Mini Reviews: Movies I Recently Watched

Helloooo guys! In the past couple months (and during my short hiatus last time) I ended up watching quite a lot of movies and I want to discuss them with you! 😀 They are not all 2014 releases, but some made it to my list of favorites while a few were downright disappointing…

Now You See Me

Damn, this movie was GOOD. Really really good, in fact. I didn’t know that Haymitch (aka Woody Harrelson) would be in it! Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed Now You See Me, especially since I love mystery. Seeing magician tricks revealed kept me interested the whole time and despite the twists being predictable sometimes, I was just in awe when I found out my guesses were true. Sequels are usually not as good as its predecessor, but I’m holding out hope that Now You See Me Again would be as awesome!

Rating: 5 stars

GIF speaks louder than words:  

Me, the whole time

Oz the Great and Powerful

Ugh I hate this one. I was hoping for something like Alice in Wonderland (LOVED that movie, btw) but Oz was incredibly disappointing.  The story line felt cheesy most of the time and I was definitely not impressed. For the record, The Wizard of Oz is one of my childhood favorites but I don’t know — this movie was just cheesy. I thought the acting was terrible too and I couldn’t help myself but to roll my eyes :/ I know I’m repeating the same words over and over again but I can’t think of a better word to describe this movie. Cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy.

Rating: 1 star

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

There’s no denying that the only reason I saw this movie was CHRIS PINE. I was expecting so much, especially since there’s also Keira Knightley here. It turned out to be “meh”, though. The beginning was boring but I liked all the action parts near the end. I really don’t have many things to say about this. I guess it’s good enough, but definitely not as amazing as I had thought it would be.
Rating: 3 stars

Legend of Hercules

Surely at this point most of you have already known my undying obsession with Greek mythology. But this is the type of movie that will make you go “Geez, what was I thinking?” If you’re not into flawlessly perfect character, then you should really avoid Legend of Hercules. If you’re not into easily-won and ridiculous battles, then you really have to stay away from this movie. There was a scene in which Hercules had to battle 5 or 6 best Greek fighters in an arena and he singlehandedly defeated them all without breaking a sweet. The fighters passed out (or died) with seemingly minor injuries. However, there was a scene where a girl stabbed herself near the heart in order to kill the guy behind her and the guy did die, but she survived. Heck, she was still able to talk despite that! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???! No? I CAN’T EITHER. THE BLADE LITERALLY WENT THROUGH HER.

Rating: 1 star

I, Frankenstein

I have no idea how to review this. Some questions are still unanswered but basically it was AWESOME.

Rating: 4 stars
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Lego Movie

This was pretty good! The characters were soooo adorable and lol, there’s also Morgan Freeman. He seems to be in every movie, doesn’t he? xD Although it was enjoyable, I felt that Lego was lacking some things. Like it was great, but it didn’t stand out in any particular way. Perhaps because it was a bit boring in the middle.

Rating: 3.5 stars


Nonstop was the most tense movie I have ever seen. It was unpredictable, and sometimes I couldn’t help but to doubt about the main character, whether he was the good or bad guy. It was about high-jacked plane and the MC had to figure out who did it. I liked it that when they thought they were one step closer to solving the mystery, they were actually three steps behind. Nonstop kept me on the edge of my seat and my eyes glued on the screen.

Rating: 5 stars

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300: Rise of an Empire

Since my incident with Legend of Hercules, I wasn’t brave enough to expect more from this movie. But bloody hell, literally. There was a LOT of blood spurting I can’t even. Compared to Legend of Hercules, 300: Rise of an Empire was certainly leagues better. However, Greek mythology if not done right might end up being cheap and to my disappointment, some parts of this movie was terrible. Luckily, Eva Green’s battle scene near the end made up for it. I wished she had had stepped into battle more often though.

Rating: 3 stars.

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The blood spurting……………
That’s it! So have you guys seen any of these?? ;D I want to hear your thoughts!

[Mini Reviews] November Movies

Hellooo guys! 😀 As I’ve mentioned in my come-back post not long ago, I went to the cinema a lot last month and I thought it would be a good idea to share my opinions on these movies! (Once again I warn you….I might be the black sheep…)

1. Thor: The Dark World

Okay, to be honest I didn’t expect much from this movie but I wasn’t really impressed either. Some parts were interesting but some were “meh”, like for example the final battle. I thought it would be more epic and dangerous and blood-pounding but I was disappointed because it was just like THAT?!?!? And I saw that final twist miles away.

On the bright side, Loki was awesomely hilarious!! Me and my friends were totally in love of his character xD Overall, The Dark World was decent for me, but I guess fans of the first movies would find it more enjoyable than I did.


2. Ender’s Game

I know I broke some kind of unwritten bookish rule because I haven’t read the book but HOLY COW?! This movie was amazing! Right when the movie started I was already grinning like a fool and I was like “wow, this is totally my kind of movie!” xD Despite the confusing physics, I thought the visual effects were really cool and I thoroughly enjoyed Ender’s Game.

My friends thought the ending was horrible and unsatisfying, but I was okay with it. Didn’t love it much but considering the whole story line and how thrilled I was for the rest of the movie, Ender’s Game was still an amazing entertainment for me.

3. Carrie

Yeah, I broke the unwritten rule again xD But ehh, truthfully I had no idea how I feel toward Carrie. All I know is that I was constantly disturbed by the mother’s psychotic behavior. Who the heck would secretly scratch themselves with a knife while talking to another?! I think my main issue with this movie is the lack of explanation to the main character’s background that I found Carrie very…weird in the beginning. I mean, WTF she doesn’t know that girls have period? And considering how old she is…yeah x_x The message was well-delivered though, that everyone has a limit to their patience, that you shouldn’t treat other people badly as they might explode and that won’t be pretty.


