Best of 2018: A Reflection

It’s that time of the year again where malls get decorated with reds and greens of Christmas vibes, where people get all emotional over the things happening this year and share what they are excited about in the next year. Yes folks, this post might be the 1234567th times you have stumbled upon a 2018 favorites post please don’t get bored yet teehee.

Long time no see, internet! It has been quite a few months since my last post and I realized that 2018 is probably the year where my blog suffers from identity crisis the most. This year’s posts have been about books, k-drama, interesting places I’ve been to… I started Chapteriosity (under a different name) back then in 2012 initially for sharing my thoughts on books and connecting with fellow bookworms. Then a few years later I started posting tons of anime stuff on this blog with a couple movie reviews thrown here and there. Then college came around and I suffered from lack of time-management skills and fell into a deep black hole called Reading & Blogging Slump. It has been such an adventure!

#throwback for 2018 posts

In addition, many things happened in 2018 that I wasn’t able to share before due to the reasons I’ve mentioned before. 2018 was super tough on me, if I were to be honest. But looking back, I am truly grateful because I have so many life-changing experience that shaped me who I am today (literally, I am not being overly dramatic here).

1. Travelling Abroad

First time going abroad for me was back in 5th grade of elementary school. My homeroom teacher recommended me for a one week short program in Singapore. We had a sit-in at one of the private school there and visited a bunch of places like Singapore Zoo, Discovery Center, etc but the transportation had been provided by my school. So it was basically like joining a study tour.

Fast forward to 2018, I was accepted to join a summer program in Taiwan. It was an extremely memorable experience, because I was travelling to a country where English is not the primary language spoken — heck the language is not even in alphabets. My survival skills were completely challenged in the beginning, but I was quickly able to understand how to navigate around the city using public transportation! I felt like I was getting more confident and braver after the trip! 

During my trip to Taiwan, I also transitted in Singapore for a day and went out with two friends. We visited Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay, Bugis Street and Chinatown using one-day tourist MRT Pass. Riding an MRT for the 1st time? IT WAS AMAZING! And soooo convenient. The one in Jakarta is currently under construction, but they plan to open it for public use in March 2019. Finger crossed everything is going smoothly and more MRTs will be constructed in Indonesia!

So yeah, I LOVE travelling abroad as it really opens my eyes to different culture and customs. I really hope I can travel to more places in 2019!

2. Leadership and Self-Development Opportunity

My senior chose me to succeed him as a coordinator in our organization. It was not a position I initially wanted, and I felt overwhelmed during the first half of my stewardship. I was super stressed and at that time because we had SO many events. I was also responsible for recruiting new members (the process took us half a year). Basically, I had to deal with people who couldn’t show their commitment, people with different level of dedication… While simultaneously handling pressure from the management above me and finishing piles of college work.

I had my moments when I felt like giving up, but I was lucky I had supportive seniors who kept believing in me and encouraged me non-stop. I stayed until the end of my one-year stewardship and I am thankful for the lessons I got. During the last second half, I could feel that I am actually getting better at analyzing situation and making decisions. I have learned that there is no right and wrong decision, just make a decision with the least consequences because no one can please everyone. I could speak in public better than before, no stuttering, no leg-shaking! And I was able to re-discover the joy in my work again! One of my favorite moments was when I was trusted to become the speaker during one of our events and I was sooooo excited when the participants were super interested in the topic and asked really thoughtful questions based on my experience.

3. Career Workshop at An Influential Company

Couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity! I signed up for this workshop which specifically targeted female college students in engineering field and EEEEEP I was selected even though I felt like I rushed my application form and CV haha.

Meeting other 40 female engineering students across Indonesia really opened my eyes because they were all super talented and ambitious! They had incredible achievements starting from being scholarship awardee, winning international competitions or participating in an international conference… I felt like a speck of dust compared to those diamonds lol. I want to achieve more and it has helped give me direction how I would like to spend my final year in college.

4. Reading Slightly More Books

I was able to read a rough average of 40 books in high school. But upon entering college, I only finished 4 books in 2016 and 3 books in 2017. So little books, ikr? I didn’t pressure myself though, I was so exhausted by college stuff that I didn’t have any mood to read. However this year, I finished 7 books!!! I feel like this is something that should be celebrated because I doubled the amount I read last year! Here are the ones I read:

Overall, although 2018 was super tough on me, I am really proud of how it has shaped me. I have amazing college friends whom I’ve been working with on many projects to the point that they strongly feel like family to me. I had a mini-reunion with my high school mates and despite each of us walking completely different paths, there is still this instant connection between us. I met tons of inspiring people whom I could learn from. I might have been rejected for a short program in Japan, but I was given other precious opportunities which I would not ever trade for. It was truly my year and I cannot even begin to imagine what 2019 will bring me!

2 thoughts on “Best of 2018: A Reflection”

  1. Hi Kezia, welcome back! Well, 2018 sounds so busy for you, but you’ve achieved so much! I’m super excited for MRT to be operating in Jakarta, Transjakarta is convenient yes, but it can’t escape the hell of traffic like MRT would be 😀 Good luck for your next term of college, I hope it will be easier for you <3

    1. Long time no see, Tasya! I hope you’ve been doing well 😀

      Indeed, everyone is super excited about the new MRT even though it’s only one line! Hopefully, the launch is a success and the rest of MRT lines will be constructed so you Jakarta people get better options of public transportation 😀

      Happy holidays and happy new year girl <3

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