How to conquer my fangirl heart: Sports Anime Edition!

Kuroko no Basket © Fujimaki Tadatoshi

I have seen tons of anime shows but certain series just stay with me for a very long time and most of those which I deem memorable are categorized as sports anime. How do those beautiful series conquer my fangirl heart? What makes me emotionally invested in them so much that it’s painful and satisfying? Also, what makes sports anime so damn appealing and that it’s worth every squeal and tear? You know it’s coming — I can’t stop mentioning my sports-playing babies! 

Thrill and Tension

Obviously, matches are inevitable and they often get my adrenaline pumping! I’m usually beyond excited to see what’s the outcome, especially if I haven’t read the manga yet so I really have no idea who will win. It’s never boring to watch a sports anime and the one that immediately comes to my mind is Kuroko no Basket. Although this show is far from realistic, the intensity and excitement of the matches are definitely its highlight!

Friendship AKA Bromance


Romance isn’t the only thing! I think I have emphasized that quite a lot on this blog and I always appreciate a well-portrayed friendship. A genuine relationship gives strength to each character involved and it’s something that is easiest to see in sports anime. The bond between the players are just that amazing and I swear my heart is touched whenever I see those boys have each other’s back!

Tragic Backstories

Kill. Me. Now.

By tragic I don’t mean stereotypical-bad-boy-in-YA kind of tragic past but their motivation. Their reason for playing their chosen sports. What shapes their way of thinking? What kind of setbacks have they experienced? Their childhood, anyone? This part makes you feel connected to the character. This part makes you want to root for the character and take him out of his misery and straight toward his goal.

Outstanding Character Development

YASSSS!!! Definitely one of the aspects that I’m most looking forward to. I love seeing the characters grow and overcome their fears in order to achieve their dreams. Ah, the beauty of youth. By the time you’ve caught up to the series, you’re probably gonna end up as a mother of 50 babies because gahhh, you can’t help but to love and adopt every single character.

Deep Emotional Connection

You laugh and smile at their silliness. You long for their happiness. Yeah, sports anime/manga are going to hit you in the feels and personally, I love experiencing those emotions. It’s almost insane how I’m able to care for these youngsters and relate to the problems they face. Even though I don’t play sports, I think the message I got from watching those sports anime shows really stuck with me throughout my high school life and for that, I really want each of the characters to succeed. You won’t believe me but to be honest, I never had to take any make-up tests until my second year of high school. And after that point, I failed tests repeatedly in my senior year that I lost a huge chunk of confidence in my ability. It feels ridiculous to be sad over a bad test score right now but back then, I was so disappointed with myself and for the first time, I thought my hard work was betrayed. Long story short, I managed to get my confidence back and got through the pressure. I’m probably not making any sense but it was that moment that I was able to resonate with the characters’ feelings the most and started believing in myself again. (I might tell you more about it next time if you’re interested…)

Anyway,  if you’re a HUGE sports anime fan like me, LET’S SUFFER IN THIS HELL TOGETHER. And tell me which series is your favorite! ^^ But if you have never actually watched any sports anime (or read sports-themed manga), have I convinced you to do so? Do it now. And you’ll soon discover the land where third years graduating are more painful than death.

May those athletic boys occupy your mind and the only thing you can do to relieve the pain is reblogging and browsing metas for your beloved character on tumblr all day.

/peace out

9 thoughts on “How to conquer my fangirl heart: Sports Anime Edition!”

  1. All of this Kezia! ALL. OF. THIS. ARE. TRUE! No, seriously sports manga really excels on bringing out the best in the characters because all these guys want to win. And in order to win they need to sweat it all out (no pun intended). They need to give their very best. But at the same time, reality slapped us in the face because regardless of putting up their best, sometimes you need to lose. But losing is not everything (as much as winning, too). Losing means second chances & redemption. Isn’t life has loads of second chances? This is what I loved about sports manga and why I fangirl so much about them. They are an inspiration of hard work and perseverance!

