When authors keep writing series in the same universe

I’m 100% sure that every one of us has a favorite series. One which you have spent hours fangirling over the characters or the plot, one which occupied your mind and left echoes behind even long after you’ve finished it. Perhaps the series was set in a fictional universe with world-building so epic you couldn’t stop being in awe.

Your favorite series has ended — or so you thought. Then the author decides to write a spin-off for your favorite series. How would you feel about that? 

Well, honestly spin-off series will garner a few different reactions from me:

(+) Positive

I would be super ecstatic! I mean, there would be more about your favorite characters set in your favorite universe written by a beloved author. For a series that has ended, it’s like the happiness of being reunited with an old pal — you’re so eager to know what he or she has been up to since your last meeting. For ongoing series though, I will be just as happy because yay, we’re getting more stuff! And it is the most wonderful feeling when the new series provides more insights to the universe or adds to the growth of the original characters. Basically, you had expectations and they were met.

One solid example is the Grisha universe created by Leigh Bardugo. Shadow and Bone trilogy is one my favorite series of all time, so when I first heard that she would be writing more stuff in the Grisha universe, I was totally excited. Although the characters in Six of Crows are different from Shadow and Bone, my anticipation wasn’t diminished at all.

(-) Negative

Some stories though are better left as they are. You might feel that another book is totally unnecessary because the series has already explored all the possibilities. To make matters worse, the new installment doesn’t even add any development to the story, it just seems like a money-making scenario to misuse the success of the franchise. (Not gonna give example, but I’m sure you all know the authors I had in mind…)

With those pros and cons, to be honest I prefer when a series end, it’s totally for real. Yes, I’m excited if there’s more development. But I like to keep a closed book and ended stories the way they are. Sometimes it’s best to leave the continuation of the universe to reader’s imagination.

So, got any other thoughts in mind? Do you like spin-off? Which series has the best spin-off in your opinion?

2 thoughts on “When authors keep writing series in the same universe”

  1. I think you can have fun continuing to explore the world of a series you loved. That’s why I love the Six of Crows duology so much. It’s still in the same universe but it’s a different story set with (mostly) different characters. However, I think after a while it’s just kind of beating the dead horse. It’s good to sometimes leave things as they are and not get to wrapped up in one thing. There’s a lot of different worlds to explore anyway.
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    1. Yep! I totally agree with what you said. We don’t want authors to get too wrapped up in one thing — we would like to see them explore different worlds and different characters and get even better over time!

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