Diary of a fangirl during Coronavirus self-quarantine

It is day 17 of self-quarantine and first, I would like to say I can’t believe I’ve stayed at home this long! It has never been done before. In the beginning I actually got worried, because the day before my country began self-quarantine period, I had gone to my friends’ graduation and obviously we came into contact with a lot of people. But turns out, I’m still healthy now. So are my family and friends — I couldn’t ask for more.

Everyday, Coronavirus is always on the news and the amount of confirmed cases in Indonesia keeps increasing. We have 1.500+ positive cases so far and prediction says that this is still far from the worst time yet. I’m praying for the world to get better soon… I feel like if I keep worrying about things, I will become more panicked… So I’m trying my best to be cautious but still optimistic.

So, what have I been doing at home for the past two weeks?

I have been soooo productive to be honest! Productive in terms of doing my hobbies, like watching drama! I completed two drama series and I really enjoyed both of them.


    • Kingdom [킹덤] | OOOHH HOW CAN I NOT MENTION THIS??! I actually binged both the first season and second season in one day because it was that addicting! In the beginning, I got very confused because they were mentioning so many names and I just couldn’t keep up. But as the story progressed and I gained more understanding, I was totally invested in the plot and characters. In my opinion, it is even more gruesome than Train to Busan [부산행] and it gave me SNK vibes. One of the reasons I love k-drama is because we can see the story concludes within 16-20 episodes. But since it’s Netflix original series, the format is following those of Western series so a third season is highly possible — after that ending, come on?! It’s so frustrating that I have to wait for a year again. I almost forgot what it feels like to wait for the next installment of a book series lmao.
    • Beautiful World [아름다운 세상] | A very character-driven melodrama. It was basically the story of parents finding out their son had just fallen from the rooftop of his school and throughout the episodes they tried to prove that it was an accident, not a suicide attempt. It told the unimaginably horrible things some students have to endure at school, like school violence. Initially, I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this drama but I guess I was really emotional during many parts. I particularly loved the brave little sister <3

On a side note, I am also enjoying ongoing series like Nobody Knows [아무도 모른다], a  detective drama and Hospital Playlist [슬기로운 의사 생활], a slice-of-life medical drama.

And the biggest accomplishment during this two week quarantine? I managed to finish a book! ^^ I read When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon which garnered so many attention a few years ago when it was released. Unfortunately, it was an average book to me, I was slightly disappointed because I had expected to read more about how the characters worked on their project… Oh well, I hope I can find a new book I enjoy soon!

Meanwhile, I have been really attracted to reading webtoons again recently. I read a bunch of series back then and these days I am able to catch up to them as well as pick up new ones. I was so many chapters behind True Beauty [여신강림] haha! But I have always preferred binging the series though instead of reading one chapter per week… Here are some titles I discovered during the past month and would like to highlight today! I’m so thankful for LINE WEBTOON and KakaoPage <3

    • Days of Hana [하나의 하루] | Initially I was attracted by the fact that it was created by the same author as Orange Marmalade, so I binged the entire 113 episodes and the story was well-written even though the ending was a bit bittersweet. I was sooo sad and I swear some tears were shed :'(
    • Devil Number 4 [악마와 계약연애] | I love it? It’s more than a romance between devil and human. The backstory for each character and overall world-building for the universe is quite well-developed. Anyway, it’s still ongoing so I’m excited for the following chapters!
    • A Good Day to be a Dog [오늘도 사랑스럽개] | It’s just so fluffy and entertaining! I love the relationship between the male and female lead so much, they are both such cinnamon rolls ^^

But wait, what happened to my study?

Self-quarantine is putting me under the illusion that I have plenty of free time while in reality, I also have to prepare for my bachelor thesis.

My university is under lock-down until the end of the semester. All remaining classes will be conducted online. What about final year students like me who are supposed to perform lab experiment for our bachelor thesis? It has been decided last Friday by my lecturers that we are going to change our methods. So it will only be literature study and simulation, since we are not allowed to enter the lab in campus. I have been reading journals but I haven’t got the information that I need for my analysis yet… Anyway, my thesis defense will be held online as well. I just hope we can have a proper graduation ceremony in September. I’m planting the seeds :'(

I also have been enrolled in a supply chain online class. I have a huge interest in FMCG industry and as a chemical engineering student, I feel like I am at slight disadvantage so I want to be more prepared. And I managed to edit my resume and LinkedIn profile! It had been ages since I last updated my profile and I had new experience I had never added before. Probably nothing is harder than writing a LinkedIn summary, especially for soon-to-be-graduates…

The past month I have been doing my hobbies but I feel like I need to step up my productivity game for April! I need to learn to better allocate time for journal-reading and my supply chain class — or else I will be distracted by reading or watching series again lol. There are only two major topics left to cover my supply chain class, perhaps I will be able to finish it next week. But I’m planning to learn more about Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Project. Gosh, I have too many things I want to learn :'( I hope these will not end up as plans. I’m trying my best to commit!

Title Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Diary of a fangirl during Coronavirus self-quarantine”

  1. I feel you in terms of thesis, especially I also need to go to lab to collect my data. And now my lab is one of the centers for covid-19 testing, I don’t know when things will resume again.

    I’m thinking of enrolling on online classes too haha. I’ve been feeling soo unproductive with my schedule, especially since I have no class left this term, meaning with lab gone, I’m practically doing nothing all day :/

    1. Oh no! That must be frustrating for you! Have you tried communicating it with your thesis supervisor? Maybe they will be able to suggest another method so you can complete your thesis on time 😀

      You should definitely try online classes! I also only have two classes left this semester so basically I have nothing much to do at home. I recommend Udemy because it has a wide range of subjects and since they are holding flash sales, the prices are much cheaper now. You can get certificate. However, if you are looking for free ones, I recommend Coursera or EdX. You can enroll in classes provided by various top universities around the world for free and in case you need the certificate you can pay additional fee. I am enrolled in a class on Coursera for free haha.

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