2D Boys Appreciation Post!

2d appreciation post
Clockwise from top left: Miyuki Kazuya, Kougami Shinya, Mamura Daiki, Son Hak, Oikawa Tooru, Aomine Daiki, Shinomiya Kojirou, Akashi Seijuurou

Does February 14th ring any bells? Of course it does! Everybody knows it’s Valentine’s Day and for single people like me, it’s a day for sharing chocolate with friends and spending time with loved ones (doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic partner right? Especially if you don’t have one ^^;) But as a fangirl, it’s my day to shower the boys who have grazed my fangirl life with some lovin’! Behold, these boyfriend materials!

Most Chivalrous: Son Hak (Akatsuki no Yona)

Is there any categories more fitting than this?! I kid you not! A super loyal companion who would sacrifice anything for you and protect you at all costs? It’s not like us girls need saving all the time but it’s nice to have someone dependable to watch your back right? I need Hak to be real!

Most Cinnamon Roll Too Pure For This World: Mamura Daiki (Hirunaka no Ryuusei)

I swear, Mamura is just THE sweetest guy that has ever existed in this animanga planet. He seems like a calm and cool guy from afar, but he’s actually sooooo shy with girls. Once he’s close to you though, I bet that he will do anything to grant you happiness. I can’t help but to melt while intensely shipping him and Yosano. Definitely one of my favorite OTPs <33 Ah… now where’s my Mamura?

Best Cook: Shinomiya Kojirou (Shokugeki no Souma)

I tried to come up with a more specific category because well, every single character in Shokugeki no Souma universe is way more gifted than me in the kitchen. Man, I’m certainly not lying when I say that I’m shitty at culinary department — which is why I’ve always appreciated male characters who can cook. Shinomiya will totally make you experience foodgasm with every single food he cooks. AND MEGANE. MY BEAUTIFUL MEGANE BOY. (His looks do help a lot as well! xD Ignore me, deep down I’m just a girl who likes to fangirl about her 2D boys lol.)

Sexiest Intelligence: Kougami Shinya (Psycho Pass)

Brain is the real deal, peeps! Smart IS the new kind of sexy. Other than his superb physique and impeccable fighting techniques, Kougami has impressive analytical skills. Best of all, he’s also a bookworm like the rest of us here, with a taste for thought-provoking reads ranging from Stephen King to Ernest Hemingway.

Most Athletic: Aomine Daiki (Kuroko no Basket)

The ace of Generation of Miracles from popular  series Kuroko no Basket is certainly no one’s match when it comes to athleticism. His play style is similar to US street basketball, which is uncommon in Japanese high school basketball. Seeing his matches definitely lit up a fire in me — meaning it’s always exciting to see what he’s gonna do next. He is dense and admittedly the kind of guy who’s all muscle buuuuut he can be wise at critical times and when he’s become more optimistic with basketball, his passion for the things he loves knows no boundaries. Plus, I have a soft spot for tan boys! Doesn’t he look hot?? <33 #sorrynotsorry

Phew, this might be the toughest category of all! I mean, I have a bunch of sports anime boys I’d like to include so choosing only one is hard!


Most Charismatic Leader: Oikawa Tooru (Haikyuu!!)

Oikawa can be pretty silly at times but when he’s on the court, he has a completely different aura. An extremely hard-working individual, he puts tons of effort in order to reach his current levels. But the thing that makes him stand out from other sports anime characters is his incredible leadership abilities. He is not a dictator — unlike Akashi Seijuurou post-Teiko pre-Winter-Cup-final. He knows a lot about his teammates’ habits and preferences and how to motivate them to perform to their fullest. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELS FOR THIS BOY ASDASFADSGSGJHS.

