All I want for Christmas is …

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Sneak peek for my yearbook photos!! xD

It’s still a little too early to say ‘Merry Christmas’ but hey, it’s definitely not too early to start planning on how to spend the holiday 😉

A little recap

Unlike the previous years, we have to continue our lessons because we twelfth graders still have a lot of topics to catch up to. And everything seems to be worse since I take science program haha. Much to my disappointment, I can’t relax as much as I would like to but yeah, so far this is better than nothing. Other than that, there’s also religion practical examination — our very first practical examination — which is doing charity.

Each class is separated into 4 groups and each group will team up with another group from another class in order to host an event at the assigned orphanages. We did the charity today and you know what, all I can say is that it was tiring yet rewarding at the same time. Honestly, it was an extremely difficult event to plan for. My group was assigned with another group from the social program and as you might have expected from kids in the social program, they aren’t much of a planner. They didn’t respond when we were discussing the matter on a social platform so I pretty much had to do the majority of the work with my own group. It sucked so bad at that time, but now I feel so grateful and proud of myself to have gotten through it haha. It was my first time organizing an event and I’m happy that it went well this afternoon.

Oh, and I did a couple of photo shoots — last week and yesterday. The one held last week was for my official yearbook photos. My class dressed up in bohemian style and we took the shots at Kenjeran Park. Not the beach, but surrounded by trees haha. I really like how the photos turn out. We have seen the results and I can say that I’m pleased. The background made it seem like we’re in the middle of fall!!

And the one held yesterday was a group photo session with my close friends in 11th grade. If you follow me on Snapchat, you might have seen it on my story. So basically, I had tons of fun and I’m pretty sure so did everyone else. Can’t wait for the results! I wanna show them off to my family and friends xD

So what are my plans for the holiday?

On the 18th, we will receive our report card and for the time being, won’t have to worry about waking up early or being late to school because CHRISTMAS BREAK, EVERYONE <33 I still have to do some studying for national exams in April but I gotta reward myself, right??

  • Watch Star Wars movie because even though I haven’t seen a single episode of the TV series who cares? Lol. But seriously, as a self-proclaimed movie-goer, I feel like I shouldn’t skip this.
  • Cut down my TBR pile at home. (Currently struggling through The Wrath and the Dawn…)
  • Catch up to the otaku world. I feel like I have been missing A LOT during my absence haha. (Btw, I marathoned 15 chapters of HQ and TSUKISHIMA KEI I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!!! AND MEGANE TOORU <33)
  • S t a y  h a p p y .

The last Christmas before college AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I’m too emotional for this :'(

Anyway, what are your plans for Christmas holiday?

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  1. What fun! I mean, getting stuck with the majority of the group work in a group is no fun, but at least it was for a good cause and you handled it amazingly. I’m sure your pictures will be something you will always want to look back on 🙂 I also plan on catching up on reading and SLEEPING, gah!
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