Year 3 of blogging (I missed my blogoversary!)

third blogoversaryFirst of all, happy new year guys! Love you all! <33

Now, to the meat of things. 27th December 2015 was actually my third blogoversary but silly Kezia totally forgot about it… But say what? Three freaking years? I’m amazed at this new accomplishment because I usually lose my enthusiasm pretty quickly. But look at me, blogging for 3 years despite the ups and downs.

Anyway, a lot of things have changed in the span of three years, both to me and to this blog. But to be honest, I’m really proud of the way things are going on right now because I think I have found a blogging style that’s comfortable for me.

I used to schedule 2-3 posts per weeks. Sometimes even 4.

Back then on my first year I even had specific days for each type of posts. If I remember right, Mondays were review days and Thursdays were for discussions. But scheduling doesn’t do it for me anymore. I think I find comfort in my sporadic posting. I don’t have to force myself to spend weekends brainstorming about posts anymore. I don’t have to feel pressured when I don’t have anything to post. I know many people seek to become more organized this year, but I guess I really enjoy being a disorganized blogger. Though more consistency can’t hurt either xD Continue reading Year 3 of blogging (I missed my blogoversary!)

All I want for Christmas is …

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Sneak peek for my yearbook photos!! xD

It’s still a little too early to say ‘Merry Christmas’ but hey, it’s definitely not too early to start planning on how to spend the holiday 😉

A little recap

Unlike the previous years, we have to continue our lessons because we twelfth graders still have a lot of topics to catch up to. And everything seems to be worse since I take science program haha. Much to my disappointment, I can’t relax as much as I would like to but yeah, so far this is better than nothing. Other than that, there’s also religion practical examination — our very first practical examination — which is doing charity. Continue reading All I want for Christmas is …

Barely hanging there…

dragon blade MovieHello guys. You might notice my absence from the blogosphere for the past two weeks but trust me, I have a legitimate excuse for that.

Aside from being busy with my cousin’s engagement and wedding reception in two cities, I was drowning in neglected school assignments and exam preparation since I lost a lot of time for the said events. My midterms ended a few days ago and well… I’m not exactly satisfied with physics and chemistry >_< Thank goodness the WHOLE grade got terrible results for those subject so our teachers have decided to hold the exams again haha. I AM BEYOND GRATEFUL FOR THE SECOND CHANCES ;A;

I have a lot to catch up — my TBR pile, my anime / manga updates  and my bloglovin’ feed. Seems like I have missed soooo many things and yet I feel like I currently have soooo limited time. *exhales major sigh*

But that’s enough wallowing and complaining. I’m just going to share something positive that happened to me in the past couple of weeks.

So I went to see Dragon Blade movie — starring Jackie Chan — with my friend out of coincidence since we were late for the movie we initially wanted to see (damn inconsistent movie schedule! ><). But that incident turned out to be a blessing in disguise cause you know what? This movie was amazing! I know it’s lengthy for my usual taste but the acting and the action scenes never failed to impress me. On top of those, the message was well-delivered and we came out of the theater with satisfaction clearly written on our faces.

I guess I have some more exciting things in store for me. I’m planning to see the new Cinderella this weekend and Insurgent on Monday. Surely I deserve a break from all this midterm crap right? And obviously, I will also be catching up with some anime shows and manga chapters. What an awesome way to refresh my mind <3

Baaaaaa~ Welcoming the Year of the Goat

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As you may already know, I am a Chinese Indonesian so it isn’t strange if I’ve been looking forward to today, is it? Mainly for the red envelopes, which is basically money received from married relatives. (LOL! gotta enjoy them while I’m still young xD) Other than that, I also get to see my female cousins and I’m SO SO excited because we haven’t seen each other for like half a year.

Continue reading Baaaaaa~ Welcoming the Year of the Goat

A New Beginning



Yes, my blog is indeed on self-hosted WordPress now! Let’s throw some confetti!!! ^^ (And in the mean time, ignore the wonky posts I will try to fix them ASAP.)


It was astonishing at first, because I never thought I would ever get my own domain. However, I was getting really sick of using Blogger and I would like to have more freedom with my blog. So on New Year’s Day, I asked my parents about their opinions and they were surprisingly very supportive of this whole blogging thing! Haha, Chapteriosity now looks even more legit with .com ending xD

Things apparently weren’t so easy though. I bought the domain and chose a hosting plan right after that, but then I hit a rock bottom because I was overwhelmed with how difficult it was to update your design in WordPress. I was a bit familiar with HTML but for unknown reasons I couldn’t update my design at all. Nearly none of the customization I made appeared. Weird, I know >_< But thank goodness I happened to win Meg’s giveaway and by a coincidence the price was a blog design!

Special thanks goes to Mitchii for helping me before I was announced as the winner of the giveaway. Sorry for bothering you at late nights! I was clueless that time, but hopefully I will figure out how to code and design on WordPress as time goes on. It is one of the reasons I decided to made the switch after all 🙂

And obviously, the honor of this INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS design goes to Meg, who was very easy to communicate with and patiently fixed the design to my liking. I might have bothered you with my fickleness but THANK YOU. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

i love you, obviouslyAnyway, this will be a fresh start for me. I know I have been slacking with posting for the past year, but this new face of Chapteriosity shall be my motivation! I hope you guys love the new design as well! <33

Have an amazing weekend and here’s to an epic February! *cheers*

P.S.: My tests will be over on Monday so YAY FOR MORE FREE TIME!