4. Catching Fire

A couple days prior seeing this movie, I was very eager to watch this movie. Eager is an understatement since I usually don’t want to go anywhere a few days before major exams but I decided to spare my time on Saturday to see this. I mean THAT TRAILER IS SO PERFECT ASDFGHJKL:HGFDFGH

When the movie finally started I was so ecstatic I could barely contain my excitement. But as the story progressed I was like hoaammmm what? Yeah, I dozed off since nothing actually happened. The best things about the first half of the movie are Katniss gorgeous wedding dress and the costumes and Capitol people make-up. I think they were done really well! In addition, the choices for the cast were perfect! Most of them looked similar to how I pictured them while reading the book.

Despite the great characterization, I couldn’t get over how disappointed I was with the arena. I mean, the contestants are victors so no matter how old they are they would still be powerful and skillful. But what did I get? The arena seemed like a child play… There weren’t enough battles between the Tributes. The arena was not as brutal and violent as I had expected. 🙁 I don’t know why…I loved the book so much in fact, Catching Fire is my favorite book of the series. But the movie wasn’t as good as the book. :/ As for the second half, the only thing I loved was Johanna <3 She was bitchy and she wasn’t pretending, wasn’t two-faced (?) The other victors expressed their disagreement subtly but I just LOVE how honest/blunt she was.

Overall I was disappointed with Catching Fire but luckily there were few redeeming qualities. I think I am the only one who wasn’t really satisfied with this ><


5. Frozen

I haven’t actually seen the trailer and I didn’t intend to watch this either but then my friend said that Frozen was fantastic. So the next day, when my aunt asked me to accompany her, I didn’t refuse.

To my surprise, this movie was an unexpected favorite!! The characters were likable and hilarious — especially Olaf! Boy, I love this guy!! <33 Anna is also a little naive at first but I just liked how bubbly and awkward she is despite her status as a princess. Elsa is also quite intriguing and oh my gosh her dress looks so GORGEOUS.

The story line might seem ordinary at first but once you’ve seen the whole movie, you can’t help but to appreciate the uniqueness Frozen offers. Unlike the usual Disney princess movies, I think familial relationship becomes the main theme, which reminds me a bit of Brave.

Overall, Frozen is the best movie I saw last month <3 EVERYONE GO SEE THIS ONE!!


That’s all, guys!! 😀 I am the black sheep with Catching Fire…*ducks from tomatoes and rocks* Have you seen any of these movies? What do you think of them?


[Movie Review] TMI: City of Bones

City of Bones

(The Mortal Instruments #1)

Premiere Date: August 21st, 2013 (USA) 
Runtime: 130 mins.
Link(s): IMDb
Lily Collins | Jamie Campbell Bower | Robert Sheehan | Kevin Zegers | Jemima West
Set in contemporary New York City, a seemingly ordinary teenager, Clary Fray (Lily Collins), discovers she is the descendant of a line of Shadowhunters, a secret cadre of young half-angel warriors locked in an ancient battle to protect our world from demons. After the disappearance of her mother (Lena Headey), Clary must join forces with a group of Shadowhunters, who introduce her to a dangerous alternate New York called Downworld, filled with demons, warlocks, vampires, werewolves and other deadly creatures. Based on the worldwide best-selling book series.
I read TMI a while ago and to be honest, I thought the series was decent. But since my friend – whom I watch the movie with – is a huge fan of that series, we had been planning for a long time to see the movie together. And secondly, I have watched some of Lily Collins’s movies (Abduction and Mirror Mirror) and I admit that I like that actress so I don’t wanna miss this one too! Okay, so onto the review! But I shall warn you that I am no good when it comes to reviewing movies! ><


Like most movie adaptations, there were some changes in the movie, but it wasn’t that train-wreck The Lightning Thief. Some scenes were cut, a few was altered and I completely understand that it was necessary considering that the book was +500 pages long. Hence, the plot moved very fast and it kept me pretty interested the whole time, although I can see that some people who haven’t read the book would probably get confused due to the lack of explanations at certain parts.

Now, onto the characters! Although Clary was shorter in the book, Lily Collins did a great job of portraying her character! I got annoyed with Clary most of the time when I read TMI, but Lily made her character slightly more likable and sympathetic in the movie. Yes, there were a few moments when I felt like punching her due to the stupidity of her character, but overall, Lily was wonderful!

I am not gonna say much about Jace since I didn’t really like his character in the books either, but Jamie was fantastic doing all those fighting scenes, especially the one near the ending 😀 And speaking of fighting, I freaking love the battle scenes!! <3 They were fast and badass and OMG IZZY WAS INCREDIBLE WITH HER WHIPS! <33

One thing that made me disappointed was how little Alec’s part in this movie (I felt like he got more in the first book?? Or was it just me??) [HIGHLIGHT FOR SPOILER: And I thought it was weird that Clary was able to tell that Alec was gay having only met him for a couple times.] Admittedly, I was most excited to see Kevin Zegers and Godfrey Gao – they both didn’t get many parts but I hope they will get more in City of Ashes! Btw, filming for the second movie starts in a few weeks! 😛

Oh and I just have to mention that monster in the beginning was soooo disgusting! D:

This movie isn’t the best adaptations out there, however, it’s definitely one of the better ones. Fans of the book will enjoy it, but I am not sure I will recommend it for those who dislike the books :/