It’s called a hustle, sweetheart!

Zootopia-poster-2You know that feeling when you discover something amazing that you didn’t expect? That feeling when you left the cinema with satisfaction so high you can’t stop smiling and laughing? Yeah, that was my case with Zootopia. Another beautiful 3D-animation movie by Disney! Beyond the captivating art and entertaining story, lies a deeper message for all! 

Set in a fictional society filled with anthropomorphic animals, Judy the main protagonist is an aspiring police officer. But here’s the thing, she is a bunny and bunnies don’t just be a police officer in this world. Even after it seems like she has made her dream come true, life as a police officer in Zootopia isn’t like anything she ever imagines. With the help of a sly fox named Nick, she only has 48 hours to prove her competence through solving a nearly impossible case.

zootopiaCharacter-wise, I believe Judy, Nick and their mammal friends are highly memorable, just like every Disney character is.  Judy and Nick’s contrasting characters and individual beliefs were fascinating. Judy is a hard-working and optimistic individual, while Nick is a cynical and mischievous being. If Judy decides to be something more than society expects her to be, Nick sees breaking stereotypes to be pointless because no matter how good he is, he will always be seen as no more than a sly fox. It’s fun to see these two form a friendship and defy society’s expectations. I mean, I’m pretty sure every one in the cinema was rooting for Judy and couldn’t resist Nick’s abundance of charm.

At first glance, it may only seem like an ordinary talking-animal movie. But actually no. Zootopia is so much more than that. It tackles the issue of discrimination and inequality, stereotypes and double standards — issues that our society also faces at the moment. I found a lot of moments that parallel to our own world. Like when Judy wants to be a police officer but everyone tells her that she’s better off as a carrot farmer. Like when Nick isn’t allowed to buy something by the owner of the shop because he is a fox and foxes are supposed to be sly. Like when a terrible incident happen, everyone tends to put the blame on certain social groups, completely disregarding the innocent ones.

I love how Disney movies keep evolving throughout the years. Not only is it hilarious and fun, Zootopia sends a powerful message about the modern issues we face every day and I highly recommend this to every one from all age to see it. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while ^^ Also, you’re welcome to fangirl with me about Nick because it’s illegal to be that charming! And Clawhauser is so freaking adorable! Actually a lot of adorable creatures here, WHICH IS A BONUS. You will melt nonetheless 😉

6 thoughts on “It’s called a hustle, sweetheart!”

  1. NICKKKKK. I loved that guy so much, and I loved him so much in the end, with those shades and all. Honestly, if he was human, I bet he would be really sexy. I absolutely loved his voice!

    And it was an all-around entertaining movie, while still having a lot of lessons. Disney’s outdone themselves with Zootopia.
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  2. I FEEL SO BAD BECAUSE I am definitely someone who just can’t take this movie seriously. And I didn’t really think it would be good, but then again I HAVEN’T EVEN WATCHED IT. I pride myself on watching all the kids movies, so I guess we will have to see whether I like this or not. And I am super surprised that this tackles such deep issues, which is GOOD because this movie is aimed towards kids, and it’s better if they start learning these things early, obviously. 🙂

    I’m glad you loved this Kezia. I HOPE I DO TOO. I might wait until it’s out on Blu-ray though. I has empty wallet.
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    1. That’s okay but you REALLY have to see this movie! I was skeptical at first because I don’t usually like talking animal movies but I was MIND BLOWN when I left the cinema. Like seriously, it will keep you entertained at all times 😀 I hope you will love it as well :3

    1. Aww thank you for the compliment! Kudos to Meg from Adrift on Vulcan for designing it! She’s amazing! Yepp! I was surprised that it tackles major issues and I’m happy that the movie seems to be receiving positive feedback. It’s the first step to end the issues we’re facing right now.

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