The sheer delight of picking up old favorites

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (2009)

There’s no point in denying. I love re-reading or re-watching. Sure, I still want to be introduced to new series but a certain joy erupts within me whenever I’m getting back to my favorites. Especially during the peak of my obsessions, I tend to revisit my favorite scenes and it doesn’t reduce my enjoyment at all. Like for example, I’ve re-read the summer training camp arc in Haikyuu!! numerous times and still chuckled at Kuroo and Bokuto’s silliness each time.

Sometimes when I finish an amazing book, I can’t help but to turn back to the first page and start over again. A lot of people say that the second time around, we will be able to pick up the things we miss at first, but the main reason I re-read is because I want to feel the rush of excitement and pure satisfaction again. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances, I wasn’t able to re-read as much as I used to.

However, I’ve been having trouble with finding new series to obsess over lately so I decided maybe going back to my old favorite fictional world would do something good. In the past few days I was re-watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and it ignited a lot of feels — and tears as well. (I mean, I first saw it when I was in elementary and now I’m graduating high school…) In short, it had been a long time and I had forgotten a lot of essential plot points. My friends were like, “What the hell? You’re gonna go through 64 episodes again?” But it was just as fantastic the second time around and AHHH THE ENDING! Tied up the story perfectly and — most important thing for a shipper’s heart — MY SHIP SAILED!! I would love to go deeper but then again, this post is supposed to be somewhat spoiler-free. I’m gonna re-read the manga next and then I will catch up to new updates after that.

I think picking up old favorites is like coming back home. I like the feeling of knowing what to expect without fearing disappointment at all. I guess there’s a certain joy in that.

6 thoughts on “The sheer delight of picking up old favorites”

  1. Such a cute post Kezia! I’m sad that I don’t get to re-read old favorites because I always buy more new books, and I feel the urgent need to get to them first before going back to an old fictional favorite. Additionally, I don’t have the time. Sad 🙁

    But I’d love to re-read old favorites. Or re-watch HAHA. I like what you said about re-reading them, and I completely agree! This is a great post, and I enjoyed reading it 😀
    Jillian @ Jillian’s Books recently posted… Falling Into Place by Amy ZhangMy Profile

    1. I kinda understand what you mean! Because I’m like that too when I have new releases that I’ve been anticipating for a while. But it’s indeed time-consuming especially if you have ARCs that you need to review. We have to make priorities as well, right ^^

  2. I haven’t finished watching FMAB & even though I’ve FMA volumes I haven’t read it too. >///< But I totally agree that’s why I’m notorious re-reader & re-watcher because my favorites never fail my expectations. And my favorites also have high re-watch/re-read value so even if I already knew what’s gonna happen, I still devour it like the first time! xD
    Mitchii G. recently posted… You know, those tearjerker ones!My Profile

    1. Well-said, Mitchii!! xD But the fact that you haven’t finished Brotherhood took me by surprise! I thought almost every otaku has at least finished this anime! It’s a classic haha

  3. Definitely loved FMA! I read it growing up and am still amazed by how much the ‘magic’ system makes sense. I haven’t actually watched the anime yet but some scenes in the manga definitely made me cry, haha.

    1. Yep, Arakawa-sensei put a lot of thought into the magic system. It makes this franchise even more amazing in terms of world-building. And the manga is the original work so you don’t miss anything important actually 🙂

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