2020, please be good

This is a belated welcoming-the-year post, but formalities aside, happy new year.

So it’s already 2020, huh? How old was I when I started this blog? I bet I was around 13-14 years old. I was such as innocent kid haha. A few weeks ago I read my old posts on purpose and I can’t believe I used to write them 😂 I am 21 years old now. Looking back, I was really inexperienced to the point that I feared and worried about a lot of simple things like school grades, or whether I would have enough time on weekends to read or just hang out with my friends… Those were much simpler times and if I were to compare my problems now and then… they were on a whole different levels and it makes me think, “Oh, so this is adulting.”

I’ve been mulling whether to delete my blog for good, as I was barely posting anything last year. But as a scrolled down my old posts I couldn’t make myself to just let go of everything I put effort in when I was younger. This place really does contain most of my thoughts and Chapteriosity reflected many stages of my life; when I was sooooo into reading young adult novels; or even after that when I rediscovered my love for manga and anime again. And even last year I posted a bit about Korean drama that I enjoyed lmao forgive me I cannot be consistent with my interest. 

So, what have I been up to recently? I haven’t been sharing much about my life here for the past couple of years so I’m gonna write about them now. I just finished my 7th semester of university and last week I did my presentation for final project. For my major, this means that I only have one more final project before my final thesis defense and I will officially become Bachelor of Engineering this September. Hurray! I still remember writing about how nervous I was to enter university and look where I am now, a few steps away from one of the milestones in my life.

After I came back from my exchange program, I had to take many classes which I couldn’t attend because they weren’t available in Thailand. On top of that I had to do my project during the semester and I applied as one of the laboratory teaching assistants so I was quite busy. But if I had to compare last semester to the previous semesters when I still volunteered at my university, I would say that I had SO much more spare time last semester 😂 I was able to pick up new hobbies which are reading webtoons and watching Korean drama series. I have time to catch up with my favorite musicians aka basically be a fangirl again lol. I reconnected with my high school friends and we’re still as good as ever! So I had a lot of great things I was really grateful for last year.

I expect there will be inevitable changes in 2020. I will graduate in September, so I’m sure I will have to start job-hunting after that and if God allows I might already be working before the end of this year. But instead of fearing for the future, somehow I’m so excited what life will bring for me this year. I’m looking forward to new challenges or the new people I will meet. How will my future colleagues be? Will my first job suits my passion? To what places will I have the opportunity to travel again?

I have a lot I want to tick of my personal list in 2020 and I’m praying for everything, trusting God will direct me to His best plan. Despite the rough start 2020 has proven to be for the world (whether it’s because of the war rumors or corona virus epidemics…), I’m hoping things will be better for everyone for the rest of the year. There’s no complete darkness. We all will find our light eventually.

Cheers for a better year for everyone.


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