Master Strategist: Miyuki Kazuya (Daiya no Ace)

First, megane. Second, MEGANE. Third, MEGANE. Do I need any other reason? Haha. But seriously, as a catcher, Miyuki knows how to lead with his plays and make aggressive game calls. He knows how to make a pitcher feel comfortable and trust him with their utmost. As a captain, he may not be as charismatic as Oikawa but Miyuki has no less sense of responsibility. He isn’t the type to grieve over loss. Instead, he has a huge desire to keep moving forward by finding all the stuff they need to fix in order to win next time.  As a boy, he is a COMPLETE DORK and the BIGGEST TROLL. You will never get bored with his antiques and teasings xD

Most Noble Gentleman: Akashi Seijuurou (Kuroko no Basket)

I JUST HAVE TO INCLUDE HIM OKAY? Pre-Teiko and post-defeat Akashi — the real Akashi — is actually the kindest person to ever exist and if you’ve seen the latest OVA (75.5Q) you will see how much of a gentleman he is to Momoi. I actually think that he could belong in a shoujo manga as a typical prince-like male love interest if it weren’t for his second personality. You know what I mean haha.


There’s still a bunch of other male characters that I love to fangirl over but those are my top picks. Until the right guy comes to my life, I guess I will keep my 2D boys for myself.

Do you have some 2D boys you’d like to fangirl over? It’s your turn to mention them in the comment! ^^

7 thoughts on “2D Boys Appreciation Post!”

  1. Based Kezia for this post. *nods, nods* 2D boys are to swoon for! (Actually I had post prepared about them albeit strictly centering around shoujo/josei series for my special). My sister was pretty annoyed with me I shrieked when I saw Aomine on TV. He’s my fave chara in KnB. He’s pretty badass (sorry everyone). But I can’t help it, he’s so damn cool, amazing. >///< They are all sexy!!! Damn 2D boys are it, hands down! <3333
    Mitchii G. recently posted… Shoujo Fanfare #2: You had me at *insert trope*My Profile

      1. LMAO I LOVE YOUR COMMENT THO xD But anyway, who aren’t charmed by Aomine? Cool plays and that sexy smirk! Pretty much he was my #1 KNB boys until Akashi came along haha. And I can’t freaking wait for your shoujo post! I need to be introduced more to shoujo series!

  2. I haven’t read many manga, but I really want to! It’s just with all the books and movies and tv shows to watch it’s hard to find time to read manga… BUt before I started to read novels, I used to read manga, and my first fictional boyfriend (until now in fact) is one and only Kaito Kid/Kaito Kuroba from Magic Kaito and Detective Conan!<3 He's just soo cool and just different from other fictional boys! And of course, Eguchi Tappei from Miiko comics=D He's like the typical elementary boy crush XD And I read Ouran Highschool Host Club and V.B Rose but kind of forget who I liked in those books (I know, I'm really terrible for forgetting my boyfriends!) But yeah, I really need to dive deeper into manga world! =D
    Tasya recently posted… I See It, I Ship It: The Ultimate OTP ListMy Profile

    1. OOOOH KAITO KID!!! I love reading about his rivalry with Shinichi. It’s always fun to see him trolling Shinichi and the rest of the police xD I have always wanted his real identity to be revealed to everyone buuut I guess that won’t happen. Or it might have already happened. I don’t know since I am not caught up with the manga xD I think the last volume I read was 70 or 80??? >_<

  3. HAHAHAHAH. Oh man I don’t think I have a 2D boy to fangirl over, which is weird isn’t it, since I watch tonsss of anime. BUT SON HAK YES LOL. I haven’t finished that series, but it is great 🙂 I am almost done but then I took a break so I don’t know what’s going to happen to me watching the anime.

    I’m watching two that are airing right now, Erased and Grimgar. And I am really only watching it for plot rather than for fangirling reasons LOL. I also fangirl over cute kids or characters, because they are squish 🙂
    Valerie recently posted… Guest Review: The NightingaleMy Profile

    1. All the yes to Hak!!! I’m not caught up with the manga story (I think I haven’t read it for months due to school…) but the anime is pretty faithful so you won’t feel disappointed 🙂

      I just got into Erased (thanks to Mitchii!!) and the plot is fantastic! Really curious about the culprit but I’ve already had a guess xD

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