Footnote: The day I welcome my otaku side again

Hello there! As you can see, everyone who voted seem to be favoring one option and so officially this anime reviewing feature will be called Footnote! *throws confetti* Thank you guys for helping me decide the name 😀 Now, why don’t we start with the culprit of my absence from the blogging world? The thing that ignited my passion for anime again?

1. Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan (S1)
THIS. I just have to include this you know >< I watched it in early-April and finished the whole season in two days. I would have completed it in a single day if human being didn’t have to sleep. So in Attack on Titan, human population has been almost wiped out completely by gigantic, man-eating creatures called Titans. The human who managed to survive live inside three 50 meter tall walls — the outermost is called Wall Maria, the middle one is Wall Rose and the innermost is Wall Sina. The walls have been protecting the people inside for around 100 years until one day, the outermost wall is breached and humanity must make its stand.


The art is definitely beautiful and combined with heart-wrenching, jaw-dropping scenes, Attack on Titan easily became one of my favorite anime ever. I think the plot is the strongest point of this anime, full of surprises and balanced with the growth of the characters. Attack on Titan also has awesome characters but what truly impressed me was female characters have equally important role/position. I’m glad that the lead female character in a shounen anime like this is NOT a damsel in distress. Not only the protagonist, but the side characters also underwent changes after experiencing such terrifying battles (for instance: Jean <3 I loved his development the most.) Anyway, I highly recommend this anime for people who love dark, gory anime with exciting plot and refreshingly distinct set of characters.

I’ve already read the manga so I know what happen next but please please can we get season 2?

2. Free! (S1)


I am not a fan of sports. I am so bad at swimming actually. I never thought that I would like a swimming anime like this — something with no fantasy elements or anything like that. I really liked how light the atmosphere in this anime yet the last episode gave me SO MUCH FEELS. I understand how Free! would appeal more to the female audience (pretty boys swimming HELLOOOOO) but what I loved the most was the friendship between the main characters. Season 2 is coming out in July and I am beyond excited to meet Haru, Rin, Makoto, Nagisa and Rei again! ^^ Free! is lacking in complexities but if you like stories with light atmosphere and a bit of humor, you should give this anime a chance.

3. Kuroko no Basuke (S1&2)

Another sports anime >< I don’t know how to explain it without rambling on and on but I really loved this show! Similar to Free!, Kuroko no Basuke has friendship element and “show-old-friends-the-right-track-again” kind of thing. But unlike Free!, Kuroko no Basuke emphasizes more on the tension during matches. I swear that the basketball games were surprisingly nerve-wracking and thrilling at the same time!

At first, I liked Kagami’s character, then at the end of S1, I started to love Kise. Then in the middle of S2, I became a huge fan of Aomine. At this point I already felt like those indecisive protagonists who go back and forth between each guy. HOWEVER, my journey did NOT end there >< I continued the manga and began to appreciate Midorima (and Takao and Kasamatsu :3) more. I kept going until the most recent chapter and AKASHI HAPPENED. I apologize for my incapability of sticking only to one guy.

But don’t get this anime wrong. This isn’t just about basketball matches or some rainbow guys showing their skills. There is big character development, especially to Kise (in S1), Midorima and Aomine (in S2). Furthermore if you read the manga, there will also be more development to the characters. Unfortunately, some are still underdeveloped but I’m hoping that they will improve in the future. S3 has been confirmed recently and I’m sooo ecstatic to see it ^^

LOL I seriously can’t stop showering you guys with pics. I assure you that this will be the last though.

Oh my god the glasses trio looks so adorable wiping their glases xD
Aaaannnnd that’s the end of today’s post. Unfortunately, I have no sources of the KNB pics because I gathered them couple weeks ago but they are obviously not mine. In the past couple of months, most of my time was spent watching these shows and I’m glad that I did. Of course, there are more but they’re for another day ;D


  1. AWESOME. FOOTNOTE. ALOHA! And SLAM DUNK!! OMG. I loved that anime :3
    I can’t wait to see more of this feature, Kezia!! 😀 *throws confetti*


    1. Thanks, Em <33 ALOHA TOO! Slam Dunk seems like a legendary anime/manga because everyone loves it haha! xD


  2. I’m horribly ignorant of the nuances of anime – I don’t even know the difference between anime and manga and all those other terms. Basically I know them as the “I’m strangely attracted to over-dramatic animated characters and I don’t understand a single word they’re saying” shows. But I see gifs floating around tumblr ALL THE TIME so I watched the first few episodes of Free! a while back… I guess I should get back and finish it for once 😛 It took me forever to figure out that SNK and Attack on Titan were the same thing -_- I’m weirdly fascinated by it… but it’s so gory from what I’ve seen!


    1. Manga is like comic book while anime is cartoon or animation shows 😀

      You should definitely continue Free! The last episode gave me SO MUCH FEELS I CRIED. Friendship-themed anime is truly awesome.

      Attack on Titan is gory but I’m the kind of person who likes seeing bloodshed so I guess I was beyond thrilled when I was watching AoT xD


  3. I’ve never actually watched any of these animes. I’ve never really gone for those sporty ones, I’m more stuff like Naruto and Bleak etc. I won’t even list them all or you’ll be here for a while haha!


    1. Haha! I used to be a huuuge fan of Bleach but I stopped reading after the whole deal with Aizen ended. I felt like it went downhill after that >< But Attack on Titan is a good shounen action so I highly recommend it for you ^^


  4. That titan bulldozed our sleeping otaku and now that it has regained consciousness it seeks so much!!! Ditto with Season 2 but I heard that Production IG is cooking up something for this year (not new season but specials). They want enough material to animate, since post-anime events are very progressive and they don’t want to add fillers that will potentially ruin the show. I, for one, will wait for it.

    You know my stance with Kuroko LOL. But I’m might start Magi soon! >///<


    1. ^True.

      Production IG is the best! I trust their judgement because I hate fillers myself. They have done a great job adapting the manga and I want the second season to be as good as the first one 🙂


  5. I was dragging my feet on starting Attack on Titan for the LONGEST time until Bec practically forced it on me and then I watched the first 13 episodes in one day and I was like, okay, I’m all in. I started Free and liked it well enough but never continued. Kuroko no Basuke wouldn’t be something I would ordinarily watch but now I’m kind of interesting (if just for the rainbow colored team hair xD )


    1. Yay! I asked Bec whether you’d seen AoT and she said that you would see it one day. She was right! I hope you love the entire series just like I did xD

      Some fans on tumblr nicknamed KNB as Rainbow Hommos xD But I love rainbow hair though they make no sense in real life lol ><


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