First attempt at book photography: The Find Me Tag!

A couple of weeks ago Shannelle did her post and she tagged some bloggers and everyone whose name begins with C and K. Well, as someone whose name starts with K, I cannot ignore this calling and I shall bestow my first serious attempt at book photography!

Unfortunately, due to poor lighting in my room, all these pictures are HEAVILY edited (thank goodness for VSCO cam).

How this tag works:

  1. Find books that fit the category, and you can choose to use the covers or take pictures.
  2. Tag as many people as you want but they are not obligated to do it.
  3. Link back to Novel Ink. (The creators of the tag)

And now behold, my findings… *drum rolls*

Book with the word “GONE”


Book with a weapon on the cover

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta

A bit blurry because the plastic cover reflects the light…

Book with a moon on the cover

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Vessel by Sarah Beth Durst

Yes, that’s a Batik cloth I used in the background. I thought I would add some patterns and it complements the cover very well. Just ignore the awkward arrangement.

Book with a girl in a white dress

the one

The One by Kiera Cass

That’s my blanket in the background! I was running out of ideas how to arrange my books… Anyway, this is the kind of books I dislike but keep buying anyway for the purpose of beautifying my shelf. There I said it >_<

Book with a couple kissing & book with a sunset

kissing coupleLet the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

Woot!! Two categories at once! I recently finished Let the Sky Fall and it was a meh read. I didn’t hate it but I just felt detached from the book. Unfortunately, I don’t own any books which have a clearer sunset but I hope that will do xD I’m buying anything written by Kasie West and I LOVE how all her contemporary books seem to have matching covers.

Book with headphones

Again, bailing out of this category because I have NONE. Seriously ;_;

Book with water

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetSplit Second by Kasie West

Excuse the terrible lighting. It looks brighter on my phone though >_< In case you’re wondering, those are my bedroom tiles and every tile in my house looks like that. Our house is an old house. The architecture is thanks to the Dutch influence back in the days

Book with a flower/flowers

alienated photoAlienated by Melissa Landers

Um yeah, a field of flowers. I was too lazy to dig for any cover with a more prominent flower so there you have it 😛

 Book with hearts

geek girlGeek Girl by Holly Smale

That’s a tiny heart. And I just realized that you can fit this into the previous category as well xD There’s a tiny flower at the top right corner.

Some pictures turn out crappy, but I don’t want to be too hard on myself since I’m kinda new to this thing. Anyway, a lot of people have done this tag so I kinda lost track who hasn’t. If you haven’t though, I’m tagging you! ^^

24 thoughts on “First attempt at book photography: The Find Me Tag!”

    1. I kinda wish I had that HQ tank with Tsukki on the cover so I can fit it into 2 categories lol.

      Ahhh thanks!! This was my first attempt so I was definitely experimenting. I love that Batik pattern as well. I prefer those with lighter colors instead of the usual dark brown haha

  1. Well done for your first attempt at book photography Kezia! ;D I have to say my first attempt didn’t come out so nicely as yours 😛 I don’t know why, but I love the cover for The Distance Between Us so much, it’s adorable! 😀 Or maybe that’s because I’m partial towards the couple standing in it 😉
    Lovely post Kezia! <3
    Emily recently posted… Creative Hands – Inspired by Jessica DurrantMy Profile

    1. Ahh thank you so much, Emily! ^^ Yeah, I love the cover for The Distance as well! And all of Kasie West’s covers actually haha. They look cute and the stories are just as cute <33

    1. Yay, thanks for the compliments, Bec! Terrible lighting is the hardest problem we have to overcome… I’m super glad VSCO Cam has been invented!

  2. I don’t think I have a book with the word ‘gone’ too 😐 I used to have Gone Girl but I thought I would never get to reading it so I gave it away for a giveaway. For the headphones, I don’t think I have one as well…. Maybe an eARC? The title’s like Encore in the Room or something like that lol.
    leigh recently posted… Make Me Read It ReadathonMy Profile

    1. Yayyy I think I saw the pic on twitter earlier this day? Oops sorry for not replying to your comments earlier 🙁 I was away on holiday so I’m behind with a lot of things!!

  3. VSCOcam is the savior of all photographers. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it because Instagram’s filters all suck! But these photos turned out really well even with the bad lighting! I especially love the backgrounds you used. 😀

    Lol, even though the covers for The Selection series are gorgeous, I just don’t have the money to buy them to prettify my shelf. Also I’ve seen too many horrible reviews for the series to even want to remotely read it anymore. And nooo, I’m sorry that Let the Sky Fall was a disappointment for you. D: A friend gave it to me for Christmas so I was hoping to get to it soon but now I’m a little worried about starting it. I DON’T WANT TO DISLIKE SUCH A GORGEOUS-LOOKING BOOK.

    And heh, my favorite picture here is probably the one of Split Second, even though the lighting wasn’t good (tbh though it looks fine to me xD). I love the contrast between the tiles and the wooden stool!

    1. Woot, thanks Meg <33 Yup, I love playing around with VSCO cam <33 It's the best!! And I guess I like to torture myself because I read all of The Selection books even tough I hate them. I will also buy The Heir in the future if I see a copy here to complete my collection xD No matter how much I hate this series, I wonder why I just can't stop reading it >_< Aw, just try to read it with an open mind! IMO, Let the Sky Fall is a hit-or-miss book. I think you have to be in the right mood to read it 🙂

    1. Totally agree! I was attracted to it by the vibrance of the cover in the first place haha. But it’s a really enjoyable book if you ask me 😀

    1. I think kissing cover is the hardest one. I am not too inclined on buying books with that kind of cover because I’m afraid of what my parents would say xD

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