On Hiatus

Hey guys, I’m letting you know that I’m taking a break from blogging for a while. The main reason: midterm exams. I wanna focus on studying so I can get good marks and I won’t be able to read anything anyway. I will be back in one or two weeks and I won’t be around Twitter much either. But if you need to contact me, you still can send me an email and I will try my best to reply ASAP.

See y’all in around two weeks and wish me luck for my exams!

25 thoughts on “On Hiatus”

  1. AWW how could I not see this sooner! I’m going to miss you so much and your posts and you and you and yeah. TT ^ TT Come back soon with lots of things to complain about over that terrible exam. That exam is a jerk! Taking you away from the blogosphere. TT ^ TT COME BACK SOON, KEZIA AND SO MUCH LUCK TO THOSE EXAMS THOUGH I KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO DO FINE!!! <333

    1. That’s okay, Delaney! Iknow you must be busy too but yeah, exams suck :'( I’ve already got some of the results and I am surprised with how good my physics mark is…I expected it to be 60something haha xD I’m coming back next week though! Please wait for me haha 😀

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