Why you should watch Midnight Runners!

A cop movie with plenty of fighting scenes is not rare. However, this is not your stereotypical action-packed crime movie.

Midnight Runners [청년경찰] tell the stories of two students from police academy who accidentally ran into a kidnapping case. Unfortunately, upon reporting to the police station, the case was not processed immediately due to another important case going on. Not wanting to endanger the kidnapped woman any longer, these two young men decided to trust their guts (plus the lessons they learned in the academy!) in order to solve the case on their own.

Story-wise, perhaps the concept for Midnight Runners is not completely new and the plot flows in a rather predictable manner. I could guess that this was gonna happen and that was gonna happen. However, the chemistry between the main characters KILLED IT and made the movie more fun.

The main characters, Ki Joon (Park Seo Joon) and Hee Yeol (Kang Ha Neul), met during the first boot camp before they got accepted to police academy. A funny exchange during dinner at the cafeteria sparked the friendship between them which stayed until their days in the police academy. These two best friends are NOTHING alike to be honest; Ki Joon is more of an action-taker while Hee Yeol has the tendency to think before he acts.

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However, watching the interaction between these two just warmed my heart because their friendship seemed genuine without any unnecessary drama. Their jokes and hilarious acts made this movie totally satisfying! I saw an interview of Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul once and they said there weren’t any exact scripts for the movie so most of the dialogues were improvisation by the actors. Sounds amazing and just proves the incredible chemistry even more!

I was not bored even for a second and at this point I reaaaaally want to watch anything with Park Seo Joon in it. He seems to always have great chemistry with his co-stars — male and female alike 😛

Overall, Midnight Runners is the perfect movie to watch if you need a light refreshment packed with actions, jokes and a little bit of mystery. The courageous boys are going to win your favor for sure! <3

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3 thoughts on “Why you should watch Midnight Runners!”

  1. Ahh Park Seo Joon is one of my favorites! Even though I see a lot of K-drama, I don’t think I’ve watched a lot of their movies. I should branch out more, and this one sounds like a perfect start for me!

    1. Yep! PSJ is an amazing actor, he can depict a wide range of emotions well, including comedy haha. You should try this one if you want a light movie to watch! 🙂

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