Seeking life lessons from drama

The first Korean drama I watched was You’re Beautiful [미남이시네요]. The premise was the main character pretends to be her boy-group member twin brother who temporarily leaves to have a surgery abroad. The female lead struggles to keep the secret while romance ensues between her and the other three members of the boy group. I was in middle school and I remember enjoying the drama so much that I began watching some drama after that. At that time, drama which centered on achieving dream and typical school problems (of course sprinkled with romance) felt so relatable to me. I watched drama series as a form of escape, to rest my mind from the tiring school routine.

These days, I realized that watching drama is not only a hobby to refresh my mind from my daily activities. I have been reflecting a lot on my life for the past year. So drama that delivers message about life, bringing justice and righting a wrong really tugs at the strings of my heart. Characters that have a clear sense of purpose in life gain my admiration even though they are only fictional.

Kim Sa Bu from Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim [낭만닥터 김사부] has an extremely idealistic view about a doctor’s role. Fully dedicated to his patients, he believes that once a patient is on the operating table, it is his duty to save them and give them opportunity to live regardless of their background — whether they are good or bad. Albeit a little rough to his pupils, he cares about them deeply and helps them to achieve their full potential. There is one particular quote that made me mull over quite a long time because I also wholeheartedly believe in it.

People do as well as they are trusted to. They become as strong as they are care for and grow as much as they are acknowledged.

As a person who has grown and matured tremendously because of the trust people gave me to take part in many projects, I have gained confidence and experience to navigate even the most unfamiliar situation. The more people are given chances, the more they will learn.

In the past, as a leader I was forced to make or follow uncomfortable decisions. But Baek Seung Soo from Hot Stove League [스토브리그] made me realize that those uncomfortable decisions are essential in order to achieve a goal. Throughout the drama, it is shown in each episode how Baek Seung Soo as the new manager of a baseball team ranking last in the league bring bold changes to the group. I feel like I learn better management skills by watching this series alone 😂.

As you can see, my preference of genres in drama series has evolved. The difficult stuff I didn’t understand back then… Now I am able to relate to them better. I have known various characters in their respective field of career, continuously doing good things even under negative circumstances. It makes me feel optimistic in spite of all the bad stuff happening in this world, that there are good examples I can follow. As a final year undergraduate student, I am a thesis away from completing my bachelor degree. Of course, I am still contemplating what kind of path I would like to take after finishing my study. In every kind of career, there are always a wide opportunity to help people’s lives. It might come across as too idealistic or too naive for you, but in whatever path I eventually take, I want to give my best effort for people’s sake.

Image 낭만닥터 김사부 © SBS

3 thoughts on “Seeking life lessons from drama”

  1. I absolutely love your reflection on these novels, seeing to it that there is something to learn and reflect about from watching kdramas! I have a lot of friends and classmates who are obsessed over these dramas. Not sure if they have watched the ones you mentioned, but they do sound promising and I would love to give them a try when I can. 🙂

    Jillian @ Jillian’s Books

    1. Let me know if you’ve tried them! Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim is a medical drama — it’s really popular haha you might want to start with it first. Meanwhile, Hot Stove League is a character-driven drama so it comes across as boring for some people but if you appreciate stories about team overcoming changes and developing into something better, then you should definitely give it a try!

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