Your Opinions Needed – My Anxiety is Acting Up … Again

Okay. I might be a little over-anxious over here, but I am truly nervous with the outcome of my own decision. In case you didn’t know, two months ago I confessed that I had been regretting my blog name for the past few months and up until now I still dislike my current name — Pansycake Reader.

Over the past couple of months ever since I published that post, I had been brainstorming my new blog name and finally found one that suited me. So “the journey” to this new name was pretty hard, I came up with a few silly names before ultimately I settled to one name… and then I realized that “one name” was too similar to another blog name so I ended up tweaking the name again. I have finally decided on a name, albeit still has relation to my original choice, it is not similar to any blog names. At least when I googled it nothing came out so that’s good. The name still has something bookish though so this is where my anxiety begins.

I love my new name. It’s different. And it’s shorter than my current name. I want to make the change. However, I am afraid that I will lose my readers. I am afraid that you won’t like the new name. I am afraid that my new name won’t be memorable enough. Here’s the thing I wanna ask you guys:

Will you remember me? Even though I am not Pansycake Reader anymore?

Oh my god, I sound like someone who’s about to quit blogging xD But trust me, I am NOT quitting anytime soon.

So that’s what I need to get off my chest. The change will happen this weekend cause I need a fast internet connection so I could move quickly and let you guys know and my internet is as slow as snail this time — it will get faster later this week so weekends!

18 thoughts on “Your Opinions Needed – My Anxiety is Acting Up … Again”

  1. I don’t think anyone will hate your blog if it has a different name! We come here for YOU and your content, not because of the title of your blog! And obviously if it’s something you’ve been thinking about and working on for so long, I say go for it! It might take a little while for everyone to get used to, of course, but we’ll all manage. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before!

    So for my two cents, I say go for it and don’t worry! I’m not sure about anyone else, but I’ll still be around!

    1. Thank you for your support Asti! What I fear the most is what people think of my new blog name. But I have told a few people about my new name and they think it’s awesome! Finger crossed everyone will like it too!

  2. Go for it. I changed my blog name at the beginning of the year, and I’ve been blogging since early 2011. No one remarked on the switch. Just keep delivering good content and putting your best foot forward, and you’ll be fine.

  3. It’s fine. I changed my blog name and design earlier in the year and it hasn’t lost me any followers! I think it’s something quite a lot of bloggers do – after they’ve been doing it a while they realise their initial name doesn’t really suit the blog anymore. So go for it!

    1. Haha some bloggers already told me this! I think first blog names are usually pretty silly, especially if you don’t put any thoughts about it and just wanna get into blogging quickly (like me).

  4. I’m sure you’ll be fine! This is really one of those things that just seem so daunting at first but after a while, it’ll be nothing. Like Asti said, we come here for you, not you blog title. So don’t worry and just do it! Especially if it’s been on your mind a lot and you’ve already come up with a name!

    Good luck and I can’t wait to see your new title! 🙂

    1. It IS very daunting Annie! I’m scared I might mess up with my feed accidentally in the process! This is why I need fast internet connections — so when I do something wrong, I can fix it quickly! Well, hopefully nothing wrong will happen!

  5. Since starting my blog 1.5 years ago, I have changed my name THREE times. The first time it was Bookmark Review (which I soon grew to hate). Then I changed it to A Novel Place (and then I got an email from a bookshop saying I stole their name and they made me change it). To which I changed it A Novel Idea (which I didn’t like). And then when I decided to buy my own url, I knew I had to pick a name I could love forever, and after a few hours of debating in my head I chose Books, Tea & Me. And I didn’t even lose a follower throughout all that. So you won’t either! We love you for you, not for your name. I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience! I heard you can only change your blog name once to maintain consistencies but oh well, I think growing to hate your name is pretty common :/ especially if you’re like me — suck at naming stuff.

      But wow, you came out as the “winner”! I hope you’ll like my new name! 😀

  6. Of course I won’t forget you! I actually think that ‘Pansycake Reader’ is a very cute blog name. What matters the most is your CONTENT and how active you are with your blog and visitors. I think if you update regularly (maybe 2-4 times a week) then you’re good.

    Leigh, LBS★

    1. I thought it was cute too when I started! Eventually it becomes more embarrassing and I grew to dislike it 🙁 hmm I can only update three or four times a week, hope that’s good enough! School already started and high school is CRAYZEH!

  7. It’s not about the name, it’s about the content. And of course we won’t forget your blog! I agree picking a name is quite hard. I was thinking the same for mine…

    1. Haha I didn’t think anything about my blog name when I first started. Just typed anything that crossed my mind and I just finished Insurgent so I chose Pansycake, especially because Uriah is my favorite character. XD but when I was looking for my new blog name, it was awfully difficult! It’s even more annoying when you just find an awesome name but once you google it, that name is already taken. Thank you Francoise!

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