Marching Towards 2019!

Happy new year and happy holidays!

Many things happened in 2018 and I’m super excited about what 2019 will bring! So far, I already have some plans for 2019 and below are some which I’m looking forward to!

1. One Semester Exchange Program in Thailand

I applied last September through the International Office at my university. To be honest I had never been interested in an exchange program abroad before because so many complicated things need to be taken care of, such as courses we will take to ensure that we will still graduate on time, long-term accommodation, etc. Earlier in 2018, my seniors went on an exchange program in Thailand and they said amazing things about their experience. The reason I eventually decided to apply was because the university will waive our accommodation fee on their dormitory so yeah! It’s a plus on the financial side!

In December, I finally received my letter of acceptance and after final exams I was busy with visa stuff and other preparation. I will depart to Thailand on the 5th of January (a few days from now EEEEEP). I am lucky that I have two friends who will have an exchange program in the same department as me so we practically apply our visa together, fly on the same plane from Surabaya and lots of preparation we’ve done together. Thailand will be the third country I visit so I’m looking forward to new adventures and new friends we will make over there <3

2. Internship in Jakarta

Every student in my university must have internship with company related to their field of study before entering final year. I partnered with a friend and we chose to have our internship in an oil and gas company in Jakarta. We have applied since September 2018 and we got a reply from them in November. They invited us for an phone interview session with our user and fortunately we were accepted!

We will have our internship in late July until late August 2019. The company has explained to us some topics we need to review prior to our internship. They also plan to take us to one of their sites so we are required to undergo a medical check-up a few months before. Although the internship sounds really difficult, we are super excited nonetheless for the chance to work in real company while broadening our knowledge and experience!

3. Indonesia Presidential Election

Out of the two candidates, I actually have one that I would like to vote for. I will be in Thailand during the election though, but the head of Indonesian Students in Thailand organization said we could vote at the consulate/embassy in Bangkok so yes, I’m not going to waste my right to vote!

Personally, I am so disappointed with people who does not want to vote because they think both candidates are lacking. I went out with my high school friend a couple of days ago and she blatantly said she was not going to vote because she thought both candidates were incapable of becoming our president. But you know what, even though you think they are freaking incapable, one of them has to become the president because that is the law in Indonesia. One vote actually matters and I’m pretty sure you guys still remember what happened with Brexit and US Presidential Election right? I am a huge believer that even though none of the candidates seem right to you, you still gotta vote for the best out of them, choose the lesser of two evils duh.

Of course, there are some books I’m dying to read and I also plan to catch up to some manga series I’ve abandoned in 2018 ^^; I’m also determined to publish these drafted blog posts because I swear I have 5 which have been sitting in the dust for a while haha. Overall, I hope 2019 will be better than 2018 — for me and you and everyone! <3

2 thoughts on “Marching Towards 2019!”

  1. Hi Kezia, congratulations for the internship and the exchange! I’m always interested in joining an exchange program, however it’s hard to find one that match my courses and I don’t want to prolonged my study more than necessary. I have to find an internship too, but it’s hard to find one in Indonesia, I’ll probably be going abroad. I’m still looking though. Wish me luck! 🙂 And the presidential election really made me nervous, both candidates seem to stoop low and many people refused to vote. At this point, it could go both ways :/

    1. Thanks Tasya! Yeah, exchange program can be very complicated especially if the courses aren’t similar at the university you’re targeting. But there are some short programs or internships abroad you can definitely try! I highly encourage students to go abroad because it’s such a life-changing experience ^^

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