Barely hanging there…

dragon blade MovieHello guys. You might notice my absence from the blogosphere for the past two weeks but trust me, I have a legitimate excuse for that.

Aside from being busy with my cousin’s engagement and wedding reception in two cities, I was drowning in neglected school assignments and exam preparation since I lost a lot of time for the said events. My midterms ended a few days ago and well… I’m not exactly satisfied with physics and chemistry >_< Thank goodness the WHOLE grade got terrible results for those subject so our teachers have decided to hold the exams again haha. I AM BEYOND GRATEFUL FOR THE SECOND CHANCES ;A;

I have a lot to catch up — my TBR pile, my anime / manga updates  and my bloglovin’ feed. Seems like I have missed soooo many things and yet I feel like I currently have soooo limited time. *exhales major sigh*

But that’s enough wallowing and complaining. I’m just going to share something positive that happened to me in the past couple of weeks.

So I went to see Dragon Blade movie — starring Jackie Chan — with my friend out of coincidence since we were late for the movie we initially wanted to see (damn inconsistent movie schedule! ><). But that incident turned out to be a blessing in disguise cause you know what? This movie was amazing! I know it’s lengthy for my usual taste but the acting and the action scenes never failed to impress me. On top of those, the message was well-delivered and we came out of the theater with satisfaction clearly written on our faces.

I guess I have some more exciting things in store for me. I’m planning to see the new Cinderella this weekend and Insurgent on Monday. Surely I deserve a break from all this midterm crap right? And obviously, I will also be catching up with some anime shows and manga chapters. What an awesome way to refresh my mind <3

6 thoughts on “Barely hanging there…”

  1. Gah midterms and exams suck. TAKE AS LONG AS YOU NEED. Well not too long. But I’m glad you enjoyed the movie, I feel bad for saying I’ve never heard of it, but hey Jackie Chan!

    Ooo I want to see the new Cinderella too (even though I think it is slightly cheesy) 🙂
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    1. Thank you! I definitely needed a break. That’s okay! I wouldn’t have heard about it if my classmates hadn’t told me xD I was not expecting to be mind blown since the last Chinese movie I saw was meh but HEY. I’m glad Dragon Blade was great ^^

      Yeah, I generally think most fairy tale retellings are super cheesy! (Except Maleficent) but the new Cinderella weren’t bad after all 🙂 It was the good kind of fluffy I guess?

    1. Thank you! <33 I was lazy the day before the re-test but I'm glad I could do the test well.

      Arghhh I was supposed to see Insurgent last Monday but well, apparently my friends had some other things to do. Oh well, maybe next time 😀

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