Maybe I binged too many things in April, but no regrets!

How to describe April? To be honest, I don’t know! There isn’t much happening in my life… Except maybe in the first two weeks of April, I was busy preparing for presentation to my lecturers about the progress of my final project. Last week, the presentation went well, but I received so many corrections and feedback — which I am grateful for, really. I guess it means I can prepare better for the final thesis defense. It was overwhelming to think about the revisions, but I decided to relax until the end of the month.

At this point, I have stopped paying attention to COVID-19 news in Indonesia. I only checked for the development once a day, at least just to let myself be aware with the amount of cases in this country. It has successfully lessened my worry, at least I haven’t been too anxious or scared of the situation as how I felt in the previous month. On top of that, I also drowned myself in watching and reading to entertain myself!

What did I watch?

I BINGED A LOT OF SERIES THIS MONTH!!! After my presentation, I just wanted to relax and I ended up watching a lot beyond my expectation… ^^;

    • Hi, Bye Mama! [하이바이, 마마!] | This is a really heartwarming series about life and death! The main character (Cha Yuri) is a ghost who is suddenly given the chance to live again for 49 days and the entire series is her interaction with her beloved family and friends — including her biological child and husband. But the twist is, the husband got remarried so it puts the main character in an awkward situation because her daughter only knows the husband’s new wife as her mother. I love Yuri’s interaction with the other ghosts too, and all of their backstories are so heartbreaking </3 I cried so much watching this series and at some point I just went to bed with puffy eyes lol. It is the ordinary moments in life that we often take for granted — the interactions with our beloved people — thinking that there will definitely be a next time. But we never know what happens in life, and when the chances are gone, what’s left is just pure regrets about all the things we didn’t do…
    • Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo [역도요정 김복주] | A very cute coming-of-age rom-com! The main character is a weightlifter who discovers romance for the first time in her life and she is struggling to keep it balanced with her weightlifting. Although the plot is predictable, it was so hilarious every episodes!

    • Nobody Knows [아무도 모른다] | This drama is about a girl who became detective to solve her friend’s murder incident. I have been following this series since the beginning of its airing and I must say the first few episodes were great! It left me anticipating every week! But in the middle of the series the pacing just got slower? I think it’s a mystery and crime series that focuses more on the character development, so for those who are not used to melodrama, it might become boring.
    • Mr. Sunshine [미스터 션샤인] | A very heartbreaking journey of the people who are fighting against colonization of Joseon. Mr. Sunshine is truly amazing and worth the rating & awards it received! I rarely watch period/historical drama but this drama made me fall in love with the setting. The cinematography is beautiful, great acting by all of the cast and well-written plot throughout the episodes. At first it might be overwhelming to be introduced to so many characters at once but once I got passed the first episode, I found myself binging the entire series in two days.

I also hopped on the bandwagon and tried The World of the Married [부부의 세계] and boy I couldn’t stop myself from swearing at Taeoh!! When I was watching VIP last year, which is another drama about infidelity/adultery, I was angrier at the mistress but in The World of the Married, the husband is just INFURIATING ?!?!?!? Why he did not even have a tiny bit of guilt is beyond me.

What did I read?

Last month, I picked up so many new webtoon series, especially the ones published on KakaoPage Indonesia. Below are the series that I think are worth reading, I’ve also tried and dropped a few series (which I won’t mention here btw).

