2020, please be good

This is a belated welcoming-the-year post, but formalities aside, happy new year.

So it’s already 2020, huh? How old was I when I started this blog? I bet I was around 13-14 years old. I was such as innocent kid haha. A few weeks ago I read my old posts on purpose and I can’t believe I used to write them 😂 I am 21 years old now. Looking back, I was really inexperienced to the point that I feared and worried about a lot of simple things like school grades, or whether I would have enough time on weekends to read or just hang out with my friends… Those were much simpler times and if I were to compare my problems now and then… they were on a whole different levels and it makes me think, “Oh, so this is adulting.”

I’ve been mulling whether to delete my blog for good, as I was barely posting anything last year. But as a scrolled down my old posts I couldn’t make myself to just let go of everything I put effort in when I was younger. This place really does contain most of my thoughts and Chapteriosity reflected many stages of my life; when I was sooooo into reading young adult novels; or even after that when I rediscovered my love for manga and anime again. And even last year I posted a bit about Korean drama that I enjoyed lmao forgive me I cannot be consistent with my interest.  Continue reading 2020, please be good

Thank you Thailand for teaching me many things

On January until May of 2019, I spent my 6th semester of university abroad in Thailand for an exchange program. It was not a decision I made overnight and there were a lot to prepare, but after completing the program I do not regret ever taking that chance.

Upon arrival, one thing I immediately noticed about Thailand was the heat. I thought Surabaya was already hot, but Bangkok was a whole nother level of hot. Like, I was sweating the second I went outdoor and 10 minutes of walking my back was drenched in sweat already. It was that hot. Continue reading Thank you Thailand for teaching me many things

Marching Towards 2019!

Happy new year and happy holidays!

Many things happened in 2018 and I’m super excited about what 2019 will bring! So far, I already have some plans for 2019 and below are some which I’m looking forward to!

1. One Semester Exchange Program in Thailand

I applied last September through the International Office at my university. To be honest I had never been interested in an exchange program abroad before because so many complicated things need to be taken care of, such as courses we will take to ensure that we will still graduate on time, long-term accommodation, etc. Earlier in 2018, my seniors went on an exchange program in Thailand and they said amazing things about their experience. The reason I eventually decided to apply was because the university will waive our accommodation fee on their dormitory so yeah! It’s a plus on the financial side!

Continue reading Marching Towards 2019!

Best of 2018: A Reflection

It’s that time of the year again where malls get decorated with reds and greens of Christmas vibes, where people get all emotional over the things happening this year and share what they are excited about in the next year. Yes folks, this post might be the 1234567th times you have stumbled upon a 2018 favorites post please don’t get bored yet teehee.

Long time no see, internet! It has been quite a few months since my last post and I realized that 2018 is probably the year where my blog suffers from identity crisis the most. This year’s posts have been about books, k-drama, interesting places I’ve been to… I started Chapteriosity (under a different name) back then in 2012 initially for sharing my thoughts on books and connecting with fellow bookworms. Then a few years later I started posting tons of anime stuff on this blog with a couple movie reviews thrown here and there. Then college came around and I suffered from lack of time-management skills and fell into a deep black hole called Reading & Blogging Slump. It has been such an adventure! Continue reading Best of 2018: A Reflection

My Adventure in Taichung, Taiwan

Recently I had the chance to travel to Taiwan for a two-week summer program, in Taichung to be exact! The last time I went abroad was when I was in elementary school (7 or 8 years ago) and this time I was on my own with some friends. Heading off to unfamiliar region and a pretty far one with language I don’t speak really made me nervous in the beginning. Nonetheless, I was excited for my first travel to an East Asian country!

Taichung is the second biggest city in Taiwan after the capital city Taipei. It is located in the center of Taiwan. As expected from a subtropical country, it is summertime in July and the weather is hot! A different kind of hot from Surabaya. In Surabaya, even though it’s hot it would still be a little windy at times because Surabaya is close to the coast. However, the heat in Taichung is stifling — it’s not only hot but also humid as well. Continue reading My Adventure in Taichung, Taiwan