HQ!! 148: Seijou turns me into a mess

haikyuu-anime-karasuno-vs-aobajousai-volleyball-team-1920x1080This post contains spoilers for events in Haikyuu manga as well as excessive fangirling and use of caps lock button. I strongly suggest not reading this post if you aren’t caught up to the manga and wouldn’t like to be spoiled. 

It is no secret anymore that I LOOOOVE this manga and anime series called Haikyuu. It is no secret as well that I have already predicted the outcome of the most recent match: Karasuno vs. Seijou. I mean, come on, there is NO way that Karasuno would lose to the same team twice, right? It just goes against the logic in sports-themed series.



The Unexpected Scene

haikyuu148p6Iwa-chan cries and his tears made my heart churning. He asks himself, what kind of ace is he for not being able to score for his team’s victory? What is he worth for? NO IWA-CHAN. Here boy, lemme hug you and tell you one thing. Just remember Kasamatsu’s words of wisdom, that the ace’s job is to lead his team to victory, but defeat is the captain’s responsibility.

haikyuu148p7And omg, look at how responsible and mature Oikawa is. To be honest, I always thought if Seijou lost, Oikawa would cry the hardest. At least that’s the impression I got throughout the series: Oikawa is a leader who is sometimes insecure and Iwaizumi is his pillar of support.

But what happens in chapter 148 is totally the other way around. WHICH MAKES ME SO SO PROUD OF HIM OMGGG ASDSFASGSHGHDHSJJSLSKL. Oikawa still stands tall with his head held high, realizing that his team has done their best, comforting sad Iwa-chan and paying respect to their supporters along with the other third-years. Such a painful scene to see, since this is probably the last time we ever see of Seijou third-years together wearing the same uniform. Have I ever told you how much I love this team? Let me say it again, I LOVE SEIJOU. I REALLLLLY LOVE THIS TEAM AND NOW MY RESPECT FOR THESE GUYS HAS GONE THROUGH THE ROOF AND PROBABLY AS BIG AS THE UNIVERSE. 

Oikawa is THE Man

“With this, it’s one win and one loss. Don’t be too pleased of yourself.” – Oikawa to Kageyama (Chapter 148)

It’s normal to feel regret, as what the rest of Seijou players go through after their defeat against Karasuno. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT. To see that Oikawa Tooru — who we all thought would have broken down and experienced confidence issue after losing to his kouhai and Karasuno — is handling his loss in a mature way never stops to amaze me. He doesn’t believe that this is the end. In fact, to quote him, Oikawa knows that his volleyball career is far from over. He is still in high school and therefore, still has a loooong way to go. Maybe his talent will bloom later in college or when he’s an adult. Oikawa Tooru is going to be amazing and has a bright future, nonetheless.

With no regrets. That’s how my boy Oikawa faces the future and I’M SO SO SO PROUD OF HOW STRONG HE IS. SO EFFIN’ PROUD. ESPECIALLY THAT SCENE WITH USHIJIMA. He is like, “Oikawa, you should have come to Shiratorizawa instead.” And Oikawa is like:


I’m pretty sure Ushijima is simply dying to play with Oikawa because of all that “bringing out 100% potential of whichever team Oikawa is on” thing. (Just fyi, some people even ship these two and start relating them to Taylor Swift’s song You Belong with Me.) BUT DAMN STRAIGHT. LOOK AT THE WAY OIKAWA JUST SHUTS USHIJIMA UP. THAT SASS. LIKE A BOSSSSSSSS ASFASDGAHSJHSJJK; <33333 HOW COOL IS THAT???

On a scale of 1 to 10, Oikawa Tooru might as well have broken up the scale of coolness by earning 999999999.

His Rivalry with Kageyama

Who doesn’t know this? Oikawa first starts feeling threatened with Kageyama’s skills back then in middle school. He even compares his tosses to Kageyama’s multiple times. “I’m no match for that super-human toss” is pretty much what Oikawa thinks. But in this chapter, Oikawa acknowledges Kageyama without diminishing himself. 

