Stacking the Shelves #10

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Hello guys! πŸ˜€ It’s been a while since I did my last book haul post! In that case, today’s STS will feature my book hauls in the past few months. Believe me, ever since my last STS I’ve been buying books more than I was supposed to. Aaaand due to my laziness I’m sorry that I won’t link up these titles to Goodreads… πŸ™


The Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore [my review]
Okay this series is truly going downhill. 80% of the story is just romance but thank goodness the ending makes up for it. I am actually quite curious about what will happen next so chances are I am going to buy the next book when it comes out next year.
Jet Black and the Ninja Wind by Leza Lowitz
I haven’t actually read this one despite buying it 3 months ago. I was quite intrigued by it since I love Japanese culture but now I keep putting it off :/
The House of Hades by Rick Riordan [my mini review]
THIS ONE WAS BEYOND AWESOME ASDGKSDGFGSHJKD. NICO LEO <3 Oh my god in this book almost every character develops well and I can’t wait to know how the series will end next year! <3 Btw guys, I think I will write a HoH discussion post once there’s more people who have read it πŸ˜€ what do you think??
Allegiant by Veronica Roth [my mini review]
Before starting Allegiant, I heard a lot of backlash from this book and some bloggers I know hated it so much I was actually afraid to read it. Luckily, I decided to go with an open mind and I ended up loving the ending. πŸ™‚ I guess I am the white sheep this time ><
Unbreakable by Kami GarciaΒ 
I was really intrigued by Unbreakable because I’d never read anything centering on ghosts. Now that I’ve finished it, it’s actually pretty great! I really like the story line and some scenes I read at night sent me chills down the spine πŸ˜›
The Chaos of Stars
I am always all for mythology but the only one I’ve read is about Greek/Roman gods mythology so I decided to try out something different this time πŸ˜€ The Chaos of Stars wasn’t bad but I was expecting more mythology than contemporary. Well, at least it was fun to read πŸ˜€

For Review

Into the Dark: The Shadow Prince by Bree Despain
You know my obsession with mythology πŸ˜‰
White Space by Ilsa J. Bick
Me Since You by Laura Wiess
The Almost Girl by Amalie Howard
I’ve read this and luckily it was better than Howard’s other book called Waterfell — which was a disaster for me, by the way.

Gravediggers by Cindy M. Hogan
Witch Finder by Ruth Warburton

So that’s all I got in the past few months. Link me up to you STS, guys! I’d love to see yours πŸ™‚

30 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves #10”

  1. I have yet to pick up Fall of Five! It’s still sitting on my shelf collecting dust. I just feel like the series is going downhill. The first book was amazing and now with the switching perspectives it’s just getting annoying.

  2. I know all about buying more books than you are supposed to. I just can’t STOP! I recently bought Allegiant, but still haven’t read it. I completely spoiled the ending, but I wanted to know what I was getting into before I bought the book. It’s sad to hear that The Chaos of Stars doesn’t have as much mythology as it does contemporary elements, but I think I will still end up giving it a try.

    I hope you love all of your books!

    1. I’m glad that everyone in the bookish community understands our issue πŸ˜› Yeah… I got spoiled before I read Allegiant too but I still love the ending no matter what. I think that’t the most realistic and suitable conclusion to the series, considering Tris’s character and the tone of the books. Chaos of Stars was a mild disappointment but try reading it like a contemporary then maybe you’ll like it just like what I did! πŸ˜€

  3. I’m freaked about reading Allegiant too. I wanted to reread the series before I read it…so that’s taken me a while. And everyone apparently “hates” the ending?? It’s so HARD not to see spoilers. But I’ll probably finish Insurgent this arvo, so I can finally start! Eeeep! Happy reading.
    My StS!

    1. YES but I suggest you not to scroll through the comments on Veronica Roth’s instagram pictures cause that’s where I saw the spoiler… Thanks for stopping by! πŸ˜€

  4. OMG those titles and piles of books! They are so gorgeous to look at! CHOAS OF STARS sounds pretty interesting and what a lovely cover! Just cause I love a good cover that comes with an equally good story. ^^ I saw Witch Finder and I was seriously looking for the GR link but i remembered that you said you wouldn’t. Haha, December is just a month for Christmas and laziness. Like all you want to do is read and bundle yourself up, huh? I feel you, girl, I feel you.

    1. HEY DELANEY! πŸ˜€ I’m on my Christmas break right now and you’re right — I am in fact even lazier than I was before the holiday started. But I mean I just gotta enjoy myself right? I won’t be getting any long breaks for a long time after all πŸ˜‰

  5. I did love Fall of The Five because I think the various romance between the characters weren’t infuriating like some books. And I agree with The House of Hades, it was full of mindblowing awesome. CaLeo then PerNico and the old characters from the Olympians series. Weeee! I can’t wait for TBOO of Olympus to come out. Gaaah. And I hope that Rick will pursue his plans of merging the Percy and Carter’s stories in another series.

    And I am glad that you loved Allegiant. TBH, it was meh for me. Hahahaha. And please let me know what you think of The Shadow Prince. I just read it weeks ago and it was one of the best mythos I’ve read apart from the PJO and THOO series.

    Have fun reading.

    Charlotte @ Thoughts and Pens

    1. Ohh so glad that you found the romance in The Fall of Five likable enough. I actually couldn’t stand most of it, except for Marina and Eight. OMG THEY ARE SO ADORABLE TOGETHER <3

      OH GOD YES. HoH has to be one of the most developed books I have ever read. We finally get to see many hidden layers to the characters, that twist with Nico is definitely the best. I also like that Rick decided to make Percy’s character seems darker in this book. I think that makes Percy’s character even more complex as we’ve always known him a loyal and kind demigod throughout the series. Also, I will need to read Kane Chronicles hahaha. Perhaps next year lol.

  6. I’ve been staying away from Allegiant after being spoiled a few days ago on Twitter. It’s not that I think the ending is horrible, but I hate knowing how it’s all going to end. Completely ruins the surprise πŸ™ Witch finder & white space are also on my reading list, they sound great. I liked Into the dark. Happy reading!

    1. Yeah I got spoiled too πŸ™ You have no idea how angry I was πŸ™ And I’m so glad to know that you enjoyed Into the Dark — I’m very eager to start it πŸ˜€ Thank you Mel!!

    1. Aw, I think it was my least favorite of the series too. :/ but thank goodness I could still enjoy it despite being spoiled…

      YEAH! What are you waiting for, Ula??? πŸ˜€ PJO and HoO are one of the best books on mythology!!

  7. Ooh! I’m really excited to hear you liked Allegiant! I’ve been putting off reading it because people had such negative reactions. I was hoping I might be different from most since I was the black sheep with Requiem. πŸ™‚ But I’m sad to hear The Chaos of Stars is more contemporary than mythology. I’ve had a copy for forever but just haven’t gotten around to reading it, and I’m a bit burned out on contemporary right now. Boo.

    BUT, it looks like you got lots and lots of great books! Happy reading!!

    Rachel @ Paper Cuts

    1. I was scared to start Allegiant too, but thankfully I went with an open mind and I ended up liking it. The ending is perfect in my opinion πŸ™‚ I didn’t hate Requiem ending too soooo hopefully you won’t hate Allegiant ending haha!

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