Your Opinions Needed – My Anxiety is Acting Up … Again

Okay. I might be a little over-anxious over here, but I am truly nervous with the outcome of my own decision. In case you didn’t know, two months ago I confessed that I had been regretting my blog name for the past few months and up until now I still dislike my current name — Pansycake Reader.

Over the past couple of months ever since I published that post, I had been brainstorming my new blog name and finally found one that suited me. So “the journey” to this new name was pretty hard, I came up with a few silly names before ultimately I settled to one name… and then I realized that “one name” was too similar to another blog name so I ended up tweaking the name again. I have finally decided on a name, albeit still has relation to my original choice, it is not similar to any blog names. At least when I googled it nothing came out so that’s good. The name still has something bookish though so this is where my anxiety begins.

I love my new name. It’s different. And it’s shorter than my current name. I want to make the change. However, I am afraid that I will lose my readers. I am afraid that you won’t like the new name. I am afraid that my new name won’t be memorable enough. Here’s the thing I wanna ask you guys:

Will you remember me? Even though I am not Pansycake Reader anymore?

Oh my god, I sound like someone who’s about to quit blogging xD But trust me, I am NOT quitting anytime soon.

So that’s what I need to get off my chest. The change will happen this weekend cause I need a fast internet connection so I could move quickly and let you guys know and my internet is as slow as snail this time — it will get faster later this week so weekends!