Status Update: 1/19/2014

Hello guys! Happy Sunday! 😀 I’m introducing a new feature here because I’d like to add a personal touch to my blog. Here you will get possibly boring updates about my life, my blog, my reading progress and what’s up on the blog for the upcoming week. Status Update is inspired by weekly recap posts done by many other bloggers.

(AKA a recap)


Last week wasn’t so good. Monday and Tuesday were pretty awesome but the rest of the week sucked because I ended up doing so many assignments I couldn’t even read. At all. Plus, most of my assignments are essays so it took me ages to finish one -_- This is week is going to be even tougher though so I better get ready for it eeep! More assignments to come ><

Another bad thing is my dog died yesterday. I didn’t expect she would leave so fast . . . she was alive the previous night but the next morning my mom found her dead body. My mom and my aunt didn’t tell me at first, but I overheard their conversation and figured out that she died. I ended up crying for the whole trip to school. I still can’t believe she is gone now . . . There was also a puke found near her dead body and my mom has talked to the doctor about it. He said that she must have consumed something poisonous – heck someone could even poisoned her! I’m still sad but not quite as taken aback as yesterday morning though.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the mall and saw a movie with my friends to take my mind off my dog. We watched Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and yep, I admit I was pretty excited because of Chris Pine but well . . . I can’t say that I enjoyed the movie though. It was boring and confusing and some things didn’t make any sense.

The only highlight is when I got my FCE result and I PASSED GUYS. I thought the result would be up on the website on the 27th but on Friday my friend said that the results were up already. So that night, I immediately went to the website and failed to log in once because I was so nervous that I typed the wrong password LOL xD Thank goodness I passed and the result is apparently better than what I had expected 🙂


Here are last week’s posts in case you miss them:

Oh, and by the way I have already finished my new blog design and I will probably put it up next week if I have spare time!



Just Finished: NONE (I couldn’t read anything because of school work ;_; )

Currently Reading:Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger (Yep, still reading this one.)

Up Next: I think I’m gonna read The Shadow Prince by Bree Despain.


SCHOOL. Oh teachers, please stop giving us essay assignments. I submitted my religion essay on Friday and I’ve finished typing my Indonesian and biology ones but I haven’t done anything for sosiology >< And crap, I almost forgot about geography!

(AKA future posts)

So this is what’s happening on the blog this week:

  • On Monday I will be reviewing Witch Finder by Ruth Warburton, another disappointing YA fantasy.
  • On Thursday there will be a discussion up on the blog 😛
  • On Saturday I will join STS and share a pic of the books I got this month.

Happy Sunday guys and how was your week? I hope yours were better than mine 🙂

6 thoughts on “Status Update: 1/19/2014”

  1. Such a shame to hear about your dog 🙁 These things happen (and when I’m a vet I’m going to be seeing/hearing about it a lot) but it’s life. Hope something comes along to cheer you up soon!

    Those assignments can get overwhelming, I know. Just keep ploughing through! You will finish them all eventually! (And in the mean time I’d like to gloat that I don’t go back to uni until March 3rd 😛 )

    I’ve got to read The Shadow Prince soon too. Hopefully this one is a decent YA fantasy (I’m in need of one)

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your dog 🙁 And it’s a shame that the movie didn’t live up to your expectations. At least you got a good result on your FCE, congratulations 😀

    The shadow prince was pretty good, happy reading!

  3. What a crappy week, Kezia 🙁 Terrible when a pet dies because they are part of the family. I recently went through that experience so I know how you feel. Essays suck. Too bad about the movie, I like Chris Pine too!

    I hope next week is better!

  4. I’m really sorry for your dog and I know it feels like you lost a member of your family. Don’t worry life will get better and don’t let it get you to down!

    Your next book choices seem good so happy reading!

  5. Schoolwork is really a bummer but what can we do but do it for our future. I am really sorry about your dog, Kezia. I am also a dog lover and I know how hard it is to lose a furry family member. I also lost my other dog last year and I had to miss our office’s Christmas Party because I had to mourn him. I hope you will recover soon from the loss.

    The Shadow Prince was really good book in my opinion. It actually surprised me. I love how Despain handled the mythos and how she interlaced with humor. I hope it will work for you too.:D

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