“My kouhai is not so smart and no where near being comparable to me. But he is not alone anymore and right now, he is really strong.” – Oikawa to Ushijima about Kageyama. (Chapter 148)

Well, that’s kinda insulting Kageyama but still, what a great character development! Right now, Oikawa is no longer fixated on the thing he can’t do while Kageyama can do. But more like, he understands how they both has their own strength and starts embracing the qualities he has. His experience as a setter. His ability to deliver tosses which can bring out the best of his teammates. His spirit and willingness to achieve victory no matter how the situation is. THAT’S OIKAWA TOORU. And I’m beyond glad he has come to this realization because he certainly doesn’t deserve to feel that way.

Btw, I found this perfect post on tumblr which depicts his development perfectly.


The Bottom Line of This Random Post


Karasuno vs Seijou is a tough match, not only for the players themselves but for us readers as well. Truth be told, while in the beginning of this match I have an equal love toward these teams, I won’t deny that in the end Seijou won me over. Their dream to reach national level has to stop here and it breaks my heart to see them like that because I wanna see them win against Shiratorizawa and show Ushiwaka what they can do together. Omfg, Kindaichi and Watari’s tears. Not to mention Iwa-chan and ughhhh the third years support each other to overcome their disappointment toward this loss. DUDE, Seijou isn’t all about Oikawa. He may be the captain, but the whole team makes up for it.

However, I am not entirely disappointed with the outcome of this match. Oikawa becomes an even greater character (REMEMBER THAT SASSY REMARK TO USHIJIMA) and well, he reminds all of us that this loss isn’t the end. I’m probably being so damn repetitive that you all get bored (sorry!) but seriously, my undying love for Seijou has solidified thanks to this chapter.

Looking Ahead to the Next Match

Soooo, since Seijou is kicked out of the tournament, that leaves Karasuno with the task to teach defeat to Shiratorizawa (especially Ushiwaka). Man, I guess this will be another tough match, considering that Karasuno are barely hanging there during the match against Seijou. But I REALLY WANT Karasuno to win this time cause Ushiwaka needs to be put to his place for underestimating Seijou! RIGHT??!

At the same time, I’m guessing Furudate will reveal something sad about Ushijima’s past or motivation for playing volleyball and then it will be Karasuno vs Seijou all over again. Meaning: WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO ROOT FOR??

Here goes the pain again.

(I’m really hoping I will stick with Karasuno. FOR SEIJOU’S SAKE. Haha.)

“Crows… if they form a flock, perhaps the mighty white eagle can be slain.” – Oikawa to Ushijima about Karasuno.


I just re-read this post and realized that even though Karasuno wins the match, it’s pretty much overshadowed by Seijou guys haha. Another thought of mine: I WANT SEIJOU SPIN-OFF. OR SEIJOU OVA. PLEASE ;A;

2 thoughts on “HQ!! 148: Seijou turns me into a mess”

  1. Actually, I thought this match was drawn out. Makes me think that Karasuno real rival is Seijou not Nekoma. They fought 3 times already which quite a stretch when it comes to sport manga. Sure, it was obvious who’s gonna win and to be totally honest I was very indifferent to final match. I just wanted it to end. But I liked how classy Karasuno, Kageyama & Hinata on their win. They knew how awful it was to lose so they don’t rub their win to their faces. On the other hand, Ushiwaka and Shiratorizawa was enigma to me, not a lot about them were flesh out. I barely remember Ushiwaka teammates’ faces considering they are the next opponent (unless Furudate plans to insert backstory of these characters in the middle of the match, w/c likely to happen). I’m probably the black sheep in this fandom. ^^;

    1. I know how you felt — I was the same as you during Serin-Rakuzan match but that’s for another story. You made a great point — Seijou IS indeed more suitable to become Karasuno’s true rival, considering they do bring the best out of each other better than Nekoma did in their practice match. I’m pretty much satisfied with this chapter and I’m happy to see Karasuno win this time though I gotta admit that Seijou still steals the spotlight for me haha.

      Errr I don’t think Furudate has ever mentioned any of Shiratorizawa members other than Ushiwaka so you’re not really the only one. I’m in the dark when it comes to this team as well. I think I faintly remember a guy who looks like Futakuchi from the anime though…

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