    • The Office Blind Date [사내 맞선] | The female lead replaced her best friend to a blind date arranged by her father. Turns out, the man is the female lead’s CEO in her office! Although the female lead has pretended to be an unlikable person, her boss ends up being impressed by her and he wants to get married. It’s quite a cheesy story line, but I enjoyed the interactions between the characters — so many hilarious scenes! Plus, the art is magnificent so it’s totally eye-pleasing. 
    • Lady to Queen [레이디 투 퀸] | The female lead somehow goes back in time and replaces her sister to become the queen of their kingdom. This is because in their previous lives, the whole family was executed due to the evil scheming of the king’s mistress so now the female lead is trying to prevent that incident. Love the female lead and how she can think one step ahead and stand up to the evil mistress!
    • #Killstagram | NO. WORDS. CAN. DESCRIBE. The story starts as a murder through SNS and the main character is trying to survive. In the end, this webtoon delivers amazing message about the importance of being wise while sharing information on social media and how hate comments can negatively impact people’s lives. So be nice to other people.
    • Doctor Elise [외과 의사 엘리제] | I LOOOVE MEDICAL STORIES! I particularly admire the female lead because she’s extremely dedicated to her job as a doctor! Here we follow the story of Elise as she helps solve the problems in her kingdom. The romance is just a bonus, but I love how it’s a slow-burn relationship with the prince <3
    • Dolled Up [대새녀의 메이크업 이야기] | A cute college rom-com webtoon. I do wish that the main character is more confident though, because this webtoon always turns to make-up as the go-to solution. While I think confidence and self-acceptance will be a more powerful message, I do learn a lot from the make-up tutorials described in this webtoon.
    • Funny, Unrequited Love [재밌니, 짝사랑] | I’m halfway through this webtoon but I am enjoying it so much! The female lead has a crush with her English teacher. At the same time, she doesn’t realize that her best friend has liked her for a long time. Cue love triangle lol. Anyway, it’s predictable but it reminds me a lot of Hirunaka no Ryuusei [ひるなかの流星] — one of my favorite shoujo manga so I’m feeling nostalgic ehehe.
    • The Snail in My House [우리 집 우렁이는] | Actually, this is sooo similar to an Indonesian folklore! The female lead brings home a pet snail and suddenly it transforms into a guy which will act as her housekeeper. He cleans the house, cooks, does laundry and washes the dishes. Of course the romance is predictable, but I like the characters so I don’t mind following this series lol.

And that’s a wrap! I’ve always seen myself as an introvert until this pandemic hit and being quarantined for 2 months made me realize that I really, really miss my friends! Or doing ordinary mundane things like driving to college, eating out together at the restaurant, going to the bookstore, etc. I do have my college assignments to keep me productive, but working alone at home and doing it together with friends at the laboratory just have a different atmosphere… At the same time, I also think it’s a privilege to be able to stay at home so I’m doing my best to be patient since everyone is struggling in the middle of this pandemic.

For May, reality hits and I gotta start reading more journals to revise my final project ㅠㅠ Recently, there have been Job openings that piqued my interest and I’m gonna gather my courage to apply! I haven’t officially graduated yet, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

7 thoughts on “Maybe I binged too many things in April, but no regrets!”

  1. I really want to watch Mr. Sunshine as I love Lee Byung-hun, but I need to be in the right mood for it haha. I’m scared of watching Hi, Bye Mama as I’m such a crier when it comes to kdrama 😢 I cried for each episode of Reply 1988 🙈 I finished Sky Castle last month and just starting Crash Landing on You 😀
    Tasya recently posted… April Wrap Up & May TBR // A better monthMy Profile

    1. Ah yes, Mr. Sunshine is a bit heavy and it might come across as boring due to its slow pace and character driven plot. But if you’re already into it, I believe you will fall in love with the characters and their purposes <3

      I LOOOOOVE SKY CASTLE!! I think it's one of my faves! And I'm soo hesistant to start CLOY btw, I've been hearing raving reviews so I'm afraid I will be disappointed 🙁

  2. Hi Kezia! I hope you’re doing well. Before reading this post I thought the infamous Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bokjoo is a series about….fairy, so I didn’t even bother to look up the synopsis, but it seems rather interesting now. I might watch it later. I’m into Chinese dramas now so I kind of fell behind the K-drama loop.. I’ve never read any webtoon before and had no intention to do so but your posts about them make me intrigued! The only webtoon I’m aware of is Love Alarm which is turned into a kdrama of the same name, and I haven’t even read it.

      1. Me too! I actually thought it would be a modern fantasy drama, didn’t expect it to be college rom-com lmao. I tried Chinese drama last 2 months ago, The King’s Avatar, but I’m still stuck on episode 7 asadsfdgsfh. I thought it is quite interesting but the plot progresses slowly so I’ve been putting it off haha. I will definitely come to you when I need other Chinese drama recs. Thank you for visiting my blog and dropping comments ^^ Hope we can chat again sometime!!!!

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