Time for some slice of life recs!

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Tamako Market © Kyoto Animation | Barakamon © Kinema Citrus | Gin no Saji, Anohana © A-1 Pictures

I’ve been binging slice of life anime lately and I was lucky enough to be introduced to amazing shows. I’m terrible at describing but in case you don’t know, slice of life is a genre that follows the ordinary lives of the characters. You can say that it’s quite similar to contemporary in books, except that it doesn’t have to be set in the modern world. In addition, there can be supernatural or fantasy elements in slice of life, but the emphasis is put on the characters’ daily lives and development.

Most slice of life shows in the anime industry are set in high school though. I might be a huge fan of sports anime and all things action-packed, but I like the fact that slice of life anime tends to make me experience a whole lot of emotion. Some of the stories are just simply humane and heartwarming that you can’t help but to fall in love with the cast.


Ah, one of the line-up for summer 2014 — undoubtedly the season filled with amazing shows from many genres. No season has beaten the wonder that is summer 2014 so far! The story is about a calligrapher named Handa who is exiled to a rural island in order to find his own art style. At first, he finds living in the island to be difficult but I loved the interactions between Handa-kun and the local people, especially the adorable kid Naru. There are also some hilarious scenes and heartwarming moments as Handa-kun warms up to the people around him. I highly enjoyed watching him grow into a more compassionate person! It’s that kind of simple feel-good series that doesn’t need much to entertain us all. Plus, listening to the opening song — Rashisha by SUPER BEAVER — puts a smile on my face every time! Such an endearing song for an endearing story!

Gin no Saji

I wish more people watched this series. I think I have written a whole rec post dedicated for this anime a while ago but it’s totally worth mentioning again. Gin no Saji is an agricultural anime that completely exceeded my expectations! I loved how it could be light and thought-provoking at the same time. From simple topics we ignore in real life to self-discovery and pursuing dreams, watching how the characters dealt with them — especially in the second season — was fascinating!!

Tamako Market

One of the less popular shows produced by KyoAni. As usual, the character designs are very typical of KyoAni, but I think the message is delivered perfectly. Dera the talking bird is cute as hell!!! Despite the simple concept, I was charmed by the lovely characters and humors. Plus, Tamako’s connection with her neighbors is so deep that I was touched in the last episode. So many emotions and yes, I admit that I cried. There is a hint of romance, which is later explored in the movie Tamako Love Story. The movie is set in Tamako’s senior year of high school, which I could totally relate to by the way, having just graduated from high school last week.

Anohana © A-1 Pictures

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

So the truth is, I just saw this anime last week. Can you believe it?? It was first released back then in 2011 and I regret that I hadn’t seen it earlier. The story shows how a group of friends drifted apart after one of them died. The death clearly affects everyone in the story, including Yukiatsu who seems all proud and smug but is actually suffering from his obsession the most on the inside. I loved how we’re kept from the truth until the last moment — most of the time we’re only given bits of information. There are lots of bottled up emotions over the years and my favorite scene from this show would be the one leading up to the big heart-wrenching finale. It was SO sad I tell ya and I cried so much there were streams of tears on my face. And I appreciate the fact that this anime doesn’t sugarcoat anything. I felt like everything depicted in this show is so raw and realistic. The friendship isn’t always full of rays of sunshine — there are actually lots of gray moments. But I think the ending ties up everything perfectly. The movie is basically a summary of the whole series with some new content about their past, but there’s also an extra about a year after the main event and it’s beautiful.

So that’s a wrap! I’m currently in the quest of discovering more awesome slice of life and I’ve put together a watch-list to make it easier. Wish me luck haha!

Have you ever seen any of these shows? What’s your favorite slice of life series?

12 thoughts on “Time for some slice of life recs!”

  1. I’ve seen all of these!! and Barakamon, Gin no Saji and ANoHana are all on my faves! I’m a sucker for tearjerkers with a dash of comedy. Tamako Market was more of an ‘okay’ series to me. And completely agree that Dera is cute!! 😀
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    1. YAY!!! So glad that you enjoyed it too! I cried soooo much when I saw Anahana – it is LEGIT the most tear-jerking anime I saw this year so far :’)

        1. YEP! I did! I saw the movie right after I marathoned the TV series which doubled the amount of tears LOL. Still so beautiful and I loved that extra scene they added in the end <33

  2. my friends keep telling me to watch anohana, because it was so sad and everyone cried (even the boys!) and it kinda scared me XD honestly the theme song itself is already sad i can’t imagine how the anime would be… i’m sure it will be a tear fest!
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    1. Oh my god I completely agree that it was a tear fest — especially the finale — but it is totally worth it. I think you should give it a chance when you have free time xD

    1. YASSS!! SO glad I was able to persuade you, Alise ^^ Barakamon was popular in 2014 and even I still saw some people reblog edits not too long ago. There’s prequel called Handa-kun and it’s scheduled for release in summer this year. Might be the perfect time to try Barakamon 😉

  3. Oooooh yes!! Slice of life 😀 I love Barakamon and Tamako Market. K-On is also really cute! Oh, and Natsume Yuujinchou! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It’s really bittersweet and lovely – not in that in-your-face kind of way like Barakamon, but subtly and quietly. As in, it’s bittersweet but it makes me smile? I don’t know; anime’s weird. I wasn’t personally a fan of AnoHana, but if you liked it you might enjoy the studio’s other movie Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda, which is in that same sort of mood and style.

    1. I saw K-ON when I was younger and yeah it was sooo cute! I really liked the soundtrack. Haven’t seen the second season and the movie though… Natsume Yuujinchou has a few seasons I guess I will try Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda first. Thanks for the rec Chri <333

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