A Day of Chocolate and Sugar

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Hey guys! Tomorrow is February 14th which only means…

…Valentine’s Day~!!

I’m super excited for this particular day because well, it’s a completely legitimate reason to eat tons of chocolate and indulge ourselves in sugar (hence the post title!!) I have bought some chocolate to share with my friends — Ferrero Rocher — which is SO DELICIOUS BY THE WAY. I LOVE IT M’KAYYYY YUMMM. Exchanging chocolate is a really popular gesture on Valentine’s Day here. Some of my classmates are making the chocolate themselves, but I won’t haha. Give applause to my laziness and inability to cook without blowing up the house.

Anyway, if it were possible, I would also be sending you guys this tasty, greatest invention since books. And bread. Or pizza. You name it 😉 However, because distance is being such an asshole, I’ll give you virtual chocolate instead. HEREEEEE *hands you chocolate*

Every one deserves love from their family, friends and partner. I hope you will feel the love tomorrow, whether you’re single or taken, married or engaged.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Got any plans? Care to share them with me? 🙂

22 thoughts on “A Day of Chocolate and Sugar”

    1. Omg Skittles! That sounds just as awesome <33 I haven't eating those for a loooong time. Ahaha I'm the opposite I guess xD Some of my friends gave me big bars of chocolate I might need a little help with eating them all XD

  1. Ferrero Rocher is one of my favorite type of chocolates <3 I could eat a whole box (or ten) Deliciouuuuus.

    I'm going to surprise my boyfriend. We don't really care for Valentine, so we made no plans, but secretly I made a reservation for a Valentine's dinner 😀
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted… Frozen book tag.My Profile

    1. YES YES EXACTLY. Because they’re bite-sized, they leave you wanting more each time you eat one <33

      Awww that's so sweet! I hope your date is going well ^^ Your boyfriend will definitely be happy with your surprise!

    1. Kiseijuu movie airs in the Philippines??!?!! That’s great! I hope they will air anime movies here as well 🙁 I wanna see Psycho Pass in theater…

      By the way, I’m currently reading Akatsuki no Yona 😉

  2. NO PLANS NOPE. Though I did a lot of “me” stuff today haha. Also CHOCOLATE. I love Ferro Rocher, I had a huge box of them earlier this year but I ate them. oops. BUT CANDY AND CHOCOLATE IN GENERAL IS GOOD, especially for Valentines Day 🙂
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    1. “Me” stuff is always the best! There’s no better company then your own self :3 TOTALLY AGREE. It’s not Valentine’s Day without some chocolate <33

    1. So do I ^^ Ferrero looks EVEN MORE DELICIOUS YUMMMMM. Ah, that seems terrible I hope you will recover soon, Mel! Look at the bright side though. At least you were able to get some reading done hehe :3

    1. I guess it’s mainly a US and Europe thing? On the quite opposite Valentine is pretty biggg here. So many chocolate and flowers and dolls on sales and young people usually give chocolate to their friends hehe. So glad that you had a nice day! ^^

  3. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, KEZIAAAA! (A bit late, though. ><) But yup, who needs people when you can stuff yourself with food, right? I spent Valentine's Day doing nothing but watch Akatsuki no Yona and I SWEAR YONA IS LIKE THE FEMALE VERSION OF NOZAKI. And Hak is my prince. MINE. xD But um, yeah. Not a bad way to spend my day, imo.

    And please don't hate me, but I actually don't like Ferrero Rocher! Only 'cause I hate it when nuts are mixed in with anything else though, lol. Like, I like nuts on their own, but when they're mixed with cookies or bread or chocolate, then it's just no. But thanks for the chocolate anyways. <3
    Megan recently posted… Valentine’s Day Special: Who is Your Fictional Boyfriend?My Profile

    1. HEYYY IT’S OKAY! xD And what a perfectly awesome way to spend your day! You’re forgiven because you’ve seen Akatsuki no Yona and welcome to the fandom!! ^^ I can’t wait to hear your reaction on soon-to-be animated Hak/Yona interactions ;D

      Lol, I kinda get how you feel. That’s pretty much the same as why I don’t like Silver Queens. The almonds are too big for my taste. But the little nuts on Ferrero was okay for me. I guess we all do have different taste ahaha 🙂

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