Hey! It’s the Frozen Book Tag!

frozen book tagI saw this post on Mel’s blog The Daily Prophecy and it seemed like a fun thing to do! Basically, I will answer these Frozen-inspired categories with books or characters. I also tag everyone so feel free to do it as well! <33 This tag was originally created by The Writing Hufflepuff.

Frozen Heart

Beautiful! Powerful! Dangerous! Cold! What character do you think of when you hear this description?

Easy answer: The Darkling from The Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo. He is the very embodiment of those qualities.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

A character you want to build a snowman with? 

I would gladly abandon everything for a snowman-building session with Leo Valdez from Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan. I’m positive that his jokes and kindness will cheer me up!


For the First Time in Forever

You haven’t been able to read anything in a long time and your TBR pile has been growing larger and larger. What book (of your TBR pile, so no rereads) would you pick?

A light contemporary! Possibly something not too thick as well so that I finish it faster and hopefully the satisfaction from finishing a book will motivate me further. The DUFF by Kody Keplinger sounds perfect for this.


Love is an Open Door

With what book or which character (or both!) would love be an open door with it? Or for what book/which character would you close the door?

Open door: Anything written by Kasie West because who doesn’t love swoony contemporary? And anything or anyone hilarious as well! Every one needs a good laugh sometimes.

Closed door: Erotica. Because I don’t feel comfortable reading them at all… Plus, I am underage…


Let It Go

A book or series you used to love but you let it go.

I can’t remember any books to fit this category… Though I do have some manga series I don’t love anymore. I hope it’s not cheating if I choose Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima and Bleach by Tite Kubo. With popular long-running shounen, usually the story drags unnecessarily and — sorry to say this — it seems like the mangaka is only doing it to make more money while ignoring the story quality…


Reindeers Books are Better than People

Let’s say you’re tired of people today. What book would you rather spend the day with?

Cinder by Marissa Meyer simply because I wanna read about Prince Kai again :3 Enough said.


In Summer

A book perfect for summer!

A Midsummer’s NIghtmare by Kody Keplinger because 1) It’s set in summer 2) Plenty of humors and sarcasms 3) Still manages to become an emotional read and last but not least 4) Sporty and nerdy love interest <33


Fixer Upper

A book that’s a bit of a fixer-upper and should be fixed with a little bit of love ?

Unbreakable by Kami Garcia. I really liked the characters and the book was overall an enjoyable read. However, it would be better if the story had been more challenging. Everything was going too smooth and the clues were so convenient… O_O

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17 thoughts on “Hey! It’s the Frozen Book Tag!”

  1. This is such a cool tag!

    I still need to read some of Kasie West contemporary romances! Seriously, I’m missing out.

    I’m still reading and love Fairy Tail haha. It’s not the longest Shounen out there *looks at One Piece* and it was the first big, shounen series I ever got into so it has a special place in my heart. And I read somewhere that Hiro Mashima is actually going to wrap it up in an ARC or two (which is definitely the vibe I’ve been getting from where the story is going)
    Bec @ Readers in Wonderland recently posted… Review: The Monstrumologist by Rick YanceyMy Profile

    1. Yep yep! I hope you’ll love them because seriously THEY ARE AWESOME. So fun to read!

      Bahaha actually, there’s something even longer than One Piece *cough Detective Conan cough* but I’m glad you still love Fairy Tail. The story just isn’t doing it anymore for me… Things get so repetitive, especially since Natsu seems to take all the spotlight 🙁

  2. I also gave up on Bleach and Fairy Tail. For FT it just it didn’t interest me, I liked Hiro Mashima’s earlier work Rave a whole lot better (bc I did finish that one). Well, as for Bleach, it just it repetitive. The arcs were the same with just different villain. I think it has to end. Oh gosh, don’t read erotica yet, I see underage girls reading them and I feel a little uncomfortable knowing that.

    Unfortunately from all the books you’ve mentioned I think the only one I read was Cinder. T.T
    Mitchii G. @ The Aeropapers recently posted… Breaking some stereotypes!My Profile

      1. Haha that’s okay! I haven’t read Rave but Mashima sometimes does a little crossover or takes inspiration from that series. It’s true that they are so repetitive. I’m tired of reading about Natsu and Ichigo kicking the main antagonist’s butt and stealing everyone’s spotlight… Trust me, I don’t think I will be touching any erotica books soon. Some of my friends have read and loved Erotica stories it’s making me a tad too uncomfortable because well, they’re all the same age as I am! >_<

  3. I really got into manga recently, and Bleach is one of those series that keeps getting recommended but argggh it’s so frigging long! I don’t think I have the commitment for that one. Right now I’m enjoying Death Note because it’s a nice length, not too long and not too short.
    Celine recently posted… The Sunday Post #18My Profile

    1. I know what you mean. I don’t even have the heart to catch up with it. I guess I’ve totally lost my interest in that series >_< Ah, I have never read Death Note but I know it's a very popular series! I'm planning to marathon it next after I'm done with my shoujo recs from Mitchii hehe ^^

    1. Hi! ^^ Thanks for following and I truly hope you enjoy my blog! Queen Levana also works! Though I still need to read Fairest and Cress to get to know her character better hehe.

  4. I’m seeing so many cool tags around the blogosphere these days and it makes me so happy to see that people coming up with all these new ideas! But dude, I never realized how fitting the song Frozen Heart was for the Darkling. IT’S KIND OF CREEPY, REALLY.

    Haha, Leo would be fun to build a snowman with, but I think I’d have a lot more fun if I could build one with both Percy and Annabeth. I just ship them too hard. Tbh it’s taking all of my self-control not to skip the other characters’ chapters in House of Hades just to get to Percy’s and Annabeth’s ones. ><

    I've tried erotica once — I actually tried Fifty Shades of Gray, just to see what all the fuss was about, but didn't finish the entire thing — and I have to agree, it's not for me. I don't know how people can enjoy reading about other people having sex. No hate, but to me it's kind of gross, haha.

    I think you might the first person I know so far who enjoyed Unbreakable! So far all the reviews I've seen for it have been pretty mixed, so I've been putting off reading it even though I already have an ARC in my Kindle. Maybe once I'm done with HoH — it's picking up now and I'm enjoying it so far!

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