What do you do on Wednesday 3:30 PM?

Last week I saw a really cute & fluffy Korean drama! It’s actually a web-drama, hence only consisted of 10 episodes — each lasted for around 30 minutes. The title was Wednesday 3:30 PM  ⌈수요일 오후3시30분⌋.

Unique & attention-grabbing title

Do you know why the drama is called Wednesday 3:30 PM? The lead female character, Eun woo, believes that a woman looks ugliest at this specific hour. because the stress of the week peaks during this particular time. At this particular time as well, Eun woo got dumped by her fiance. What a timing!

Teaming up with her childhood friend Jae-won, they initiated Wednesday 3:30 PM Project in which Jae-won would take Eun woo out on a date every week at that particular time and posted her smiling face on Instagram to make her ex-fiance jealous.

Happiness is cheap

At least, that’s what I learn from this drama! You don’t need to be eating at a fancy restaurant or going to expensive places in order to make yourself happy. No! Jae won simple ideas of making Eun woo smile prettily were just pure mind-opening, such as:

  • Inviting her to a flower garden & giving her balloons
  • Taking her to a cafe to have delicious sweet deserts
  • Strolling at the park while watching the beautiful petals of sakura trees.
  • Many more!

Moreover, the chemistry between these two actors were very impressive. Each of their interactions just came across naturally and emphasized the fact that they had known each other since childhood even more. It wasn’t long until I found myself shipping them SO hard!

수요일 오후3시30분 (Wednesday 3:30 PM)  © SBS Plus

Gimme all the fluff!

I had seen the pattern before so the plot was a bit predictable for me. However, I still enjoyed watching this drama, mainly because the fluff gave me life. Overall, I really liked the ending of the story! Though I kinda wish both lead characters (Eun woo & Jae won) were honest with each other in the first place! That would have saved this series from the drama at the last few episodes.

That’s it peeps! This drama was truly what I needed. It has been very exhausting recently and honestly, I felt relaxed and happy because I did something for pleasure for the first time in months💕


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