Spring 2016: in which I dropped so many shows

Been a while since I last posted a seasonal review!

Anyway, I didn’t have high expectations of this season’s line-up. Even after scrolling through the chart, only a couple series piqued my interest. I did give a chance to some recommended shows to no avail — I ended up dropping all of them. (WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?? AM I IN THE WRONG MOOD??)

Bungou Stray Dogs | THE BEST SHOW THIS SEASON ASDHDGJHDSJDHKSLS. Beyond the beautiful art and fascinating plot, clearly a lot of effort is put into the animation and soundtracks. The songs are fantastic!! Like, they match the mood and atmosphere of the story. The characters have different personalities but I enjoyed watching the dynamic of the team. There’s the strict one, the compassionate one, the genius fellow… This show is exactly what I asked for <333

Joker Game | Hmm… This is the kind of show that you keep watching anyway because you’ve already reached halfway point so it would be a shame to drop it. To be honest, Joker Game is very difficult to understand and to make matters worse, I had zero connection with the characters. They are sooooo hard to distinguish from each other but I do admit that I liked some of the episodes.

Nijiro Days | I know this is winter left-over but it’s very cute so it would be a shame if I didn’t mention it now! Usually, I prefer reading shoujo series to watching them cause I think the anime makes all the romantic gestures cheesier. BUT THIS IS NOT CHEESY. Nijiro Days has the right amount of fluff. Plus, the episodes are only ten minute long so it was definitely my go-to show when I was in no mood to watch long series.

Ummm so are you wondering where Boku no Hero Academia is? Or Sakamoto Desu Ga? What about Tanaka-kun? Or Big Order? The truth is, I dropped them all… Please don’t question my sanity xD I got bored during the first episode and I should have given them more chance but I guess I wasn’t in the mood? Sakamoto was funny and I know all the weird antiques are for comedic purposes but I thought they were a bit over the top :/

Welcoming Summer 2016

YASSSH!!! FINALLY!!! I have been eyeing the line up for a while and I’m SOOOOO excited for a lot of shows!! Will this be the season that overthrow summer 2014? Here are the series that I will be watching / am considering to watch:

  • Shokugeki no Souma (Season 2)
  • Arslan Senki (Season 2)
  • Battery
  • Cheers Danshi!!
  • Days
  • Handa-kun
  • Orange
  • Hatsukoi Monster
  • Servamp
  • Hitori no Shita: The Outcast
  • Fukigen na Mononokean
  • Qualidea Code
  • Nejimaki Seirei Senki

Oh my god, what am I going to do with my life? SO MANY INTERESTING SHOWS!!! I will probably drop some in the future though, based on the first episode. A few of them are the sequel or prequel to previously loved shows and a few of them are sports anime xD What can I say? I can’t just let a new sports anime slip by LOL.

What’s your favorite anime this season? And which show are you most looking forward to in the summer? Tell me in the comment!! ^^

8 thoughts on “Spring 2016: in which I dropped so many shows”

  1. Can I persuade you again about BnHA?! How about trying episode 7 only? I know it’s weird & you might end up confused but that was one of the best ep there & the one that got me hooked! So I’m shutting up now…
    I have monster of a list this coming summer & I asdfdsgfdhjgj I don’t know what I’m signing up but majority of them I’m reading the manga. Some as you might have known are my absolute favorites. Seriously, summer just crammed all the best! I’m totally excited!!! *twirls*
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    1. Yash! And it’s been a month into summer line up and most of them turn out to be just as good as I initially expected <33 In the mean time, if I do have the time though, I might give BnHA another shot. I know it's a series beloved by anyone so maybe I overlooked something ???

  2. BUNGOU STRAY DOGS YES. I really loved where they went with the show 🙂 I’m so glad I caught up with it.

    Hey, I also dropped Boku no Hero Academia. I watched the first few episodes, and then I took a long break, and now I’m just not as motivated hahaha.

    On the other hand, I hope Ace Attorney NEVER ENDS EVER. EVER EVERRRRRR.

    I haven’t found much in regards to Summer anime. YOU WILL HAVE TO LET ME KNOW WHAT’S GOOD. I’m mostly looking forward to Fall because of season 5 of Natsume Yuujinchou, “the anime we all need but don’t deserve” xD
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    1. YAYY!!! So happy that you loved Bungou as well! I hope there will be season 2 cause they CANNOT just leave it like that :'(

      I will gladly do a summer wrap-up again in the future. I really enjoy doing this! I guess it’s a way to let my inner otaku comes out LOL. Most of the ones I was planning to watch turn out great so I hope the second half of the shows will be just as good! ^^

      Ooh and I’ve heard of Natsume Yuujinchou before! I think Chri rec’d me at some point but I haven’t seen it yet cause it’s a long series 🙁

  3. Bungou Stray Dogs gave me life, yes it did. It is so rare for me to love opening and ending songs of anime (like literally the last ones I loved was for Tokyo Ghoul so…a while ago) but they really did a solid job on this one.
    When it comes for next season’s anime, the only one that caught my eye was Cheer Danshi??? Like I am very curious about how the whole boys in a cheerleading squad thing will go. I know so many people are excited for SnS but I want to read the manga before I watch the first season of the anime and I don’t feel like picking it up right now. But I will!! Eventually.
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    1. TOTALLY AGREE. The soundtracks for BSD are A+

      I’ve seen the first ep of Cheer Danshi and unfortunately it’s less than what I expected. I haven’t picked up the rest of the episodes but I hope at least this show gets better…

  4. Bungou Stray Dogs!!! I LOVED the animation and the ending is one of my favorites, like, ever. Sadly I couldn’t really connect to the plot, but I might just continue for the characters. Also Joker Game was very fascinating at first–but I lost motivation to watch it halfway through, especially because, like you, I couldn’t really tell the characters apart.

    As for summer anime, I’m currently watching Mob Psycho 100, and it’s amazing!!!! I HIGHLY recommend it.
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