Footnote: God, Criminals and Volleyball!!

Hey hey! How was your weekend? Last week I went to my first anime convention and it was exhausting and fun at the same time 😀 I wasn’t able to go to BEA but Anicult made up for it. I thought I had decent self-control until two days ago I spent over 200K on merely key chains ^^; (They are adorable though!) I came out of the con with 10K left on my wallet lol.

1. Noragami (S1)
I was first interested in this anime particularly because Hiroshi Kamiya voiced the main character, Yato — the minor god who wishes to be rich and build his own shrine as well as followers. Kamiya really made Yato’s character come to life with his laid-back and playful personality, which is completely different from the other anime characters I know him from such as the calm and collected Akashi and Levi. Hihihi I found the fact that Yato’s partner, Yukine, is also voiced by fellow Shingeki seiyuu Yuki Kaji (Eren) very amusing :3

Story-wise, Noragami has a pretty good plot that managed to keep me interested and some humors thrown here and there. However, I did feel that there was something missing in this anime. Like, it was really enjoyable but not feels-inducing or anything.

2. Psycho Pass (S1)
This anime caused me to frown A LOT in confusion because it’s using a quite a lot of difficult words but thought-provoking in general. In the future, Japan relies on Sibil System on everything starting from deciding which job suits people the best to something as serious as criminals. Those who have Crime Coefficient higher than certain numbers are considered criminals, but the thing is an increase in Crime Coefficient can be caused by anything including stress, being the victim of a crime or if you’re a detective then doing investigation can lead to higher Crime Coefficient since you’re trying to understand a criminal’s mind.

I really liked the main character — Akane is able to stand up for herself and make her own decisions and gradually she transforms from this naive newbie into a reliable inspector. I also appreciated that they gave some backstories to most of the main characters though I wish they had revealed more about Kagari’s past 🙁

3. Haikyuu! (S1 ongoing: 10/25 episodes seen)
Seriously, sports anime is huge these days. Can’t believe that I ended up liking another one xD The first few episodes were enjoyable enough because the main character (Hinata) is so hilarious and energetic. But things start to get even better and I have only been fully invested after the whole deal with Suga, Nishinoya and Asahi in recent episodes. What a heart-warming scene <3


I can’t help but to compare Haikyuu! to Kuroko no Basuke due to some similarities but I liked the positive change in Kageyama which is only after a few episodes and oh my god Tsukki. Tsukishima is the typical assholes or jerks — whatever you call it — but I love him because him teasing Kageyama always results in hilarious banters :3 Overall, I personally think Haikyuu! is funnier than Kurobasu but when it comes tension? Of course, Kurobasu still takes the cake. I’m looking forward to future development of this anime 😀


  1. The character design for Psycho Pass was done by my fave mangaka Amano Akira. I’m thinking about starting it but the story wasn’t hers and I don’t know if I’ll like it. “Seriously, sports anime is huge these days.” <– This! I always see Haikyuu! and Free on tumblr dashboard. I’m quite picky with sports anime so I’m not sure with these two. ;D


    1. Katekyo Hitman Reborn right? No wonder people on tumblr that they have similar-looking characters XD I love the art as well it’s very and beautiful without being overly-cute or something.

      Haha that’s okay, Mitchii! I was also hesitant to start them at first so I won’t judge 😀


  2. I JUST FINISHED NORAGAMI LAST NIGHT IT WAS GREAT. Loved the humour and some of the fight scenes were fantastic. But you’re right, there was something missing. And it was only 12 episodes hfsdhf I want more. (AND I KNEW YATO AND YUKINE’S VOICES SOUNDED FAMILIAR. Just didn’t think it was Levi and Eren XD )

    Right now I’m about to start Psycho Pass because my sister keeps nagging me about it!


    1. Yeah! Noragami definitely made me laugh lots of times. I’m so glad that you liked it as well, Bec! My friend said that there was a major difference between the manga and anime so maybe you can read the manga? 🙂

      Oh and also, well done for making Alise watch Attack on Titan ;D I know I can always count on you!


  3. Super love the art of Psycho Pass!! And it sounds really interesting too 🙂
    I don’t really watch anime, but I just checked and it have the manga version of it! *grabbyhand*

    Neysa @ Papier Revue


    1. I didn’t know that there’s a manga >< But yeah you should give it a chance if you’re into serious topics 🙂



    Oh gosh just seeing Haikyuu is like WHAT?! MORE SPORT ANIMES! Oh Free is coming out a 2nd season next month!!!! Maybe I’m the only one excited but still! Binging out on anime more than reading…oops.

    I’m actually really interested in seeing Psycho Pass! I’ll probably won’t get around to it for a while but looks interesting even if you said it was confusing. :/

    Hello there cutie!–haven’t commented in so long. O___O



      Good idea, Delaney! I shall take a picture and post it here 😀 It’s dominated by Kurobasu though,

      Ooh I’m also waiting for Eternal Summer! I really like the first season and Free! is actually the first sports anime I like :3 And I haven’t been reading either… I don’t feel very guilty though cause I feel like I should make myself happy after all those shits I went through last month (finals).


    2. Yay! I really want to see the merch you bought! >__< Did you cosplay?

      I know right! But I’ve been really wanting to go back into reading and from my break I have taken a new perspective about reading it’s actually like this enlightening phase that is just opening my eyes to the world of reading!


  5. I’m SO late to this post, but now that I’ve FINALLY gotten into anime, I feel like I can comment on it without sounding like a noob! 😉 A friend of mine also recommended Noragami, and it definitely sounds different and funny and cool at the same time. And PSYCHO PASS! Mitchii recommended that one and I’m seeing all these awesome pictures on the net and am so excited. Also, it sounds just like something I’d love. Buuuuut, let me finish Shingeki first, lol. I’m at the part where everything that happens comes as a total shock and I just don’t know how to concentrate on anything else because EREN. MIKASA. ARMIN. This show really knows how to deal out its plot twists!

    Lol, Haikyuu!. Haven’t heard of that one, but I’m not sure if I’ll be into sports anime? I don’t know, I kind of prefer the action and fantasy/sci-fi ones, just like my books, heh. 😛 But who knows, I might check it out since you recommend it!


    1. YES YES SHINGEKI IS NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. I can’t wait for your thoughts after you’ve finished the whole season and FEEL IT HOW SUCH A CLIFFHANGER THE ENDING WAS.

      I was exactly like that before I started Free! I was like pffftt I don’t even like sports why should I watch sports anime? And then Free! and KNB happened and everything else is history…….

      BUT Haikyuu! is really funny so it’s great if you’re looking for a good laugh :DD (maybe a break after Shingeki cause God knows what that anime has done to our heart haha.)


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