Maybe I binged too many things in April, but no regrets!

How to describe April? To be honest, I don’t know! There isn’t much happening in my life… Except maybe in the first two weeks of April, I was busy preparing for presentation to my lecturers about the progress of my final project. Last week, the presentation went well, but I received so many corrections and feedback — which I am grateful for, really. I guess it means I can prepare better for the final thesis defense. It was overwhelming to think about the revisions, but I decided to relax until the end of the month.

At this point, I have stopped paying attention to COVID-19 news in Indonesia. I only checked for the development once a day, at least just to let myself be aware with the amount of cases in this country. It has successfully lessened my worry, at least I haven’t been too anxious or scared of the situation as how I felt in the previous month. On top of that, I also drowned myself in watching and reading to entertain myself! Continue reading Maybe I binged too many things in April, but no regrets!

Diving into the webtoon world!

LMAO did I just make a small reference to iKON’s recent title track on my blog post title?

Anyway, I have always looooved reading comics since my childhood. I actually started as a manga reader way before I got into young adult books. As for webtoons, I discovered it back in school after LINE Webtoon became available in Indonesia, probably around 2014 or 2015. I have read a few series before and to be completely honest, it felt weird at first because I wasn’t really used to reading colored graphic novels. But I did love the idea of endless scrolling while reading each chapter!

As I have mentioned in my previous post, recently I have been really into webtoons. I had this negative presumption about webtoon stories in general. I never imagined that I would enjoy them as much as reading manga.  It didn’t particularly click with me back then, but somehow I found series that truly gained my interest and that must be the main reason!

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Diary of a fangirl during Coronavirus self-quarantine

It is day 17 of self-quarantine and first, I would like to say I can’t believe I’ve stayed at home this long! It has never been done before. In the beginning I actually got worried, because the day before my country began self-quarantine period, I had gone to my friends’ graduation and obviously we came into contact with a lot of people. But turns out, I’m still healthy now. So are my family and friends — I couldn’t ask for more.

Everyday, Coronavirus is always on the news and the amount of confirmed cases in Indonesia keeps increasing. We have 1.500+ positive cases so far and prediction says that this is still far from the worst time yet. I’m praying for the world to get better soon… I feel like if I keep worrying about things, I will become more panicked… So I’m trying my best to be cautious but still optimistic.

So, what have I been doing at home for the past two weeks?

I have been soooo productive to be honest! Productive in terms of doing my hobbies, like watching drama! I completed two drama series and I really enjoyed both of them.

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Seeking life lessons from drama

The first Korean drama I watched was You’re Beautiful [미남이시네요]. The premise was the main character pretends to be her boy-group member twin brother who temporarily leaves to have a surgery abroad. The female lead struggles to keep the secret while romance ensues between her and the other three members of the boy group. I was in middle school and I remember enjoying the drama so much that I began watching some drama after that. At that time, drama which centered on achieving dream and typical school problems (of course sprinkled with romance) felt so relatable to me. I watched drama series as a form of escape, to rest my mind from the tiring school routine.

These days, I realized that watching drama is not only a hobby to refresh my mind from my daily activities. I have been reflecting a lot on my life for the past year. So drama that delivers message about life, bringing justice and righting a wrong really tugs at the strings of my heart. Characters that have a clear sense of purpose in life gain my admiration even though they are only fictional. Continue reading Seeking life lessons from drama

2020, please be good

This is a belated welcoming-the-year post, but formalities aside, happy new year.

So it’s already 2020, huh? How old was I when I started this blog? I bet I was around 13-14 years old. I was such as innocent kid haha. A few weeks ago I read my old posts on purpose and I can’t believe I used to write them 😂 I am 21 years old now. Looking back, I was really inexperienced to the point that I feared and worried about a lot of simple things like school grades, or whether I would have enough time on weekends to read or just hang out with my friends… Those were much simpler times and if I were to compare my problems now and then… they were on a whole different levels and it makes me think, “Oh, so this is adulting.”

I’ve been mulling whether to delete my blog for good, as I was barely posting anything last year. But as a scrolled down my old posts I couldn’t make myself to just let go of everything I put effort in when I was younger. This place really does contain most of my thoughts and Chapteriosity reflected many stages of my life; when I was sooooo into reading young adult novels; or even after that when I rediscovered my love for manga and anime again. And even last year I posted a bit about Korean drama that I enjoyed lmao forgive me I cannot be consistent with my interest.  Continue reading 2020, please be good