That Movie Called Wonder Woman

***Minor Spoiler Ahead***

At this point, superhero movies are pretty much on my auto-watch list regardless of the original comic studio. But I must say that Wonder Woman left me in awe, as so many of its messages were fantastically delivered to the audience. Breath-taking. That’s probably the word most fitting to describe this movie in my opinion. Props to the production team for putting so much effort in this film.

Who is Wonder Woman?

We know her as Diana Prince, the superhero in DC Comics. A woman with enormous strength and intelligence. Utterly passionate about bringing love and justice to the world. But before that, she originally came from this secret island called Themiscyra, where she was raised by the Amazons, a tribe of woman warriors vowed to defeat Ares the God of War.

We see the way Diana was raised. The whole island loved her and cared deeply about her well-being. But she was treated differently. As a princess, Little Diana wasn’t allowed to train like the usual Amazons, even though she had been sneaking around the field practicing her punches and kicks. But her aunt saw the importance for her to learn how to defend herself, and eventually Diana was allowed to be trained like Amazon warriors. Harder, even.

THIS is the kind of positive message I’m happy it’s getting spread. Especially when Antiope said that they would be neglecting their duties if Diana didn’t know how to defend herself. Teaching a woman how to defend herself, telling her she is capable enough instead of just tucking her away in safe zone.

Who will I be if I stay?

As the story progresses, Diana made up her mind to leave the island and save the war-torn world along with Steve Rogers Trevor. Cues gathering the rest of the team, tons of action scenes and spiral kicks along with their intended slow-motion effect to dramatize the whole thing. Definitely visually appealing in all aspects.

Wonder Woman (2017) © Warner Bros. Entertainment

 Simple story, excellent execution

Upon leaving Themiscyra, Diana is thrown into a male-dominated world with limited view on mankind. The world is bleak, the people are not as good as she had initially thought. Men can commit crime on purpose. Advanced weapons are designed to terrorize fellow humans. Happiness and safety are luxuries in the middle of war-torn places.

Despite those terrible facts, Diana still believes that there’s more about humans which makes them deserve salvation. What drives her to continue her fight is simply her pure desire to help human. Cheesy as it sounds, but that’s why this movie totally works. She’s truly a protector with no other hidden agendas. Everything about her actions scream warmth and sincerity. Love sustains her throughout the process.

Gal Gabot did a fantastic job with Wonder Woman’s character. Just a side note, I’m also loving Chris Pine as Steve Trevor asdgsdfghsf Really appreciate how the slow-burn romance is really just an element to strengthen the plot and it totally doesn’t overshadow Diana’s characterization.

Considering the current political situation, being cynical is the easiest and most common option. But Wonder Woman reminds us all to keep fighting for peace and love because intangible things like them are the ones which truly matter after all.

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