Baaaaaa~ Welcoming the Year of the Goat

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As you may already know, I am a Chinese Indonesian so it isn’t strange if I’ve been looking forward to today, is it? Mainly for the red envelopes, which is basically money received from married relatives. (LOL! gotta enjoy them while I’m still young xD) Other than that, I also get to see my female cousins and I’m SO SO excited because we haven’t seen each other for like half a year.

Most Chinese families here have a feast the night before New Year. But as for mine, we have lunch together on the actual day. I really like my mother’s extended family because even if we don’t see each other THAT often, we still are able to talk like nothing happens. I’m comfortable when I’m with them, probably since I grew up with these people…

Anyway, I also wanna let you know that my bookish package has arrived! Omg, I can’t wait to read ALL of them! The majority are contemporary so let’s hopeย that they will be a fun read.

Top to bottom: Alienated by Melissa Landers, Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer, On the Fence by Kasie West, Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally

I have some ideas for future posts, which I truly hope will be able to finish. None of them are reviews (sadly) but that’s because I’ve been reading local books so I don’t think I will be doing a full review on them. Hint: I might share them with you though! Just in case I have Indonesian readers haha.

Other than exploring local YA lit, I also caught up to the latest chapter of Akatsuki no Yona and I’M DYING FOR MORE HAK/YONA INTERACTIONS WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO OBLIVIOUS?? *cries for eternity*



16 thoughts on “Baaaaaa~ Welcoming the Year of the Goat”

  1. Happy Lunar New Year, Kezia. Iโ€™m not Chinese but there are so many Chinese in the Philippines that even tho youโ€™re not one you still celebrate by buying rice cakes (which I really love), giving out red money envelopes (we called it out ampao).
    Oh my gosh, yes for more Hak & Yona moments. Donโ€™t worry she isnโ€™t as oblivious as she was in the beginning.

    1. Happy Chinese New Year as well, Jeann! <33 Aww, I get how busy you guys must have been. It's okay though, the date doesn't matter as much as the actual get together ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Thanks, Alise! ^^ Happy Chinese New Year too! Yeah, I just caught up with the latest ep. I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. She might as well be the female version of Nozaki lol. You should! I think Bec also plans to read the manga maybe you two can buddy read or something ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Wahhhh sorry for the late reply! I’m looking forward to it as well! Especially since I’ve enjoyed On the Fence, which has a tomboy and sporty protagonist as well!

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