The start of something new

So much time has passed and it’s unbelievable how 2017 has hit its halfway mark! These past six months I’ve experienced a lot of new things — stuff I didn’t expect I would have the chance to do and I really want to share them with you guys here.

Wish me luck for my internship!

I applied as a volunteer in this organization at campus. There were several stages in the recruitment process and on top of that, the amount of people who applied for volunteers are not small. BUT I PASSED ALL OF THEM UNTIL THE LAST STAGE!! *throws confetti* I’m currently interning in this organization until they announce the final list of volunteers in late-July. I got a shit-ton of work here, but I love my co-workers and the professional atmosphere. Wish me tons of luck and let’s hope for the best result to come.

First time debating

My upperclassmen invited me to join this debate competition with them. Sadly, we lost to the champion during quarterfinals. Debating isn’t as easy as I thought, but for my first try, it wasn’t bad at all.

Unexpected award

This semester I had analytical chemistry lab for 7 weeks and apparently I was awarded as the best student during lab time. My lab assistants said that my performance was consistently good, whether it was during practicum or even at pre-tests. Did not expect this at all, cause all my lab reports and pre-test journals were written the day before (screw the deadliner self I’ve become this semester).

About academic in general

Aaaaaand I finished my finals last Friday but I’m really worried about my exam results. I feel like I could have done a lot better and given much more effort… I regretted that I hadn’t studied harder, or maybe organized my schedule better to spare some time for revising.

Future plans & activities

My break started this week until late-August. Which means technically, I have nearly three-month break. But I will spend the whole June and July for committee work in the organization I’m interning. Other than that, in early July, I will also be busy preparing for the welcoming event for new Christian students next term.

My schedule is so tight for the next three months. Fortunately, I’m going to Bali during Eid-Mubarak holiday with my family. Let’s hope this will be the refreshment I need to keep me motivated and excited for my activities haha.


  1. So many exciting things happening! I’m excited for you and glad that you’re doing so well at college. The internship and the award are awesome, and trying new things is always a plus ^-^ but make sure to take time for yourself over your break and have fun in Bali!


    1. Thank you Eli! Yes, I agree that I had quite a lot of exciting things going on and I should be grateful about that!


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