My fanfiction addiction

fanfiction addictionThe past few months when my slump hit its peak, instead of picking up books I ended up browsing so many fanfictions and even writing some of them. Some people think that writing fanfiction is utterly useless and can’t be considered as a valid piece of writing. They might say, why would you write about characters that aren’t your own to begin with?

But, my friend, I’m here to tell you that I am one of those fanfiction writers.

I was so embarrassed about admitting this before (mainly because I don’t want my friends reading them!), but I personally believe that fanfiction is good practice to improve your writing. I’m just one of those kinds people who have trouble coming up with characters’ names and overall designs, you know. But still, my desire to produce a story is as high as the others. Other reason is because my fangirl-y self needs to be unleashed and anime/manga offers tons of characters I LOVE to write about. (Of course, I and most other fanfiction authors don’t forget to put a disclaimer before we begin our stories.)

Up until now, all of the stories I’ve written are in Indonesian because well, I find it easier to write and deliver the message in my first language. Tried writing a story in English once and admittedly, I wasn’t quite satisfied with my language. My prose just sounded so… formal and flat and like those kinds of writings I dislike and often criticize in YA books >_<  I do hope that my English writing skills will improve over time and when I feel ready, I will try writing in English again.

Some of the fandoms that I’ve got my feet wet trying to write fanfiction are Fairy Tail, Kuroko no Basket and Free!! (I don’t write yaoi stories though! xD Not comfortable about that…) Those fanfictions have been published and I’m glad there are ACTUAL PEOPLE reading and reviewing them, even claiming to love them. I’m planning to branch out to my other favorite series as well, though I’m still desperately looking for plot or AU (Alternate Universe) ideas.

And then the happiest moment in my entire fanfiction writing life is when a favorite fanfiction author of mine praised my story! She is really well-known for writing lots of Akashi x Momoi and Aomine x Momoi stories (both pairings are from Kuroko no Basket.) I’ve read the majority of them, and each one has unique concept, the right humors and cast that don’t stray from their actual characters as well. Basically, it was as if I was on cloud nine *o* And she told me that she would like to request stories from me in the future.  OH. MY. FREAKING. GOSHHHHHH.


Tell me guys. Does any of you read or write fanfiction? How do you feel toward fanfiction?

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    I kid. But seriously, fanfic is a HUGE part of my life, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I actually wrote a post about why I love fanfiction so much! And one of the things I mentioned is that it IS such good practice for your own writing. I have improved a lot as a creative writer thanks to fanfic. Oh, how I love it.

    Originally, I only used to write fanfic for Merlin, but then I discovered the manga Pandora Hearts, and I have written more fic for PH than I have ANYTHING. I was pumping out multiple fics per day for about a month, haha XD I jut have a lot of feelings over that series. The characters are so perfect.

    It’s funny that you don’t write yaoi fanfic, because that is all I write ^.^

    I’m glad people are enjoying your fic, Kezia! I know it’s the best feeling ever when people praise it, especially big names in the fandom! 😀
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    1. YAYYY HIGH FIVE!! Yeah I have also improved a lot since I started writing fanfiction. I’m getting better at writing description hehe.

      Aww I kept seeing a lot of yaoi fanfics but I’m still not used to reading them…(yet? maybe it’s a matter of time haha)

  2. I have big confession to make: I’m not a big of fan fiction. I did read some, like 2 or 3 fan fics but I just couldn’t enjoy them. Maybe I have this huge loyalty to canon material that hinders my enjoyment? But I applaud writers, since they spent time writing them (for free!) for everyone to enjoy. My sis loves & writes fanfics, haha. XD
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    1. I’m sure you’re not alone though. There’s plenty of people out there who don’t like fanfiction as well. But I guess I would feel the same way if I’m reading a OOC fanfic haha.

  3. I don’t read or write fan fiction, but I think it’s a fantastic way to learn how to write. You’re still constructing scenes and dialogue, who cares that the characters aren’t yours? You’re still writing, and that’s awesome 😀 I’ve never really read fan fiction because I’d then have to read it on my computer, which I hate. Or maybe print it, but that might not be such a great idea either. I like the idea of it though (:
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    1. Omg I totally agree with your point! At least we are writing and producing stories. It will definitely do more good to us than harm ^^ I personally love fanfiction because it’s all made of love for the fictional world <3

  4. I don’t think I could write any yaoi fics either, although reading them might be a different story *cough* xD I think it’s great that you are writing, period, no matter what it is. The thing for me is I get discouraged because I can’t do anything with the writing, you know? I mean, I can post it but..I don’t know, I can’t really explain it. I did post a TFioS fic once though 😀 And as for reading fics, I really like to.

    Random side note, have you seen Durarara?
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    1. Sameeeee. I just feel uncomfortable but it’s not because I’m against LGBT.

