[Review] Sing for Me by Penelope Reece

CHLOE HASKELL, a university student and runaway diva, is determined to never sing again. After escaping a life in the spot light, she wants only to have a normal life. But when an old flame comes to town, Chloe must decide if she’s willing to forget the past in order to fall in love with the man who broke her heart.

RHYS RYTHER, a Broadway composer, has been hired as a substitute professor at the university. There, he’s surprised to learn that his ex girlfriend, the girl he left without an explanation, is a student at the same university. What’s even more surprising is that he still has feelings her.

When Chloe unintentionally gets cast in the school’s production of The Phantom of the Opera, unexplained events start to happen. She sees shadows everywhere. A ghost haunts her dreams. And someone is watching her. But is it all in her mind or has a dead man come back to claim her?

As Chloe and Rhys get closer, he learns that she’s been keeping a secret. It’s a secret so dark that could very well tear them apart. And when the impossible happens, can Rhys overcome Chloe’s dark past in order to save her from an even darker future?


His hand was like silk caressing her cheek. “But we must finish the show.” 

“The show is done. Now sing. Sing for me.”

When I first read the blurb, I was hoping for something dark, suspenseful, musical-themed read. Honestly, I was disappointed with the first few chapters – They are slow to the point I felt almost nothing happened. However, I began to enjoy it as the story progresses and I thought the rest of the book was good. 

I liked most of the characters. Although Chloe just seems too melancholic and too annoying sometimes – I know that she’s been through a lot but I still can’t erase the fact that she’s annoying – somehow I ended up liking her. (Or at least that was what happened to me.) While Rhys, I already liked him from the first time he appears and personally I thought Chloe’s life sounds more interesting with his presence. The romance is predictable, though. But don’t worry! There are twists in this book that will keep you paying attention.

What I like the most from this book is the story line. Yeah, it does have a slow start and sometimes it’s overly-described or too boring, but I absolutely loved how Penelope Reece reveals the secrets one by one. Once the tension increases, I was totally hooked with this book! What I hated from this book is probably just the antagonist. I can’t believe he can do such evil thing…  Anyway, Sing for Me is a dark retelling of Phantom of The Opera, a unique read for those who are looking for something different.

3 Chocolate Cakes!

(I was given a free copy by the author in exchange for a review)

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