[Mini Reviews] The House of Hades & Allegiant

I have been putting off writing reviews for these books because 1)I didn’t have time 2)I was too lazy 3)I was pretty much speechless and I had no idea how to write more coherent reviews. My feels were all over the place >_< Now that I’ve calmed down… here they are!

The House of Hades
(Heroes of Olympus #4)
by Rick Riordan
MG – Fantasy, Greek Mythology

House of Hades…boy you are definitely not a disappointment. This is, people, what I call a perfect balance between plot progression and character development. *HUGS BOOK*

Let me just go straight to the point. Compared to the previous installment, House of Hades has the most character development. It was, in fact, the book with the best character development I have ever read. I am not exaggerating but when you do read the book, you can’t help but to notice the changes that are happening to the characters.

Percy, the boy we have known as the loyal and kind type, seems to gain some darker sides. Piper has learned to kick some serious ass. Annabeth is showing some vulnerable sides and Jason is starting to discover himself – his identity. Hazel has a pretty important role in this one and Frank has matured SO MUCH! There are also Nico and Leo but I AIN’T TELLING ABOUT THEM ASDFGJKL:GFSDFGH AND >_< The main characters are all three-dimensional and each stands out in their own way. The spotlight isn’t focused to only certain character but everyone has the same chance to be the hero.

Additionally, there were moments that made me laugh, moments that made me relieved because the characters are okay, moments that made me terrified and worrying about the characters’ safety, moments that made me almost shed tears and obviously moments that made me swoon! SO. MANY. FEELS. I feel like I am not doing this book’s justice through this review but I just wanna say:

If you haven’t started this series…I URGE YOU TO DO SO <3

(Divergent #3)
by Veronica Roth
YA – Dystopia
A few days right after the release date, there were so many backlashes toward the book the average rating for Allegiant was actually around 2 stars and that made me so nervous and hesitant to read the book. And later I accidentally saw spoilers about the controversial ending and I was sure that it was the cause of the low rating. However, I am so glad that I decided to dive into this book with an open mind and you know what? I love the ending. I love the relationship between Four and Tris.
To be honest, I wasn’t impressed at first. The beginning was okay but I was having a hard time getting into this book. But when I picked it up again, the monotonous writing didn’t bug me anymore and I just went with the flow. Sure, the revelation of the worldbuilding was confusing as hell but what I loved the most in Allegiant is how Tris’s character has matured so much since Insurgent.

The second half of the book was very thought-provoking and it gave me a lot of things to ponder on. Each chapter builds up into the painfully magnificent ending. It was truly the most powerful ending I have ever read and it shows just how much Tris has grown since the first book. I don’t think there’s a better conclusion other than THAT and I genuinely respect Veronica Roth, for being such a Dauntless since there aren’t many authors who are willing to go to that direction.


Although the ending had been spoiled to me, it didn’t take away my enjoyment or reduce the pain at all. I really liked how Tris and Tobias eventually trust each other and oh my god when Tris says, “I didn’t want to leave him,” or something like that I was like ASDFGFDSDGFKD T_T  

And Tris’s last moment with Caleb was sooo touching my face my eyes they were like a freaking waterfall — it was totally impossible to hide the tears from my mom. And then post-Tris Tobias is trying to live without her and until the last page of the book I couldn’t stop crying literally *sniffles* 

I first cried when Uriah is announced unrecoverable. It was another pool of tears when they unplug him.


Overall, Allegiant left me thinking a lot, about the meaning of sacrifice, forgiveness and moving on. I know this book has its own flaws but considering what an emotion explosion the last 100 pages was, it will definitely be very memorable for me.

Oh man, I just realized that my mini reviews are actually quite long .__. Blahh I am too lazy to write separate reviews so anyway, I hope you don’t mind! 😀

8 thoughts on “[Mini Reviews] The House of Hades & Allegiant”

  1. Awesome reviews!! I have never read Percy Jackson (I do plan to try though, just haven’t had time) but I love Divergent. I agree Allegiant wasn’t quite as good but I loved it nevertheless 🙂

    1. WHAT YOU HAVEN’T? What are you waiting for?! I know the series has many books already soooo hopefully you will manage to finish it. I WILL GIVE YOU MOTIVATIONS HAHAHA 😀

  2. OMG I loved House of Hades and all the waiting was worth the end result. You’re so right when you say the character development was definitely the best and the whole thing with Nico! Did not see that coming!!! Everyone’s skills improved and I’m so glad Percy and Anabeth are safe!!!

    Allegiant was ok but I won’t get into it or else I’ll have a full blown discussion. I appreciate the ending.

    1. YES! HoH was awesomeness on each page! OMG I LOVE NICO. I mean, I’ve always been intrigued by his character and after the event in MoA I hoped that he would get more parts in HoH. Turns out there was something even more than that and I really like how diverse RR’s characters are 🙂

      Me too. I respect Veronica’s decision to do that because I trust her to deliver the kind of ending that’s perfect for the series. And in my opinion, she did.

  3. I’ve read Allegiant’s ending via Wiki (Not pretty at all -__-) and I was like asdfghjkl WHY?? Which is why I didn’t have the heart to read it until now. But reading your review, it sounds like the ending would totally worth it, though! Nice review, Kez!

    Neysa @ [B.O.O.K.L.I.F.E]

    1. Haha I get that feeling, when I found out about it for the first time. But now that I’ve read it….I finally understood why it was necessary. I’m sooo glad that I can convince you to pick it up — but if you do hate it then it’s okay, I guess 🙂

  4. I feel like I’m betraying book bloggers by not having read any books with Percy Jackson in them… BUT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT?! My absolute fave! I really want to read it now!!<3

    And I was also spoiled about the ending but I also loved it – it was so beautiful! :’)

    Great reviews!

    1. YES YOU HAVE TO RACHEL. YOU HAVE TO <3 Don’t worry I feel that every single time I admit that I haven’t read HP xD

      And I also agree with you — that ending was beautiful and touching :’)

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