      Aww my advice probably sounds so cliche but all I know is you just have to keep writing and keep writing. I remember when I first started — I couldn’t even finish any stories lol. That was a few years ago back then when I was still in 8th grade. I say you should post it when you feel you’re ready. Getting feedback is one way to motivate yourself to be better 😀

      Yup, I’ve seen the first few episodes though I didn’t quite get the point of the story so I sort of… put it on hold. Planning to pick it up again when I’m on holiday xD

  5. First: IS THAT MY DARLING OIKAWA?? I know he’s Karasuno’s rival, but I still love him. <3

    Now to the post, haha. I used to read/write fanfiction… way back before I got into YA books and when Harry Potter was my entire life. I wouldn't consider them as actual books, but I don't think they're completely useless, as many people seem to think. I remember writing a fanfic story that was set right after the ending in Deathly Hallows, and I was SO proud of myself when people commented and said that I had a really interesting idea going. xD I was even part of some virtual cosplay forums on, too. Yup. I was dedicated, lol.

    But oooh, now that I know you're writing KuroBasu fanfic, I'M CURIOUS!! What kind of fanfic about it do you write? And what pairings? (< Most important question. xD) I would ask to read them, but I don't really have much time these days. *sobs* Chiara gave me her list of Pandora Hearts fanfics months ago too, but I still haven't read them yet. (SO SORRY, CHIARA.) But yeah, I don't feel comfortable with yaoi — or yuri — either. I much prefer reading about girl x boy relationships, heh, even though I honestly have nothing against gay people.

    Once things calm down a little on my end, I will spam you for your fanfic stories, okay?! 😀
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    1. YESS YESSS IT’S THE GREAT KING OIKAWA-SAN <333 IKR! I can't help to love him either. His character is so well written and I can totally relate to his feelings.

      OMG I understand that feeling, Meg! Publishing your first story and getting positive feedback -- I felt the same way as well!

      I'm writing Kurobasu fanfic in Indonesian *hides* But Malaysian and Indonesian come from the same root so you might still understand the language? >_< I write about straight pairings -- all of them Momoi-centric haha. (Funny because the vast majority of the fics there are about yaoi pairings xD) I have published a few Akashi x Momoi fics and currently trying to finish my Kise x Momoi story. I'm gonna try Aomomo next haha. I only have one story which doesn't have romance. It's about Momoi getting a stomachache and diarrhea because of food poisoning and the rest of Teiko babies try to figure out the cause. Aomine fails miserably xD

    1. Haha, I don’t read PJO fanfiction as well for the same reason. I just realize now that I like reading fics from anime/manga series but generally avoid the ones that come from books.

  6. IT’S A PHASE FOR ME. I don’t write fanfiction because I don’t really like writing fiction, I mean I would like to, but the words don’t come out right. BUT I LOVE READING THEM. I don’t now because I don’t have time to search through them all, but I still will once in a while. AND YAY I’m impressed that you write fanfiction! GOOD FOR YOU!!!
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    1. Aww thanks, Val! <33 It's a shame that I also have less time to browse through fanfiction like I usually did 🙁 (WHY TIME WHYYYYYY T_T) But I'm glad you're a fanfiction lover as well :3

  7. YES HELLO I HAVE WRITTEN FANFICTION! Also for anime, though not much. And it’s horrible (I wrote them years ago). I have a Fairy Tail dystopian AU which I need to complete (I left everyone on a horrible cliffhanger and it’s been 2 or 3 years since I updated oops) and a crazy Ouran x Fairy Tail crossover.

    Fanfiction reading wise, I haven’t read much in a looong time. But I have to change that because one of my friends who is an awesome writer has some Attack on Titan stories (Erenmika ones :3) That are now over 60 chapters and I need to catch up.

    I’m sort of sad I ran out of time for writing/lost motivation because fanfiction is a really great way to practice. The characters are designed, but you have to keep them in character and can put them in a whole heap of different worlds. You can introduce OCs and practice building your own characters that way, etc etc etc.
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    1. HELLOOOO BECCC! Omg so do I! I haven’t updated my Fairy Tail fairy tale AU for agessss as well. Not as long as you though xD

      Oooh ErenMika stories! Now THAT I’m interested in :3 But I admit I ship Mikasa with Levi as well no matter what people say.

  8. I have tried reading fan fiction for a few books I really like, and I think the problems I have run into have been that a) I really don’t have very many fandoms that I am very interested in right now, b) I am not interested in reading about peoples’ OPTs or romance in general, which is what I have found most fanfics are about rather than plot things. I Haven’t written any because of the aforementioned things, but also because I spend ten hours a week on my own writing and I don’t really have the energy or time to do any more than that.
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  9. OMG girl I totally understand. One of my greatest slumps in my life was due to fanfiction and I’m not ashamed to say I love it. I used to lose sleep over it and that was when i realised I was hooked…I don’t read it as much anymore but I still read it every now and then when I feel like something different from books.

    I used to write it as well and it’s so good because you grow as a writer and when you read back over you can see how much you’ve changed.(I read over some of my old ones and they were shocking…I can’t believe I posted them >_<)

    Omg you know you've done well when you get praised by another author. Good job 😉 I'd love to read your fanfic but besdies the fact its in Indonesian and I dont watch those anime/manga.I watched the start of Fairy Tail though.

    Great post! I thought I was the only one who was addicted.
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