04 / 25 / 16

Gin no Saji: a heart-warming anime

silver spoonAs a girl who grew up in a big city, farming and agricultural stuff in general are alien to me. Sure, we learn the basic at school but to be able to milk cows? To take care of livestock? To raise crops? We got the basic during our study tour in 11th grade but never the real deal.

Gin no Saji sparked my interest not only because it’s a show about a kid in agricultural high school but also because the mangaka is Hiromu Arakawa. She’s the one who wrote Fullmetal Alchemist — one of my all time favorite series — so it’s a given that I had a huuuuge expectation prior starting it. Yep, those two series might differ in so many aspects but I believed Arakawa-sensei would bring the best out of it.

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04 / 15 / 16

Back from the hole and feeling confused

Three days ago I finished the last exam of my high school life and three months of holiday is  waiting before me. And yeah, this means I will be able to read books, watch anime and blog again. Such a great news, yes?!

Unfortunately, I will just be straight to the point. You know, in the past few months, I kept promising that I would make it up this holiday. I said that I would be more active after national exams were done. The truth is, I find it really hard to write posts now. I know that I’m allowed to come back to my old blogging routine slowly but right now it feels like I’m trying to grip into thin air.

Back then, it was so easy. All I need to do was sit in front of my laptop and words and sentences would come so naturally. Now it’s taking forever just to express my thoughts. I have been brainstorming a few ideas but I have no clue how to put them into words. Is this how it supposed to feel? I mean I have been waiting for this time to come back from my hiatus and I’m really disappointed that it turns out like this.

I wonder how long this phase will last. I hope it’s almost the same like being in a school orientation, in which everything seems alien at first. But one day, it will be a routine I most look forward to.

What do you think about my problem? Have you ever felt like this before? Do you have any tips for me?

03 / 09 / 16

It’s called a hustle, sweetheart!

Zootopia-poster-2You know that feeling when you discover something amazing that you didn’t expect? That feeling when you left the cinema with satisfaction so high you can’t stop smiling and laughing? Yeah, that was my case with Zootopia. Another beautiful 3D-animation movie by Disney! Beyond the captivating art and entertaining story, lies a deeper message for all!  Continue Reading

02 / 14 / 16

2D Boys Appreciation Post!

2d appreciation post

Clockwise from top left: Miyuki Kazuya, Kougami Shinya, Mamura Daiki, Son Hak, Oikawa Tooru, Aomine Daiki, Shinomiya Kojirou, Akashi Seijuurou

Does February 14th ring any bells? Of course it does! Everybody knows it’s Valentine’s Day and for single people like me, it’s a day for sharing chocolate with friends and spending time with loved ones (doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic partner right? Especially if you don’t have one ^^;) But as a fangirl, it’s my day to shower the boys who have grazed my fangirl life with some lovin’! Behold, these boyfriend materials!

Most Chivalrous: Son Hak (Akatsuki no Yona)

Is there any categories more fitting than this?! I kid you not! A super loyal companion who would sacrifice anything for you and protect you at all costs? It’s not like us girls need saving all the time but it’s nice to have someone dependable to watch your back right? I need Hak to be real! Continue Reading

01 / 29 / 16

Let’s go rattle the stars!

queen of shadows

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas; Bloomsbury USA Children; 2015

“She was a whirling cloud of death, a queen of shadows, and these men were already carrion.”

If you diligently follow my Twitter and Goodreads updates, you will know that I finished Queen of Shadows last week and boy, what an awesome book it was! Crown of Midnight is still my numero uno, but Queen of Shadows follows closely behind.

There’s just something so fascinating about this series. I have always been a lover of high fantasy, but to be honest, I began to prefer contemporary last year because I was busy and contemporary was the kind of read I could devour in a breeze. I was — admittedly — in a huge fantasy slump. Then I picked up this series, which I had put on hold due to my conflicting schedule and guess what?

It was THE BEST feelings I have experienced in a while.

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