    And before this become a mass of fangirlisms here are my favorites: (I may need to the second part…soon!) 😛
    Mitchii G. recently posted… Dear kind person, please take care of my book!My Profile

    1. Sports anime has a lot of elements which makes them similar to real life. I’m sure we’re not the only one who feel like this! Those boys are such inspirations indeed! <33

      AND I APPROVE OF A SECOND PART. I like reading about fellow people fangirling on sports anime ^^

  2. I totally understand how sports anime has helped with you confidence. Usually the story /plot of a sports anime revolves around an underdog or underdog team, so seeing them succeed really motivates you as well!

    So, I do like sports anime. But um…I’m kind of scared of them. You see, I HATE when teams lose, and I was even scared to finish Haikyuu! because I was worried that the team WOULDN’T MAKE IT. And I didn’t want to lose hope, or my trust in them, SO I AM STILL 5 EPISODES FROM THE END (of season 1). (sorry)

    I tried to watch KnB, but for the same reason above, I just couldn’t get through it. I watched until the doggy joins the team though <3
    Valerie recently posted… An Innocent Life #10: I Have An Apartment!My Profile

    1. I see your point. especially if it’s your favorite team and you know how much effort they put in order to win. But I think it makes it all the more realistic and similar to real life. And I’m shocked that you haven’t finished HQ yet!! xD Yes there’s pain, but amazing things have happened since that final match in S1.

  3. You have no idea how happy I am to meet another hardcore anime-lover who is also a book blogger. I have no one to talk to in the blogosphere about SPORTS ANIMES. It’s a tragedy. Anyway, YES. Kuroko no Basket has a special place in my heart, especially the first two seasons. Even though there’s parts of it I don’t like, and a whole lot of overblown abilities, I love the backstories and the journeys that the characters go through. It’s so hard to choose, but I’d say that my favorite all-around sports anime is Prince of Tennis, but not the second season. Things just started to get ridiculous then. But all valid points when it comes to sports animes!

    Eli @ The Silver Words recently posted… Review: Unrivaled by Alyson NoëlMy Profile

    1. HELLO THERE *HUGS* I’M SO EXCITED!! I rarely find people who also enjoy anime in the blogosphere soooo it’s nice to meet you xD And I 100% agree with what you said about KnB. Things got really unrealistic and forced near the end but I had so much feels because I know how much those hardworking boys wanna win.

      I haven’t seen Prince of Tennis but a lot of people put it on their list of favorite as well!

      1. It really is nice to meet you! 😀 KnB remains one of my favorites, despite the overpoweredness, especially because of the relationships between the characters ^_^

        You should watch Prince of Tennis! I was convinced that I wouldn’t like it because it’s older, but I fell in love with it after watching the first few episodes.

        By the way, I forgot to mention it in my first comment, but I love your blog design! It’s so cute and minimalistic. My blog colors are also gray/white/black, so I admired the way that you used images well to brighten it up. It looks great!
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  4. YES TO EVERYTHING HERE. Just. Fucking. Sports anime. Goddamn. I’m so emotionally invested in haikyuu right now it isn’t even funny anymore. Ooooh and you definitely should read Prince of Tennis! I didn’t really like the anime – it deviates a lot from the manga and I really liked the manga. But anyhow. YES.

  5. I SO AGREE WITH YOU! Sports anime is the bomb! I remember telling my friend last year that sport anime sucks (I didn’t watch it back then) and when I picked up KnB out of curiosity, I fell in love with it! (Although the only sports anime I’m deeply in love with now and sold my heart to is Haikyuu!) Even though the story remains the same, it’s such a joy to connect with the characters and feel that tension during the games when you know the outcome but you’re still tensed (idk, I feel like this most of the time).And the bromance (I mostly end up shipping one couple)(⌒_⌒;)
    Although I haven’t watched many shows, I still love watching sports anime!

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