Winter Anime 2015: A Relatively ‘Calmer’ Season

death parade
I was going to put together all the shows I recommend but yeah, please excuse my lazy self! ><

I had difficulties coming up with the title. I mean, what word should I use to describe this season?

Disappointing? Not entirely right. Less exciting? Wrong as well.

I finally decided to go with calmer. The reason is because I didn’t watch as many shows as I tried to do in the previous seasons. In addition, the majority shows I watched were fall leftovers so there were only so few of Winter’s originals that I genuinely enjoyed. 

Cream of the Crop

Death Parade | When people die, they are sent to a certain place where arbiters will decide whether they will be reincarnated or sent to the void. The arbiters will try to reveal humans’ darkest aspect from a random game and judge them through their actions. To be honest, I was like “???” in the beginning and had no intention of continuing. But the main character’s past was intriguing and curiosity got the best of me. This show just rendered me speechless. I really don’t know what to say because there were always strong moral lessons and emotions in each episode. Some were happy and hopeful, some were tragic and full of regrets. But the ending was beautiful. I’m just purely satisfied with how things turned out. ^^

The Most Exciting

Kuroko no Basket (Season 3) | Seriously, I’m ALWAYS hella excited for the next episode! It’s nice to see Rakuzan finally animated and gosh, the much anticipated rematch with you-know-who! It usually makes me less pumped to see the anime after reading the manga first, but luckily, this is an exception. Kurobasu is still ongoing and I’m glad that it’s going to last for another season.

Fall Leftovers

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso | DAMN HEART. This might come across as your typical contemporary/slice-of-life but do not be deceived. It has exceptional development and instrument-playing main characters. Multiple times we see how the main characters tried to overcome their fears and that is the aspect I loved the most.  I saw hints about the ending after a few episodes but still, knowing didn’t lessen the pain at all. JUST GO. SEE. THIS.

Akatsuki no Yona | Two words: OTP FEELS. This is a historical shoujo with a very independent and role-model worthy female protagonist. Yona clearly has the backbone and deserves her title as a princess, but what makes this show SO swoony is the main love interest, Hak! He is Yona’s bodyguard and though he is assigned to protect her, he understands damn well how strong Yona is. Hak knows when it’s the right time to interfere and when it’s time to let her stand on her own. If slow-burn romance is your thing, then give this series a shot! ^^

Honestly, there’s a bunch of other series that I didn’t manage to finish. KanColle. Kiseijuu. And surprise, surprise — TG√A. (I’M SORRY *hides from tomatoes*) Maybe someday I’ll pick it up. I’m caught up with TG:re though! When it comes to this show, I admit I prefer the manga much more.

Have you seen any of these shows? If so, what do you think?

11 thoughts on “Winter Anime 2015: A Relatively ‘Calmer’ Season”

  1. I haven’t finished DP, I stopped at ep 5 and never looked back since, heh! But I’ll get back to it once I find the motivation to do so. My winter list is full of fall left overs (Shigatsu, Nanatsu & Akatsuki no Yona). I don’t think it was very calm for me though (still nothing beat summer of 2014 yet~!). It was actually quite good. Oh my, spring! I’m so ready! My favorite anime/manga is coming back; I’m so stoked!
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    1. It’s true what you said! Last summer had amaaazing line-up! I’m guessing it’s Gintama? ^^ But yeah, aside from that, I saw a lot of fantasy series in the spring chart so I’m pretty stoked as well ;D

  2. I have really enjoyed watching Death Parade. I haven’t watched the finale yet (but I’m about to right now actually) so nervous/excited to see how it goes. I header it was emotional! Other than that I tried to watch Tokyo Ghoul √A but didn’t really continue with it after the first couple episodes myself, so you’re not alone! Not sure if I’ll pick it back up. Maybe after I try to finish the manga first! There are also a few from the Winter I want to start. I didn’t keep up with as many as I did in the Summer b/c it got a little overwhelming, haha.
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    1. Yes! I can’t wait for your reactions xD It’s emotionally beautiful and it makes me value life even more. Such a compelling series <3 Ah, I'm glad to find someone who's in the same boat! I do think the manga is much more superior though. Haha, I remember summer last year. I tried to watch probably +10 series but that's because they were all sooooo amazing they were worth the time. It was indeed overwhelming though. My guess is spring 2015 is gonna be like that because SO MANY AMAZING-SOUNDING SHOWS ^^

      1. That finale actually made me tear up! I really do love the deeper emotional messages represented in each episode. And Decim and Chiyuki. <3 Yesss the Summer line up was so amazing I haven't had that many wonderful shows to watch in a loong time. I'll have to go take a look at the Spring lineup to see what might interest me!!

        1. I CRIED TOO. It was sad but hopeful at the same time. In the end, it’s about acceptance and valuing life and I can’t think of a better ending to this series.

          There’s a bunch of fantasy and supernatural shows in spring. Owari no Seraph sounds interesting, Alysia! I’m gonna give it a shot. 😀

  3. Despite all your raving I still haven’t gotten to Death Parade yet! And I’ve been seeing so many awesome gifs about it on tumblr too. But I love your description of the show — it doesn’t sound like one of those generic after-death game plots, but it sounds more thought-provoking and feels-y (according to some people). Because I totally need to torture myself with tears further, right.

    KUROKOOOO. I know what you mean. I already know what’s going to happen but it’s still so damn exciting to watch the matches all animated. <3 I'm just reminded of how much I love the GoM!

    SHIGATSU RIPPED ME TO SHREDS. I didn't like it that much at first, but then the music and the animation and the voice acting and the characters just lured me in and it just broke my heart. I even read the manga, so I knew what was going to happen, but the anime was just 10x more emotional than the manga was. I think the ending was perfect, but I still wish it didn't happen. AND I CRIED.

    Omg, Akatsuki is the death of me. I swear, every time Yona and Hak appear together in a panel, my heart starts beating faster and I start grinning like a fucking idiot. CAN'T HELP THAT I SHIP THEM BOTH SO HARD. And the humor is spot-on too, even in the manga! Love AnY so much!
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    1. That’s okay. I heard you were so busy right? xD Anyway, I personally think the ending wasn’t THAT gloomy but it touched my heart so much that I cried.

      We’re gonna get Teiko flashbacks starting this weekend <3 Yay, so excited!!

      Oh, I REALLY loved the music in Shigatsu! The soundtracks are awesome and I feel happy just by listening to them. Even though this show has a depressing side, I admit that the openings make me blissful!

      YES YES. I'm 100% sure that Hak x Yona is canon but the romance is moving slowly I'm frustrated AND swooning over their little progress haha.

  4. NO I AM ON ANIME BREAK and therefore will be continuing my obsession in the summer (Is it sad that I hold myself back, I have so much to catch up on). Death Parade sounds really good. I didn’t even know it was a winter anime until now, which is weird because I usually study those charts 😛
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    1. Yes yes! I can’t wait for you to watch all these shows haha! xD Spring looks even more awesome than Winter tbh. I was SO excited when I looked at the chart for the first time 😀

  5. I just discovered your blog and I squealed at finding another bookworm that loves anime hehay! And I agree, DP had so much suspense and messages and that ice skating scene was probably one of the most beautifully animated scenes ever. Akatsuki no Yona was such a favorite of mine too and I really hope they get a Season 2 or it’ll feel so incomplete.

    Oh and you’re not the only one that dropped Tokyo Ghoul Root A (>_<) it was just so badly paced and confusing I couldn't!
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