What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is off to a great start!

As a reader who holds a special place for contemporary genre in her heart, I have read my fair share of romantic novels. Either the summer-y ones or the gritty type with questionable protagonist, I am already quite familiar with the pattern. My reading experience greatly affected me when I first began to venture to the K-drama world. I am able to deduce the pattern of a romantic comedy or a mystery/thriller story almost imminently.

Therefore, upon reading the synopsis for What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim ⌈김비서가 왜 그럴까⌋, I had a certain expectation in my mind. Narcissistic vice president of a company named Lee Young Joon and his hard-working secretary Kim Mi So? Ah, then the vice president must be the typical chaebol and the secretary is bound to fall in love first. Normally I wouldn’t be sold, but since the lead actors are Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young, whose acting I have seen before and impressed me greatly, that’s enough reason to give this drama a chance!

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Turns out, even though What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim probably brings a lot of cliches in its story, the great acting gives life to the characters! It’s amazing how much the acting skills transform this ordinary and formulaic story into an enjoyable entertainment.

Let’s talk about the characters!

In the first few episodes, I really enjoyed watching Lee Young Joon (played by Park Seo Joon) getting all worked up as Secretary Kim Mi So (played by Park Min Young) decided to hand in a resignation letter after 9 years diligently working at his side. His narcissistic and self-absorbed demeanor gain several chuckles from me. This is so different from the roles that Park Seo Joon had gotten until now! He proved that he worked hard to breathe life into his character and I really appreciate that.

As for Secretary Kim, she is one hell of a woman for putting up with Young Joon! She is a perfectionist and capable of thinking on her feet while assisting Young Joon in leading the company. Her desire to quit her job is pretty reasonable: she wants to move on to another chapter of her life as her workload has prohibited her from having an adequate amount of time for herself. Though we do not know if that’s her real reason for sure – perhaps we will see another secret goes uncovered along the episodes. So far, I’m enjoying Park Min Young’s interpretation of the character. It’s my second time watching her and no doubt she wins my favor again!

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Me is lovin’ all the fluff

In addition to the incredible portrayals of the lead characters, these two have a well-established chemistry and I can clearly believe they are people who have been working together for nearly a decade. Though Mi So’s resignation is basically the catalyst for their relationship to develop into beyond professional level. As I said before, Young Joon is all confused because for the first time he cannot decipher Kim Mi So – hence the title What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.

김비서가 왜 그럴까 © tvN

There is a hint of a love triangle in the future but it’s still uncertain. It can either be a love triangle or another catalyst to future develop the relationship between Young Joon and Mi So.

TL;DR I cannot wait for the next episode! This show airs every Wednesday and Thursday. As an adaptation from a Korean book and an extremely popular webtoon, no wonder it has gained a lot of attention from the netizens and K-drama community. So I am not alone in this boat. A cute drama indeed. Despite being curious about the story line, I do not plan to read the book or webtoon in advance. Finger crossed the rest of the episodes are good and this series will not take the wrong turn to Snoozeland. As I wait, I shall listen to the catchy OST of this drama: Love Virus <3


2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is off to a great start!”

  1. Hi Kezia! *waves* It’s been a while since I’m here ahaha I don’t even know whether you still remember me or not 🙈 Anyways, I’ve been hearing amazing things about What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, it’s high on my to-watch list. I’m currently watching Kill Me, Heal Me, and Park Seo Joon is really good in it as second lead, I’m looking forward of what he’ll bring as a lead character! 💜

    1. Hi Tasya! I do still remember you 🙂 Ooh I heard the same thing about Kill Me, Heal Me but I have not seen it yet. And Park Seo Joon is also amazing in Fight for My Way! He seems to always have incredible chemistry with his co-stars.

      Thank you for your comment <3

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