Maybe I binged too many things in April, but no regrets!

How to describe April? To be honest, I don’t know! There isn’t much happening in my life… Except maybe in the first two weeks of April, I was busy preparing for presentation to my lecturers about the progress of my final project. Last week, the presentation went well, but I received so many corrections and feedback — which I am grateful for, really. I guess it means I can prepare better for the final thesis defense. It was overwhelming to think about the revisions, but I decided to relax until the end of the month.

At this point, I have stopped paying attention to COVID-19 news in Indonesia. I only checked for the development once a day, at least just to let myself be aware with the amount of cases in this country. It has successfully lessened my worry, at least I haven’t been too anxious or scared of the situation as how I felt in the previous month. On top of that, I also drowned myself in watching and reading to entertain myself! Continue reading Maybe I binged too many things in April, but no regrets!

Diary of a fangirl during Coronavirus self-quarantine

It is day 17 of self-quarantine and first, I would like to say I can’t believe I’ve stayed at home this long! It has never been done before. In the beginning I actually got worried, because the day before my country began self-quarantine period, I had gone to my friends’ graduation and obviously we came into contact with a lot of people. But turns out, I’m still healthy now. So are my family and friends — I couldn’t ask for more.

Everyday, Coronavirus is always on the news and the amount of confirmed cases in Indonesia keeps increasing. We have 1.500+ positive cases so far and prediction says that this is still far from the worst time yet. I’m praying for the world to get better soon… I feel like if I keep worrying about things, I will become more panicked… So I’m trying my best to be cautious but still optimistic.

So, what have I been doing at home for the past two weeks?

I have been soooo productive to be honest! Productive in terms of doing my hobbies, like watching drama! I completed two drama series and I really enjoyed both of them.

Continue reading Diary of a fangirl during Coronavirus self-quarantine

Best of 2018: A Reflection

It’s that time of the year again where malls get decorated with reds and greens of Christmas vibes, where people get all emotional over the things happening this year and share what they are excited about in the next year. Yes folks, this post might be the 1234567th times you have stumbled upon a 2018 favorites post please don’t get bored yet teehee.

Long time no see, internet! It has been quite a few months since my last post and I realized that 2018 is probably the year where my blog suffers from identity crisis the most. This year’s posts have been about books, k-drama, interesting places I’ve been to… I started Chapteriosity (under a different name) back then in 2012 initially for sharing my thoughts on books and connecting with fellow bookworms. Then a few years later I started posting tons of anime stuff on this blog with a couple movie reviews thrown here and there. Then college came around and I suffered from lack of time-management skills and fell into a deep black hole called Reading & Blogging Slump. It has been such an adventure! Continue reading Best of 2018: A Reflection

Bye, June 2017 // Introducing Monthly Recap!

I decided to bring back my old recap feature! I stopped doing it years ago. Pretty sure I used to call it “Status Update” and it was more of a weekly feature than monthly. But I’ve been meaning to revive this feature so that it will be easier to update personal stuff in my life to you. In a more organized fashion LOL. Continue reading Bye, June 2017 // Introducing Monthly Recap!