeks ago and I have already forgotten most of the plot… So yeah, a huge disappointment since everyone has been recommending this. But overall, I appreciate that this book is about justice and equality. I could feel the whole “girl power” vibe.

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