Get Pitch-slapped for the Second Time!



Most of you might not know but I’m a HUGE fan of the first Pitch Perfect movie. The witty dialogues, sweet romance, some friendship bonding thingy and a capella thrown in the mix — I’m sold to this franchise, people. Anyhow, with a great movie comes a great expectation for its sequel. But Pitch Perfect 2 met my expectations and reminds me why I love this series in the first place.

After becoming the first all-female a capella group to win the ICCA competition, the Barden Bellas defend their title for the next two year and are given the honor of performing in front of President Obama. They are champions for three years, yet they’re still human after all and humans are not entirely free of mistakes… (or bad luck in this case). An “accident” happen in the middle of their gig and they have to deal with the consequences. To reclaim their title and win the hearts’ of people again, the Bellas have their eyes set on winning the world’s a capella championship. But things won’t be easy thanks to the appearance of an insanely good rival group from Germany.

It’s really heartwarming to see these girls overcome their own issues and just be open with each other and rediscover their harmony again. Their friendship is the one that I love the most, aside from the awesome music arrangements and cool choreography. Witty dialogues are still present and they had me giggling and laughing tons of times. I also like the fact that Beca and Jesse’s relationship stays strong in this movie.

In addition, Das Sound Machine — Bella’s rival — gives EPIC performance each time and I looooove how powerful their sound is, especially the two lead singers, even though attitude-wise their bitchiness is clichéd.

The only thing I didn’t like about the movie is when the commentators make rude jokes about other countries. (Those who’ve seen it will know immediately.) I understand that it’s for comedic purpose but I think they should have put more thought in it because the people of those countries might get offended.

Overall, I thought Pitch Perfect 2 was hella fun to watch! Have you seen it yet? ^^

6 thoughts on “Get Pitch-slapped for the Second Time!”

  1. I’m very excited to watch this! I’ve been afraid that it wouldn’t be as good as the FIRST MOVIE, which is why I’ve been holding out til, I don’t know, forever? BUT YOU THOUGHT IT WAS JUST AS GOOD.
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  2. I actually have mixed feelings with the movie! I mean, I didn’t like it too much, but I didn’t hate it as well. I guess I feel averagely impressed with the story line, but not too much. It was okay 😛 but I do like the new plot and the world championship part! 🙂

    OMG I have to agree about the commentators’ jokes in the end. I saw they said something about the Philippines, which I come from, and like…… whut… o___o I’m not even sure if it was a joke… or?? 😮

    Great post Kezia 😛

    1. Aww, I’m sorry that it didn’t meet your expectation 🙁 Yeah I really think they shouldn’t have put those dialogues. Especially the one about Korea, it was pretty hurtful IMO :/

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