What it means to be a senior

I can’t believe that my 1.5 months holiday will really end tomorrow. I can’t even believe that my sophomore year of high school passed like a blink of an eye. Time does fly so fast when you’re having a good time. No matter how many assignments we got, no matter how many exams we had to study for, there’s always a reason to laugh and enjoy class. I’m extremely grateful for every second with my former classmates, for every friendship we forged. And though I’m going to miss my old classmates very much, I’m ready for senior year, including the new classmates and challenges.

Without a doubt, senior year will be a much busier time — and the hardest as well. We have national exams to prepare for while having to finish the whole curriculum in less than the school year. Extra curricular activity is a requirement for graduation. One hour long extra lessons every day starting September to catch up and familiarize us with the topics which will appear on national exams. This is very similar to what I had to go through as a senior in elementary and middle school, though most definitely it will be harder this time. I take my study seriously, hence school will always be my first priority.

At the same time, I’m dreading senior year because it will be my last year as a high schooler. They say high school is the best time of our lives and I couldn’t agree more to this statement. I won’t occupy myself with counting down the moments, but I will make every moment counts because that’s the most important thing, right? I’m gonna enjoy my time as a high schooler while I still can!  After graduating high school, I and my friends will walk different paths and start our own journeys. I want this moment to be truly ours to remember and feel nostalgic about when we’re older.

To be honest, I suck pretty bad at trying to balance blogging and real life but that doesn’t mean that I will completely neglect this blog. I will spare some time to do what I enjoy on the weekends so I won’t get overwhelmed with my school work. After all, we all need to give ourselves some love 🙂

Anyway, school lessons start in two days and usually not a lot happen in the first week so I will still be around 😀 And regarding the direction of this blog, I might post real life stuff once in a while. I’ve wanted to do more personal posts since I moved to self-hosted but I haven’t been able to implement that change much haha ^^;

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  1. I didn’t have the best experience with my classmates, so I’m not calling it the best time of my life. But senior year definitely has its own sadness to it, because it’s the last time. Ever. >.< But I'm pretty excited for college.

    The best way I can think of easing people into personal stuff is either talking about bookish events or doing it regularly. But I'll be here for whatever you write, Kezia! 😀
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    1. Trueee. I think we all can agree at that part — that senior year marks the end of our school days and then college starts and BOOM. It’s suddenly the real deal.

      I’m hoping I can do it regularly ^^ I might not have enough time to read in the following months but I want to keep posting anything that comes to my mind haha.

  2. So exciting! I’m going into my sophomore year in college and I’m scared af because the courses that I’ll be taking are getting more intense. I’m sure you’ll do awesome in your senior year! Don’t let senioritis get in the way… STUDY STUDY STUDY! Tbh college is easier than high school (well, from my experience except for math ugh). Don’t stress yourself too much because in a couple of years, you’ll remember what you stressed about and just laugh at it (at least I did). And most importantly…HAVE FUN!!!
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    1. Ahahahaha I’m currently stressing over my math test next week since the quiz we had yesterday was SO EFFING DIFFICULT. No body in my grade actually finished it and there are like 400 students O_O But I suppose I’m not as much of a worrier as I used to be. I could only laugh when the time to do that quiz ended xD And totally agree about the having fun part! This might as well be the last time I will be hanging out with my high school friends since most of us are going to separate ways. I will definitely miss them so much when the time comes :*

  3. While I loathed high school and didn’t mourn seeing it go, I have missed the familiarity of it this summer. I mean, there are so many people you already know in high school and that makes going back so much easier. College means you no longer have that and everything is new, so it’s sort of like the middle-to-high school transition all over again…except bigger.

    Good luck your senior year! Make it count and enjoy it. And don’t worry about balancing blogging and real life. 😛 This will always come second and people will always be here when you return!
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    1. I know what you mean — I’m always to go back to school at the end of a long break because I miss my friends. And yeah, we will be going on separate ways after this and I will have to make new friends in uni.

      Aw, thank you for your kind words, Sydney! ^^

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