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Haikyuu!! tanks that I bought during my trip to Jakarta last month <3

A book that portrays a positive high school experience.

THIS is what I’ve been dying to read. I’ve read books that cover heavy subjects, books that show the ugly and destructive side of high school. It doesn’t have to be about bullying or suicide. It can be as simple as orchestra kids and nerds being  treated unfairly, jocks and cheerleaders topping the popularity ladder and basically acting like egoistical jerks. Why is it always like that? I want a book that breaks all those stereotypes and shows the beauty that is high school life. An environment where you can be smart and appreciated, that jocks and cheerleaders aren’t as terrible as some books make them out to be, that having the ability to play instruments is cool, that teenagers don’t strive to be popular — they only want to be accepted and have fun with their friends. Because based on my personal experience, high school IS indeed a beautiful period of my life.

A book about disabilities, physical deformities or illness other than cancer.

Yes, cancer is a terrible thing but I feel like it’s an overused trope in YA these days. Why does it have to be cancer? There are many types of illness out there and it is only fair to increase the diversity in YA. The same goes for disabilities. A story told by a blind protagonist? Count me in. But above all, I’m probably just biased but I really want to read a book in which the character has scoliosis. I’m curious how any authors would tackle that subject as I have been diagnosed with it since I was still in 7th grade.

A book about sports and basically the bond between teammates.

Well, if we can have a manga or anime series about that, why not books? I wanna read about how they train, the disappointment when they lose, the happiness of victory, the relationship between each player. *cough Haikyuu!! cough* All of the sports-themed books I read center on the romance department and even though I enjoyed some of them, I can’t deny that I’m disappointed as well. Based on personal experience, friendship (or bromance, whatever you want to call it ;D) gives me more impact than romantic relationships. Though maybe this kind of book will be a little boring, I don’t care just give me one >_<

So, that’s it, folks! What kind of books would you like to read more? Have you ever read books like what I’ve described? It’s time for some recommendation! ^^


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  1. I am very grateful that authors take risk and tackle heavy subjects. It gives awareness on issues that need attention but at the same time I also long for light slice of life books. I was blessed with my HS life, it’s not perfect but in retrospect I got to enjoy my teen life. I want people to know too that life in the simplest form can be enjoyable. I want book that will make me smile at the entire time I’m reading it.
    Yes with camaraderie and true sportsmanship. I also disappointed with the lack of genuine sports book. Honestly, I learned the in & outs of tennis, american football, basketball and volleyball through manga/anime. (Well there’s school but I have no athletic skills orz)
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    1. Yeah, sometimes we need to be reminded of the better memories… I want a book that will make me nostalgic of my high school years when I read it in the future.

      To be honest, until now I can’t find a single YA book about sports that doesn’t focus on romance… (The Hundred Oaks series, Wild Cards, etc.)

  2. I’m nearly finished my grade 9 year now and to be honest, nothing really bad happened. I’m sure it happened to SOMEONE but I thought my experience was pretty good. There wasn’t even that much public drama. My school has a way of keeping things low key.

    If you’ve heard of the book THE REVENGE PLAYBOOK it’s about a group of four girls who are trying to beat a football team and in doing so, they sort of become a team. That’s the only book I can think of right now, for your #3 but I LOVED that book!
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    1. Same here. Sure there are gossips and rumors but they don’t happen pretty often. Sometimes I can’t help but to cringe whenever I’m reading YA because it’s so different from my school with typical bitchy queen bees and meanie cheerleaders…

      I have never heard of that book before, but thanks so much for your recommendation, Nova! <33 I definitely appreciate it! I just checked it on Goodreads and The Revenge Playbook sounds like a genuine story about sports. Totally looking forward to reading it ^^

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